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Supplications for the Month of Ramadhan

Supplications for the Month of Ramadhan by : al-islam.org


“O People !

“Indeed ahead of you is the blessed month of Allah. A month of blessing, mercy and forgiveness. A month which with Allah is the best of months. Its days, the best of days, its nights, the best of nights, and its hours, the best of hours. It is the month which invites you to be the guests of Allah and invites you to be one of those near to Him. Each breath you take glorifies him; your sleep is worship, your deeds are accepted and your supplications are answered.

So, ask Allah, your Lord; to give you a sound body and an enlightened heart so you may be able to fast and recite his book, for only he is unhappy who is devoid of Allah’s forgiveness during this great month. Remember the hunger and thirst of the day of Qiyamah (Judgement) with your hunger and thirst; give alms to the needy and poor, honor your old, show kindness to the young ones, maintain relations with your blood relations; guard your tongues, close your eyes to that which is not permissible for your sight, close your ears to that which is forbidden to hear, show compassion to the orphans of people so compassion may be shown to your orphans.

Repent to Allah for your sins and raise your hands in dua during these times, for they are the best of times and Allah looks towards his creatures with kindness, replying to them during the hours and granting their needs if he is asked...

“O People! Indeed your souls are dependant on your deeds, free it with Istighfar (repentance) lighten its loads by long prostrations; and know that Allah swears by his might: That there is no punishment for the one who prays and prostrates and he shall have no fear of the fire on the day when man stands before the Lord of the worlds.

“O People! One who gives Iftaar to a fasting person during this month will be like one who has freed someone and his past sins will be forgiven.

Some of the people who were there then asked the Prophet (s): “Not all of us are able to invite those who are fasting?”

The Prophet (s) replied: “Allah gives this reward even if the Iftaar (meal) is a drink of water.”

“One who has good morals (Akhlaq) during this month will be able to pass the ‘Siraat’...on the day that feet will slip...

“One who covers the faults of others will benefit in that Allah will curb His anger on the day of Judgement...

“As for one who honors an orphan; Allah will honor him on the day of judgement,

“And for the one who spreads his kindness, Allah will spread His mercy over him on the day of Judgement.

“As for the one who cuts the ties of relation; Allah will cut His mercy from him...

“Who so ever performs a recommended prayer in this month Allah will keep the fire of Hell away from him...

“Whoever performs an obligator prayer Allah will reward him with seventy prayers [worth] in this month.

“And who so ever prays a lot during this month will have his load lightened on the day of measure.

“He who recites one verse of the holy Quran will be given the rewards of reciting the hole Qur’an during other months.

“O People! Indeed during this month the doors of heaven are open, therefore ask Allah not to close them for you; The doors of hell are closed, so ask Allah to keep them closed for you. During this month Shaytan (Saten) is imprisoned so ask your Lord not to let him have power over you.”

The new moon of Ramadhan is special to Muslims. It announces the start of the holy month and the beginning of the blessings and mercy associated with Ramadhan. According to the Holy Prophet (s) whoever sees the new moon of Ramadhan should recite the following Du'a.1

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

My Lord and your Lord is Allah,

Lord of the worlds

O Allah let the new moon bring us,

peace and faith

safety and submission

and a hastening towards what you like

and are pleased with.

O Allah bless us in this month of ours,

and give us of its good,

and its assistance

Keep us away from its harm,

and its evil,

its difficulties,

and its trials.

Du'a on sighting the new moon of Ramadhan

Allah has decreed that Muslims use the movement of the moon to determine the passing of months and years. When the early Muslims were asked about the new moon, Allah revealed a verse saying:

يسئلونك عن الأهلة قُل هى مواقيت للناس والحج


They ask you concerning the new moons. Say; they are times appointed for (the benefit of) people, and (for) pilgrimage. (2:189)


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


ربي وربُك الله


رب العالمين


اللهم اهله علينا بالأمن والإيمان


والسلامة والإسلام


والمُسارعة إلى ما تُحب وترضى


اللهم بارك لنا في شهرنا هذا وارزقنا خيره وعونه


واصرف عنا ضره وشره


وبلائه وفتنته

1. This Du'a is highly beneficial, and may be read at the beginning of every lunar month. (Translator)

The nights of Ramadhan are a time for worshipping Allah, for praying to Allah and seeking His forgiveness. Allah knows that human beings are likely to sin, and need of an opportunity to repent and reform themselves. Hence the month of Ramadhan, a season of Du'a and Istighfar whereby Muslims can relieve themselves of the burden of sins. The Du'as which follow have been taught by the Ma'sumeen (a) and show us how to seek the Forgiveness and Mercy of Allah in this month.

Du'a no. 1

After praising Allah, the following Du'a describes the excellence of Ramadhan, and its distinguishing features. Worshippers and supplicators receive special favours when they ask in this month. This Du'a is also recommended after obligatory prayers. In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful

O High, O Mighty, O Forgiver, O Merciful,

You are the Mighty Lord, who has none like Him,

and He is the All­-Hearing, the All­-Seeing.

This is a month which You have made;

exalted, honored,

ennobled and excelled over the other months.

