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The Attribute of Free Will

Adapted from: "Three Topics in Theological Philosophy" by: "Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi"

By free will is meant that a conscious and aware creature is able to select one way which is the most expedient from amongst all imagin­able alternatives for accomplishing of something, and in reality the only thing that may compel him to do something is expediency. However, insofar as it pertains to God, the meaning of free will is that no agent outside His Essence can compel Him to do something, since there is no cause above the First Cause which may influence It and cause It to do something.

Hence, all the Acts of God originate from His free will, or, in other words, God is a free doer. As opposed to free will is compul­sion and determinism. What it means is that an agency or impetus influences a creature having will, compelling it to do something without exercising its own free will or capacity of choice. In other words, such a creature is divested of the exercise of free will in its action.


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