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Tawheed (Oneness)

You know very well every creation as a point of origin. If someone asks you, who conceived you? You will say your parents. If he as ks again, who conceived your parents? You will reply, their parents. This process of question and answer will not finish until it reaches back to the beginning of creation. You have to believe in such an essence who is the creator of the whole universe, but has no creator.

The whole universe is dependent upon Him, but He is not dependent upon anyone. He is unique in His oneness. He is completely unlike any of His creation. If a single attribute of creation is found in Him, then He will also become a creation in need of a creator which is impossible. He cannot be compared. He is creator of all. There is no creator other than Him. This belief is called tawheed (oneness).

Hz Ameerul Momineen (as) said, " The beginning of religion is to gain the marifat of Allah." It means before believing in tawheed, it is compulsory to gain the marifat of Allah. Unless and until we know who is that essence in which we believe and worship, our beliefs based upon ignorance are completely worthless. Believing in tawheed and worshiping blindly is like shooting an arrow in the dark. Concerning the marifat of Allah, ever y child is aware of the fact that every thing is recognized through its attributes. In the same way, Allah is recognized through His attributes. Every attribute of Allah is revealed through Masoomeen (as).

The only way of recognizing Allah is by recognizing Masoomeen (as). This is why Masoomeen (as) said, "Our marifat is the marifat of Allah." Anyone who is negligent in the marifat of Muhammad (saw) wa Aal e Muhammad (as) has not recognized Allah.

Such a person s tawheed, beliefs, iman, acts, etc will be false. It should also be clear that mentioning any attribute of Allah other than through Masoomeen (as) is real shirk. We call Him through different attributes. For example, Khaliq (creator), Raziq (Sustainer), Ghaffar ( All Forgiving),

Alam (All Knowing), Qadir (Subduer). These attributes are Masoomeen (as) which act as a wasila (source) between us and Allah. It is not possible to believe in Allah and worship Him without recognizing the wasila (source). As Allah Himself has ordered us in Quran,

"If you wish to consult with Allah, then you mu st find a specific wasila (source)." If we reach at this specific wasila, then we have reached Allah. This is the pure tawheed. W hen Masoomeen (as) were asked,

"W hat is the meaning of Allah being All Knowing and Subduer?" Masoomeen (as) replied," It means Allah created such essence who is All Knowing and Subduer." Without recognizing this essence, believing Allah is All Knowing and Subduer is absolutely worthless.

Adopted from the book: "Kashaful Salat" by: "Seyyed Baqir Nisar Zaidi"

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