It is the month in which You have made

fasting obligatory on me,

and it is the month of Ramadhan,

in which You sent down the Qur'an,

a guidance for mankind, having clear signs of

guidance and distinction. (2:185)

You have placed in it the night of power,

and made it better than a thousand months. (97:2)

O One who favours, and none favours You,

favour me by saving me from the fire,

amongst the ones You favour,

and make me enter Heaven,

by Your mercy, O the most Merciful.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


يا عليّ يا عظيم يا غفور يا رحيم


أنت الرب العظيم الذي ليس كمثله شيئ


وهو السميع البصير


وهذا شهر عظمته وكرمته


وشرفته وفضلته على الشهور


وهو شهر الذي فرضت صيامه عليّ


وهو شهر رمضان الذي أنزلت فيه القرءان


هُدى للناس وبيّنات مِن الهُدى والفُرقان


وجعلت فيه ليلة القدر


وجعلتها خيراُ من ألف شهر


فيا ذالمن ولا يُمَن عليك


مُنَّ عليّ بفكاك رقتبي من النار


فيمن تمُن عليه


وأدخلني الجنة برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين


Du'a no.2

Du'a no. 2 (for the nights of Ramadhan and for all occasions)

One of the etiquettes of Du'a is to ask for others, to remember those who are in need. It is a selfless act, displaying humanity and consideration for others. Allah loves a person who first asks for others, then prays fpr himself. The Sixth Imam (a) says: When a Muslim prays for his brother, (increase in) sustenance is given to him, afflictions are driven away, and the angels tell him “You will also receive the same”.

Many people all over the world suffer indescribable miseries. Tyranny and oppression are rampant in many countries. There is little we can do to alleviate the sufferings. However we can at least pray sincerely for them, hoping that Allah will relieve them as He has power over all things. We also pray that Allah may give us the will and the ability to help others in whatever way we can. In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

O Allah bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad.

O Allah, gladden the people of the graves,

O Allah, enrich every poor person,

O Allah, satisfy every hungry one,

O Allah, clothe every unclothed one,

O Allah, help every debtor pay his debts,

O Allah, relieve every distressed one,

O Allah, return every traveller (to his home),

O Allah release every prisoner,

O Allah, correct every wrong in the affairs of the Muslims,

O Allah, cure every sick one,

O Allah, ease our poverty by Your wealth,

O Allah, change our evil state to a good one

through Your excellent state,

O Allah, relieve us of our debts, and help us against poverty,

Surely You have power over all things.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد


اللهم ادخل على اهل القُبور السرور


اللهم اغن كُل فقير


اللهم اشبع كُل جائع


اللهم اكس كُل عُريان


اللهم اقض دين كُل مدين


اللهم فرج عن كل مكروب


اللهم رُدّ كل غريب


اللهم فُك كُل اسير


اللهم اصلح كُل فاسد من امور المُسلمين


اللهم اشف كُل مريض


اللهم سُد فقرنا بغناك


اللهم غيّر سؤء حالنا بحُسن حالك


اللهم اقضِ عنا الدين


واغننا من الفقر


إنك على كل شيئ قدير


Du'a no. 3

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

O Allah send Your blessings on Muhammad

and the family of Muhammad.

O Allah, Lord of Ramadhan

in which You sent down the Qur'an

and made fasting obligatory on Your servants

Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad

and enable me to go for pilgrimage to Your sacred House

in this year and in every year

and forgive me those great sins (that I carry)

for surely, none can forgive them except You

O Beneficent, O All­-Knowing.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


اللهم صلي على محمد وأل محمد


اللهم رب شهر رمضان الذي انزلت فيه القُران


وافترضت على عبادك فيه الصيام


صلي على محمد وال محمد


وارزقني حج بيتك الحرام


في عامي هذا وفي كُل عام


واغفر لي تلك الذنوب العظام


فإنه لا يغفرها غيرك يا رحمن يا علام


An Introduction to Dua al-Iftitah

Du' al­-Iftitah was taught by our twelfth Imam (a) for Shi'as to recite every night during the month of Ramadhan. The Du'a is excellent for moulding man's attitude towards his Creator as it discusses many aspects of the wretchedness of the human being, and the Grace of Allah. The Du'a can be divided into two parts:

1) Man's relationship with Allah.

2) Divine leaders.

The first section of the Du'a describes different qualities of Allah, and reveals the graciousness and love of Allah for the human being. This section of the Du'a can further be divided into the following parts:

a) Praise of Allah. As is the etiquette of Du'a, Du'a al­-Iftitah begins with the praise and glorification of Allah. This is not because Allah needs to be praised before He answers our Du'as, but to remind the supplicant of the Supreme Being he is addressing, and consequently put the awe of Allah into hearts which are often heedless.

The beginning of the Du'a also places the supplicant between hope and fear, the ideal attitude while praying. Allah is most merciful, but is also severe in punishment. Humans are not to despair, nor to be too confident but constantly strive in His way.

b) Emphasis on the Oneness of Allah. Allah has no partner nor son, and has complete, undivided power and control over creation. The inhabitants of the skies and the heavens depend on Him. This is to strengthen reliance of the supplicant on Allah, as there is none else he can turn to.

c) The Generosity of Allah. The treasures of Allah do not cease, and are always liberally bestowed on His creatures. The needs of the human beings are enormous, and by placing open the door of Du'a, Allah has given them the keys to His treasures. His doors are always open, and no supplication to Him is rejected without some answer.

