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After six months, the first teeth begin to erupt into the mouth. Babies can be uncomfortable during teething. Clean teething rings which have been cooled in the fridge can help. Babies often like a piece of apple to bite on as well. Ask your pharmacist about anaesthetic teething gels also. Remember, if a baby seems unwell for more than a day, it may not be due to teething problems, so do get medical advice.

How can I keep my baby’s teeth healthy?

As the first teeth erupt, it is important to think about keeping them healthy. So what can be done?
As soon as the teeth erupt, begin cleaning them either with a soft cloth or very soft toothbrush at bath time.

When you clean baby’s teeth, remember to lift the lip and make sure the teeth get cleaned right to the gums. Check for any marks or stains on the top front teeth. If you notice any changes, ask a school dental therapist or your family dentist to have a look.

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