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The Acts of Umme Dawoud

On the third day of the big Etekaf for the youth, the acts of Umme Dawoud started from 11:00 am, and the Motakefin (worshippers) began their rituals as a group, which still continues.

The acts of Umme Dawoud constitute an important part of the Amaal (acts) of the 15th of Rajab which takes place annually on the third day of Etekaf. A large proportion of the acts of Umme Dawoud consists of reading 8 joz (parts) of the Holy Quran.

The Amaal of Umme Dawoud ceased during Zuhr Prayers, and after Zuhr Prayers the Quranic group took part in reciting poems/maddahi in relation to Imam Reza (a.s). It should be said that the Amaal of Umme Dawoud will continue till 16:30 pm today.

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