But man is often ungrateful, and always greedy. He expects that his du'as will always be immediately granted. When such gratification is not forthcoming, he turns away, instead of reminding himself of all the favours he enjoys.

d) Relationship of Allah and the human being. A strange relationship indeed! Although it is the human who needs Allah, and should strive towards Him, it is Allah who invites and encourages him to come, who shows love and mercy and continues to favour him in many ways.

As the 4th Imam says in Du'a ­Abu Hamza Thumali:

Praise be to Allah who answers me when I call Him, although I am reluctant when he calls me, and Praise is for Allah who gives me when I ask Him, although I am miserly when he asks me. This is worth pondering over for those who think of Allah as a tyrannical master imposing His rules over humans.

This section of the Du'a is an excellent lesson in the Islamic view point of the qualities of Allah. The God of Islam is a loving, gracious God who treats the human being better than he deserves. The root of the relationship between Allah and man is the love of the Creator for His creatures. It is on man to search his heart for a reciprocal response.

The second section of the Du'a send blessings on the Holy Prophet (s) and the M'asumeen, and then discusses the role of the twelfth Imam (a).

a) Salawat on the Prophet(s). After faith in Allah, the next most important part of religion is faith in His sent ones. Thus after acknowledging the greatness and graciousness of the creator, the Du'a teaches us to acknowledge the Divine leaders as our guides towards Him. Blessings are sent to the Prophet (s) as a sign of love and appreciation for the Prophet (s) and as an acknowledgement that he is a human being and needs mercy and blessings from Allah. It also strengthens remembrance of the Prophet (s) and the inspiration to follow his path.

b) Blessings on the Masumeen. After the Holy Prophet (s), his successors are remembered and prayed for. These are the true leaders of the Muslim Ummah who were Divinely appointed by Allah. Belief in them, and love for them, is an important part of the Shi'a faith.

c) Role of the Twelfth Imam (a). In every era Allah has His representative who guides His creatures towards establishing truth and justice on earth. The Twelfth Imam is the leader of our time, who will come and Allah's religion on earth. The last part of Du'a al­-Iftitah talks about his coming, preparing believers for the anticipated establishment of the rule of Allah on earth.

Praying for help and victory for the twelfth Imam reminds us that we are waiting for him, and need to prepare for his coming. We become aware of our responsibilities in his ghaybat, and the importance of training ourselves as his helpers. We pray for the ultimate dream of a Muslim, a state in which the religion of Allah is paramount, and disbelief and hypocrisy are degraded.

Du'a al­-Iftitah reminds us that both faith and action are necessary to be a true believer. Faith in Allah entails acting on His message brought by His messenger, and establishing His religion on earth. While that can only be done through the Imam, we should work and pray for his arrival. Human beings can only enjoy true justice and peace, and a fulfilment of all their needs, under the leadership of a Divine leader.

Du'a al­-Iftitah is not only a supplication for our needs, but a teaching of the roots of faith, and a planning for a way of life. It remains on us to plot the chart of our life as we recite this beautiful du'a during the nights of Ramadhan.

Du'a no.4, Du'a al­-Iftitah

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O Allah send Your blessings on Muhammad and the family of Muhammad.

O Allah, I begin glorifying You with Your Praise

You direct towards what is right through Your Grace

I am convinced that You are the most Merciful in matters of forgiveness and mercy

but most severe in matters of warning and retribution

and the most mighty in matters of power and magnificence.

O Allah You have allowed me to supplicate to You and ask from You

Then hear my praise O One who hears all

and answer my call O Merciful

and decrease my mistakes O most Forgiving

How often, O my God, You have relieved me of troubles

how many griefs You have dispelled

how many mistakes You have prevented

how many blessings You have spread

and how many series of afflictions You have separated

All Praise is for Allah who has not taken a wife nor a son

who has no partner in His Kingdom

who has no friend to protect Him from humiliation

so magnify Him with a great Magnificnace

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


اللهم صلي على محمد وأل محمد


اللهم إني افتتح الثناء بحمدك


وأنت مُسدد للصواب بمنك


وأيقنت أنك أنت ارحم الراحمين في موضع العفو والرحمة


واشد المُعاقبين في موضع النكال والنقمة


واعظم المُتجبرين في موضع الكبرياء والعظمة


اللهم اذنت لي في دُعائك ومسئلتك


فاسمع يا سميع مدحتي واجب يا رحيم دعوتي


واقل يا غفور عثرتي


فكم يا الهي من كُربة قد فرجتها وهمُوم قد كشفتها


وعثرة قد اقلتها ورحمة قد نشرتها


وحلقة بلاء قد فككتها


الحمد لله الذي لم يتخذ صاحبة ولا ولداً


ولم يكن له شريك في الملك


ولم يكن له وليّ من الذل وكبره تكبيراً

All Praise is for Allah for all His praiseworthy acts

for all His favours and blessings

All Praise is for Allah who has no opposition in His Kingdom

nor any challenge to His command

All Praise is for Allah who has no partner in creation

nor anyone like Him in His Greatness

All Praise is for Allah, His commands operate over His creation

His Praise is evident through His Generosity

whose bestowal stretches out liberally

His treasures never decrease

(rather) the frequency of His Giving increases

His Generosity and Kindness,

Surely He is the Mighty, the Bestower.

