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Tamattu Hajj Details

127. The Tamattu Hajj consists of two acts of worship:
1. The Tamattu Umrah
2. The Tamattu Hajj
The Rites of the Tamattu Umrah
128. The Umrah of Tamattu consists of five rites:
1. Ihraam.
2. Tawaaf around the Holy Kabah seven cycles.
3. Salaatal-Tawaaf or the tawaaf prayer of two rakah by Maqaam Ibrahim or behind it.
4. Say between the Safa and Marwah seven times.
5. Taqseer or trimming of some of one's hair or fingernails.
129. In the Umrah of Tamattu the declaration of the niyyah or intention is obligatory, and so too is to perform the Umrah and Hajj together during the months of Hajj, which are Shawwaal, Dhil-Qadah, and Dhil-Hejjah in the same year, as mentioned previously.
130. The niyyah in the Umrah of Tamattu or in any other act of worship is the mental intention, and the person intends in his heart that, "I perform the Hajj of Tamattu, beginning with the Umrah of Tamattu, whilst seeking nearness to Allah Almighty". It is recommended to verbally utter the intention in all rites of Hajj and Umrah.

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