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Summer Slim down Secrets – Get Your Best Summer Body Ever !!

For many people, New Years Resolutions have long since been forgotten as we happily went through the cold months in our many layers of clothes. If you were motivated and focused enough to stick with your New Year’s resolution to get into shape this year – congratulations!! As the rest of you start to shed your winter wardrobes and notice lumps, bumps and jiggles in places that you would rather not mention, thoughts start to wander to summer and it’s skin revealing styles. Don’t fear, there is hope to make some serious changes to your body before summer begins and we start hitting the boats, beaches, pool parties and donning our summer wardrobes. You may not be quite in your “dream” body in a month but you can make real, dramatic changes. Starting now can not only have you looking firmer and more toned in your swimsuit at the start of the summer but will have you 3 months closer to really strutting your stuff as the summer ends. These are the tips and tricks which we have used for years to get our clients’ bodies “summer ready”

1. Set Realistic Goals - Enthusiasm often wanes when pounds don’t magically disappear overnight. You can not undo years (or months) of bad habits and achieve the body of your dreams in a few weeks.

2. Look For Situations To Be active -Look for the hard way to do things - Park as far from the store as you can rather than looking for the closest parking spot, use the stairs rather than the elevator, if possible carry your bags out to your car instead of using the cart.

3. Always eat breakfast - Food fuels your metabolism - Studies show that those who skip the first meal, end up eating more total calories throughout the day and tend to make less healthy choices Skipping breakfast sends the message to your body that you're starving because you haven't had food for a while. As a protective mechanism, your metabolism will slow down.

4. Don’t starve yourself - Less than 1,200 is usually not enough to support your basal metabolism and thus will slow your body's calorie-burning ability – Very low calorie diets will, in the short term, help you lose weight but they’re extremely difficult to maintain. You’ll gradually become tired and irritable & lack the energy to exercise usually putting the end to your fitness program and leading to the beginning of a binge cycle.

5.Eat 5 - 6 small meals a day - Try to eat at least 3 meals a day. Optimally you should spread your calories throughout 5 -6 small meals per day. This will keep your metabolism roaring, your hunger in check and your blood sugar level even to help avoid binging.

6.Drink Plenty Of water – Drinking water helps keep you feeling full . Many times dehydration can mask itself as hunger so if you are feeling “snacky” try a glass of water before you eat. Water also helps keep the kidneys flushed which helps the liver metabolize fat at full force.

7.Follow the 90% to 10% rule. If you watch what you eat 90% of the time, the other 10% is not a problem

8.Close Your eyes and visualize - When the going gets rough or when you just don’t feel like it. Take a moment and visualize the slimmer, firmer, healthy more energetic person that you want to be this summer – Focus on the clothes that you want to wear and the places where you would like to be more comfortable. Remember the reason why you started your fitness/ nutrition program in the first place!! Create a clear mental picture and use it next time you feel like you are losing site of your fitness goal.

9.Eat your fruits & Veggies - Freshness Counts - The packaging and processing generally found in "convenience" foods generally reduce the nutrient values of foods and substantially raise the caloric content. The simple sugars found in processed foods generally leave people feeling hungry and craving carbohydrates - The American Dietetic Association recommends at least 3 - 5 fruit servings per day and 3 – 7 vegetable servings . Since fruits & vegetables are nutritionally dense and full of fiber eating plenty will keep your hunger satisfied and your body shrinking -

10. Just do it - The difference between the people strutting their stuff in the summer’s skin bearing fashions and those hiding their stuff is simply habits. There are the same amount of hours and stress in each week for every one of us - those who fit exercise and healthy eating into their lifestyles don't have more time or less stress, they just have healthier habits. The next time that you are unable to follow through on one of your weight loss goals - Identify the challenge and prepare a plan for the next time. Don't dwell on it or make excuses for why you can't do it.

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