O Allah I ask You a little from much

although I am in great need of it

while You are eternally needless of it

though it is a lot for me

while it is easy and simple for You.

الحمد لله بجميع محامده كُلها


على جميع نعمه كله


الحمد لله لا مُضاد في مُلكه


ولا منازع له في أمره


الحمد لله الذي لا شريك له في خلقه


ولا شبيه له في عظمته


الحمد لله الفاشي في الخلق امرُهُ


وحمده الظاهر بالكرم مجدُه


الباسط بالجُود يده


الذي لا تنقُص خزائنه


ولا تزيده كثرة العطاء إلا جُوداً وكرما


إنه هو العزيز الوهاب


اللهم إني أسئلك قليلا من كثير


مع حاجة بي إليه عظيمة


وغناك عنه قديم


وهو عندي كثير وهو عليك سهل يسير

O Allah, indeed Your forgiveness of my sins

and Your overlooking my faults

Your pardoning my oppression

Your hiding my ugly deeds

and Your forbearing my many wrongs

done intentionally or unintentionally

tempted me to ask from You

what I did not deserve from You

which You (still) gave me out of Your Mercy

provided me by Your Power

and made known to me from Your answers.

So I became habituated to call You trustingly

and ask You familiarly

neither fearing nor scared

but with confidence in You for what I intended

Then if there was a delay (in Your answer)

I would blame You, due to my ignorance

and perhaps the delay was best for me

for You know the outcome of all affairs.

I have not seen a more generous master

patient with a wretched slave than You are with me

My Lord, You call me and I turn away from You

You show affection to me and I show hatred towards You

You display Your love for me and I do not respond

as though I am above You

But this does not prevent You from having mercy on me

being good to me

and favouring me, through Your Generosity and Nobility

so please (continue to) have mercy on your ignorant slave

and be kind to him through the excellence of Your Grace

اللهم إن عفوك عن ذنبي وتجاوزك عن خطيئتي


وصفحك عن ظُلمي وسترك على قبيح عملي


وحلمك عن كثير جرمي


عند ما كان من خطاي وعمدي


اطمعني في ان اسئلك ما لا استوجبه منك


الذي رزقتني من رحمتك


واريتني من قدرتك وعرفتني من اجابتك


فصرت ادعوك امنا واسئلك مُستانسا


لا خائفا ولا وجلا


مُدلا عليك فيما قصدت فيه اليك


فإن ابطأ عني عتبت بجهلي عليك ولعل الذي


ابطأ عني هو خير لي لعلمك بعاقبة الأمور


فلم ار مولىً كريما اصبر على عبد لئيم منك عليّ


يا ربي إنك تدعوني فأولي عنك


وتتحبب إليّ واتبغض إليك


وتتودد إليّ فلا اقبل منك كأن لي التطوُّل عليك


فلم يمنعك ذالك من الرحمة لي والإحسان إليّ


والتفضل عليّ بجودك وكرمك


فارحم عبدك الجاهل وجُد عليه بفضل احسانك


Surely You are the Bountiful, the Generous.


All Praise is for Allah


The Owner of the Kingdom


who makes the ships sail,


controls the wind,


causes the dawn to break,


is the authority on the Day of Judgement,


the Lord of the worlds.


All Praise is for Allah


for His patience despite His knowledge.


All Praise is for Allah


for His forgiveness despite His power.


All Praise is for Allah


for the lengthy respite He gives despite His anger,


though He has the power to do as He wills.


All Praise is for Allah


the creator of all creation,


the provider of plentiful sustenance,


the cleaver of the dawn,


possessor of Glory and Honor,


and Excellence and Blessings,


who is far and thus cannot be seen,


but is close and thus witnesses secret conversations,


Blessed and Exalted be His name.


All Praise is for Allah


who has no equal who argues with Him


nor anyone similar to Him


nor any Helper to support Him


He overpowers the mighty by His strength


the great humble themselves before His tremendousness,


He accomplishes what He wishes through His power


إنك جواد كريم


الحمد لله مالك المُلك مُجري الفلك


مُسخر الرياح فالق الأصباح


ديّان الدين رب العالمين


الحمد لله على حلمه بعد علمه


والحمد لله على عفوه بعد قدرته


والحمد لله على طول اناته في غضبه


وهو قادر على ما يُريد


الحمد لله خالق الخلق


باسط الرزق فالق الإصباح


ذي الجلال والإكرام والفضل والإنعام


الذي بعد فلا يُرى وقرب فشهد النجوى


تبارك وتعالى


الحمد لله الذي ليس له مُناز يُعادله


ولا شبيه يُشاكله ولا ظهير يُعاضده


قهر بعزته الأعزاء وتواضع لعظمته العُظماء


فبلغ بقدرته ما يشاء


All Praise is for Allah


who answers me when I call Him


covers all my faults yet I disobey Him


increases His bounties on me


but I do not acknowledge them.


