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Tawaaf al-Nisa' and its prayer

487. The tenth and eleventh rites of the Hajj are Tawaaf al-Nisa' and its prayer, which come after the say. Neither women are halaal for men, nor men are for women until after this tawaaf and its prayer [are performed].
488. Tawaaf al-Nisa' and its prayer is just like Tawaaf al-Ziyaarah and its prayer, with the exception of the niyyah. He declares the niyyah for Tawaaf al-Nisa' by stating, "I perform Tawaaf al-Nisa' seven rounds seeking nearness to Allah Almighty", and for its prayer, the niyyah is "I perform the two rakah prayer of Tawaaf al-Nisa' seeking nearness to Allah Almighty".
489. The obligation of Tawaaf al-Nisa' and its prayer is applicable to all regardless of their age or their state of mind, etc. It is obligatory upon everyone whether the [pilgrim] is young or old, adolescent or under age, even if the child is so young that he does not distinguish the good and bad, etc. or whether the pilgrim is sane or insane, whose guardian declared the ihraam for him, and the free or slave, who declared ihraam with the permission of his master.
490. The distinguishing child [should] perform the tawaaf himself as well as its prayer, but in the case of the non-distinguishing child, his guardian should perform the tawaaf and its prayer on his behalf. If the distinguishing child, or the guardian of the non-distinguishing child failed to perform Tawaaf al-Nisa', [in each case] the child shall remain in his state of ihraam, thus women[35] are not halaal to him until he performs the tawaaf himself, or seek an agent to do so after [the child reaches] the age of adolescence, and it is permissible for the guardian to seek an agent before [the child reaches] the age of adolescence.
491. If one ignored Tawaaf al-Nisa' either by forgetting about it or due to an oversight, but instead performed Tawaaf al-Widaa' the Farewell tawaaf, due to a misunderstanding in doing so, this should qualify, even though, as a precaution, [he should] repeat it or get someone to do it [repeat Tawaaf al-Nisa'] on his behalf.
492. If he does not come to Makkah on the tenth day after completing the rites of Mina [for that day], he should come to Makkah the following day or the day after to perform what he is liable to in terms of the rites of Makkah. As a mostahab precaution, he should come back to Makkah for the tawaaf and its prayer before midday on the 13th, even though it is permissible to delay this until the end of the month of Dhil-Hejjah.
493. After completing the rites of Makkah, which are
Tawaaf al-Ziyaarah and its prayer,
Say between the Safa and Marwah,
Tawaaf al-Nisa' and its prayer,
If he performed them on the day of Eid, or the following day, he must go back to Mina to complete the rest of the rites of Mina, and to observe the mabeet there as mentioned in the following section InSha'Allah.


[35] or vice versa.

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