How many pleasant gifts He has given me


how many great fears He has removed


how many delightful joys He has shown me


Thus I glorify Him, thanking Him


and I remember Him with praise.


All praise is for Allah


whose curtains cannot be opened


whose doors cannot be locked


who does reject the one who asks Him


and who does not disappoint the one who places hope in Him.


All Praise is for Allah


who provides safety for the frightened


rescues the virtuous


raises the oppressed


humiliates the proud


destroys kings


and replaces them with others.


All Praise is for Allah, who crushes the tyrants


annihilates the oppressors


watches over the runaways


punishes the oppressors


assists those who cry for help


grants the requests of the beseechers


and is the confidence of the believers.


الحمد لله الذي يُجيبني حين اناديه


ويستر عليّ كل عورة وأنا اعصيه


ويُعظم النعمة عليّ فلا اجازيه


فكم من موهبة هنيئة قد اعطاني


وعظيمة مخوفة قد كفاني وبهجة مونقة قد اراني


فاثني عليه حامداً واذكُره مُسبحا


الحمد لله الذي لا يُهتك حجابه ولا يُغلق بابه


ولا يُرد سائله ولا يُخيّب امله


الحمد لله الذي يُؤمن الخائفين


ويُنجي الصالحين ويرفع المُستضعفين


ويضع المُستكبرين ويُهلك ملوكا


ويستخلف أخرين


والحمد لله قاصم الجبارين


مبير الظالمين مُدرك الهاربين


نكال الظالمين صريخ المستصرخين


موضع حاجات الطالبين معتمد المؤمنين


All praise is for Allah


in whose awe the skies and its inhabitants shake


the earth and its inhabitants tremble


the sea and all that swims in it, billows


All praise is for Allah who guided us to this


and we would not have been guided


had He not guided us to this.


All Praise is for Allah


who creates but is not created


gives sustenance but is not given sustenance


feeds but is not fed


causes the living to die and gives life to the dead


He is Ever-living and does not die


in His control is all good


and He has power over all things.


O Allah send Your Blessings on Muhammad


Your servant, Your Messenger


Your trustee, Your chosen One, Your beloved


the best of Your creation


the preserver of Your secrets


and the preacher of Your messages.


prosperous, pleasant, holy and sublime


more than what You have blessed


given, had mercy, sympathized and greeted


anyone from Your servants


Your Prophets, Your Messengers


Your chosen ones


and the honorable ones from Your creation.


الحمد لله الذي من خشيته ترعد السماء وسُكانها


وترجف الأرض وعُمارها


وتموج البحار ومن يسبح في غمراتها


الحمد لله الذي هدانا لهذا


وما كُنا لنهتدي لو لا أن هدانا الله


الحمد لله الذي يخلق ولم يُخلق


ويرزُق ولا يُرزق ويُطعِم ولا يُطعم


ويُميت الأحياء ويُحيي الموتى


وهو حيّ لا يمُوت بيده الخير


وهو على كل شيئ قدير


اللهم صلي على محمد عبدك ورسولك


وأمينك وصفيّك وحبيبك


وخيرتك من خلقك وحافظ سرك ومبلغ رسالتك


افضل واحسن واجمل واكمل وازكى


وانمى واطيب واطهر واسنى


واكثر ما صليت وباركت وترحمت


وتحننت وسلمت على احد من عبادك وانبيائك


ورسلك وصفوتك واهل الكرامة عليك من خلقك


O Allah, and send Your blessings on ‘Ali


the commander of the faithful


and the successor of the Messenger of the Lord of the worlds.


Your servant, Your friend


the brother of Your Messenger


Your proof over creation


Your great sign


and the mighty awaited news.


And send blessings on the truthful, pure (lady)


Fatima az­-Zahra


the leader of the women of the worlds.


And send Your blessings on the two grandsons of mercy


(to the world, i.e. the Prophet),the leaders of guidance


Al-Hasan and Al-Husayn


the leaders of the youths of Paradise.


And send blessings on the leaders of Muslims


‘Ali son of Husayn


Muhammad son of ‘Ali


Ja’far son of Muhammad


Musa son of Ja’far


‘Ali son of Musa


Muhammad son of ‘Ali


‘Ali son of Muhammad


Hasan son of ‘Ali


and the successor, the guide and the rightly guided


(these are) Your proofs over Your servants


Your trustees on Your land


(bless them with) numerous and continous blessings


اللهم صلي على عليّ أمير المؤمنين


ووصيّ رسول رب العالمين


عبدك ووليّك واخلي رسولك وحُجتك على خلقك


وايتك الكبرى والنبأ العظيم


وصلي على الصديقة الطاهرة


فاطمة الزهراء سيدة نساء العالمين


وصلي على سبطى الرحمة واماماي الهُدى


الحسن والحُسين سيدي شباب اهل الجنة


وصلي على أئمة المسلمين ، عليّ بن الحسين


ومحمد بن عليّ


وجعفر بن محمد


وموسى بن جعفر


وعليّ بن موسى


ومحمد بن عليّ


وعليّ بن محمد


والحسن بن عليّ


والخلف الهادي المهدي


حُجتك على عبادك وأمنائك في بلادك


صلوة كثيرة دائمة


O Allah and send blessings on the guardian of Your orders


the one who will rise


the one hoped for, the awaited justice.


Surround him with Your favourite angels


and assist him with the holy spirit


O Lord of the worlds.


O Allah, appoint him to invite towards Your book


to establish Your religion


make him the successor on the earth


as You caused others to succeed before him


establish for him his religion which You have approved for him


give him security after fear


(so) he worships You and does not associate any with You.


O Allah, give him power and through him strengthen (others)


help him and help (others) through him


help him with a mighty help


give him an easy victory


and grant him an assisting authority from You.


O Allah, make manifest through him Your religion


and the way of Your Prophet


until nothing from the truth remains hidden


from any human being.


O Allah, we earnestly desire from You


an honored state


through which You strengthen Islam and its people


and degrade hypocrisy and its followers.


And make us in it


amongst the inviters towards Your obedience


and the leaders to Your path


give us through it


honor of the world and the Hereafter.


اللهم وصلي على وليّ امرك القائم المؤمل


والعدل المنتظر وحُفه بملائكتك المقربين


وأيده بروح القدس يا رب العالمين


اللهم اجعله الداعي إلى كتابك والقائم بدينك


استخلفه في الأرض كما استخلفت الذين من قبله


مكِن له دينه الذي ارتضيته


ابدله من بعد خوفه امناً يعبدك لا يُشرك بك شيئاً


اللهم اعزه واعزز به وانصره وانتصر به


وانصره نصراً وافتح له فتحاً يسيراً


واجعل له من لدنك سلطاناً نصيراً


اللهم اظهر به دينك وسُنة نبيّك


حتى لا يستخفى بشي من الحق مخافة احد من الخلق


اللهم إنا نرغب إليك في دولة كريمة


تُعز بها الإسلام واهله وتُذل بها النفاق واهله


وتجعلنا فيها من الدعاة إلى طاعتك


والقادة إلى سبيلك


وترزقنا بها كرامة الدنيا والأخرة


O Allah, what You have made known to us of the truth


help us bear it


and what we fall short


make us reach it.


O Allah, through him


put order in our affairs


gather and unite our flocks


join together our separations


increase our minority


lift us from degradation


relieve our miseries


pull us out of our debts


remove our poverty


fill the gaps in our confusion


ease our difficulties


brighten our faces


free our prisoners


grant our requests


fulfil our promises


answer our calls


grant us our requests


cause us to obtain what we hope for


from this world and the hereafter


and give us more than our expectations.


O the best of all who are asked


and the most generous of bestowers


through him, cleanse our chests


remove the stains of anger and hatred from our hearts


and guide us to the truth on disputed matters


By Your permission


Surely You guide whom You wish to the right path


through him help us to overcome Your enemy


and our enemy


O God of truth, Ameen.


اللهم ما عرفتنا من الحق فحملناه


وما قصرنا عنه فبلغناه


اللهم اللمم به شعثنا واشعب به صدعنا


وارتُق به فتقنا وكثر به قلتنا


واعزز به ذلتنا واغن به عائلنا


واقض به عن مغرمنا واجبر به فقرنا


وسُد به خلتنا ويسّر به عُسرنا


وبيض به وجوهنا وفُك به اسرنا


وانجح به طلبتنا وانجز به مواعيدنا


واستجب به دعوتنا واعطنا به سؤلنا


وبلغنا به من الدنيا والأخرة امالنا


واعطنا به فوق رغبتنا


يا خير المسؤولين واوسع المُعطين


اشف به صُدورنا واذهب به غيظ قلوبنا


واهدنا به لِما اختلف فيه من الحق


بإذنك إنك تهدي من تشاء إلى صراط مستقيم


وانصرنا به على عدوك وعدونا


إله الحق أمين


O Allah, we complain to You


of the absence of our Prophet


Your blessings be on him and his family,


the concealment of our leader


the abundance of our enemies


the scarcity of our numbers


the severity of our trials


and the victory of the era against us.


So bless Muhammad and his family


and help us overcome that by,


granting us an immediate victory


dispersing miseries


giving us a help that strengthens


providing an authority of truth which You manifest


a mercy from You which is clear to us


and a well­being from You which clothes us


by Your mercy O most merciful.


اللهم إنا نشكوا إليك فقد نبيّنا صلواتك عليه وأله


وغيبة وليّنا وكثرة عدوّنا


وقلة عددنا وشدة الفِتن بنا


وتظاهر الزمان علينا


فصل على محمد وأله


واعنا على ذلك بفتح منك تُعجله


وبضُر تكشفه ونصر تُعزه وسُلطان حق تُظهره


ورحمة منك تُجللناها وعافية منك تُلبسناها


برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين


Du'a no. 5

The rewards and tortures awaiting human beings are described vividly for the believer to be able to visualize them. It is not enough to only rationally believe in the Hereafter. Just as it is recommended to imagine oneself dying in order to prepare for death with certainty, it is also necessary to imagine oneself in Heaven or Hell for a strengthening of faith in the Hereafter.

This Du'a talks about the pleasures of Jannat (Paradise) and the punishments in Jahannam (Hell). Belief in the hereafter is the last important root of religion and the Du'a is a befitting follow up of Du'a al­-Iftitah which talks about the other roots of faith. In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

O Allah bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad.

O Allah, by Your mercy,

include us with the virtuous,

raise us to be with the distinguished people,

make us drink a cup of water

from the spring of salsabeel,

pair us with houris, by Your mercy,

give us the service of the young heavenly helpers,

well groomed like pearls,

feed us with the fruits of Paradise,

and the flesh of birds

and clothe us with robes of thick brocade of silk and gold.

Grant us the benefits,

of the night of power,

and the pilgrimage to Your sacred house,

and of dying in Your way.

Answer our prayers, and requests,

which are good.

And when You gather the people,

of the earlier and later periods ,

on the Day of Judgement,

have mercy on us,

write for us a protection from the fire,

do not confine us to Hell,

try us not with Your punishment and disgrace,

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


اللهم صلي على محمد وأل محمد


اللهم برحمتك في الصالحين فادخلنا


وفي علييّن فارفعنا


وبكأس من معين من عين سلسبيل فاسقنا


ومن الحور العين برحمتك فزوجنا


ومن الولدان المُخلدين كأنهم لؤلؤ مكنون فاخدمنا


ومن ثمار الجنة ولُحوم الطير فاطعمنا


ومن ثياب السُندس والحرير والإستبرق فالبسنا


وليلة القدر وحج بيتك الحرام


وقتلاً في سبيلك فوفق لنا


وصالح الدعاء والمسئلة فاستجب لنا


وإذا جمعت الأولين والأخرين يوم القيامة فارحمنا


وبرائة من النار فاكتب لنا


وفي جهنم فلا تغُلنا


وفي عذابك وهوانك فلا تبتلنا


feed us not from the bitter tree,


nor the thorny fruit (of Hell),


do not place us with the devils,


nor throw us face downwards in Hell,


and do not clothe us with the flames and tar of Hell.


Save us from all evil,


O (one who),there is no god but You,


for the sake of there being no god but You,


save us.


ومن الزقوم والضريع فلا تُطعمنا


ومع الشياطين فلا تجعلنا


وفي النار على وجوهنا فلا تكببنا


ومن ثياب النار وسرابيل القطران فلا تلبسنا


ومن كل سوء يا لا إله إلا أنت


بحق لا إله إلا أنت فنجّنا


Du'a no. 6

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

O Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad.

O Allah, I beseech You to place,

in what You destine and decree,

from the orders which are definite,

and orders which are wise,

from the decree which is not reversed nor changed,

write my name as one of the pilgrims of Your sacred house,

whose Hajj is approved,

whose efforts are appreciated,

whose sins are forgiven,

and whose evil deeds are pardoned.

And place for me,

in what You destine and decree,

a lengthening of my life,

in goodness and health,

and an increase in my sustenance.

Make me among those through whom,

You support Your religion,

not substituting any in my place.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


اللهم صلي على محمد وأل محمد


اللهم إني اسئلك أن تجعل فيما تقضي وتُقدر


من الأمر المحتوم في الأمر الحكيم


من القضاء الذي لا يُرد ولا يُبدل


أن تكتبني من حُجاج بيتك الحرام


المبرور حجُهم المشكور سعيهم


المغفور ذنوبهم المُكفر عن سيئاتهم


وأن تجعل فيما تقضي وتقدر


أن تطيل عمري في خير وعافية


وتوسع في رزقي


وتجعلني ممن تنتنصر به لدينك


ولا تستبدل بي غيري




Du'a no. 7

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

I seek refuge with the majesty of Your gracious self.

from the passing of the month of Ramadhan,

or the appearance of the dawn of this night,

while I still have a duty I have not carried out,

or a sin that You may punish me for.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


أعوذ بجلال وجهك الكريم


أن ينقضي عني شهر رمضان


أو يطلع الفجر من ليلتي هذه


ولك قبلي تبعة أو ذنب تُعذبني عليه


1st day

O Allah, on this day

make my fasts the fasts of those who fast (sincerely),

and my standing up in prayer of those

who stand up in prayer (obediently),

awaken me in it from the sleep of the heedless,

and forgive me my sins , O God of the worlds,

and forgive me, O one who forgives the sinners.

اللهم اجعل صيامي فيه صيام الصائمين


وقيامي في قيام القائمين


ونبهني في عن نومة الغافلين


وهب لي جُرمي فيه يا إله العالمين


واغف عني يا عافياً عن المجرمين


2nd day

O Allah, on this day,

take me closer towards Your pleasure,

keep me away from Your anger and punishment,

grant me the opportunity to recite Your verses (of the Qur'an),

by Your mercy, O the most Merciful.

اللهم قربني فيه إلى مرضاتك


وجنبني فيه من سخطك ونقماتك


ووفقني فيه لقرائة اياتك


برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين


3rd day

O Allah, on this day,

grant me wisdom and awareness,

keep me away from foolishness and pretention,

grant me a share in every blessing You send down,

by You generosity, O the most Generous.

اللهم ارزقني فيه الذهن والتنبيه


وباعدني فيه من السفاهة والتموية


واجعل لي نصيباً من كل خير تُنزل فيه


بجودك يا اجود الأجودين


4th day

O Allah,on this day,

strengthen me in carrying out Your commands,

let me taste the sweetness of Your remembrance,

grant me, through Your graciousness,

that I give thanks to You.

Protect me, with Your protection and cover,

O the most discerning of those who see.

اللهم قوني فيه على اقامة امرك


واذقني فيه حلاوة ذكرك


واوزعني في لأداء شكرك بكرمك


واحفظني فيه بحفظك وسترك


يا أبصر الناظرين


5th day

O Allah, on this day,

place me among those who seek forgiveness.

Place me among Your righteous and obedient servants,

and place me among Your close friends,

by Your kindness, O the most Merciful.

اللهم اجعلني فيه من المستغفرين


واجعلني فيه من عبادك الصالحين القانتين


واجعلني فيه من أوليائك المُقربين


برأفتك يا ارحم الراحمين


6th day

O Allah, on this day,

do not let me abase myself by incurring

Your disobedience,

and do not strike me with the whip of Your punishment,

keep me away from the causes of Your anger,

by Your kindness and Your power,

O the ultimate wish of those who desire.

اللهم لا تخذلني في لتعرض معصيتك


ولا تضربني بسياط نقمتك


وزحزحني فيه من مُوجبات سخطك


بمنك واياديك يا منتهى رغبة الراغبين


7th day

O Allah, on this day,

help me with its fasts and prayers,

and keep me away from mistakes and sins of the day,

grant me that I remember You continuously through the day,

by Your assistance, O the Guide of those who stray.

اللهم اعني فيه على صيامه وقيامه


وجنبني فيه من هفواته واثامه


وارزقني فيه ذكرك بدوامه بتوفيقك يا هادي المُضلين


8th day

O Allah, on this day,

let me have mercy on the orphans,

and feed [the hungry],

and spread peace,

and keep company with the noble-­minded,

O the shelter of the hopeful.

اللهم ارزقني فيه رحمة الأيتام


وإطعام الطعام وإفشاء السلام


وصحبة الكرام يا ملجأ الأملين


9th day

O Allah, on this day,

grant me a share from Your mercy which is wide,

guide me towards Your shining proofs,

lead me to Your all-­encompassing pleasure,

by Your love, O the hope of the desirous.

اللهم اجعل لي فيه نصيباً من رحمتك الواسعة


واهدني فيه لبراهينك الساطعة


وخذ بناصيتي إلى مرضاتك الجامعة


بمحبتك يا أمل المُشتاقين


10th day

O Allah, on this day, make me,

among those who rely on You,

from those who You consider successful .

and place me among those who are near to you,

by Your favour, O goal of the seekers.

اللهم اجعلني فيه من المتوكلين عليك


واجعلني فيه من الفائزين لديك


واجعلني فيه من المقربين إليك


بإحسانك يا غاية الطالبين


11th day

O Allah, on this day,

make me love goodness,

and dislike corruption and disobedience,

bar me from anger and the fire [of Hell],

by Your help, O the helper of those who seek help.

اللهم حبب إليّ فيه الأحسان


وكره إليّ فيه الفُسوق والعصيان


وحرم عليّ فيه السخط والنيران


بعونك يا غياث المُستغثين


12th day

O Allah, on this day,

beautify me with covering and chastity,

cover me with the clothes of contentment and chastity,

let me adhere to justice and fairness,

and keep me safe from all that I fear,

by Your protection, O the protector of the frightened.

اللهم زيني فيه بالستر والعفاف


واستُرني فيه بلباس القُنو والعفاف


واحملني فيه على العدل والأنصاف


وامني فيه من كُل ما اخاف


بعصمتك يا عصمة الخائفين


13th day

O Allah, on this day,

purify me from uncleanliness and dirt,

make me patient over events that are decreed,

grant me the ability to be pious,

and keep company with the good,

by Your help, O the beloved of the destitute.

اللهم طهرني فيه من الدنس والأقذار


وصبرني فيه على كائنات الأقدار


ووفقني في للتقى وصُحبة الأبرار


بعونك يا قُرة عين المساكين


14th day

O Allah, on this day,

do not condemn me for slips,

make me decrease mistakes and errors,

do not make me a target for afflictions and troubles,

by Your honor, O the honor of the Muslims.

اللهم لا تؤاخذني فيه بالعثرات


واقلني فيه من الخطايا والهفوات


ولا تجعلني فيه غرضاً للبلايا والأفات


بعزتك يا عز المُسلمين


15th day

O Allah, on this day,

grant me the obedience of the humble

expand my chest through the repentance of the humble,

by Your security, O the shelter of the fearful.

اللهم ازرقني فيه طاعة الخاشعين


واشرح فيه صدري بانابة المُخبتين


بامانك يا امان الخائفين


16th day

O Allah, on this day,

grant me compatibility w

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