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Subsistance is Guaranteed For Its Seekers

Adapted from: "The Role of Ideology in Constructing The Human Being" by: "Ar-Risaleh Center"

There is a fear that befalls Man and embitter his life, it is the fear of poverty but the Islamic ideology diffuses this fear by emphasizing a very clear truth like the sun at midday.

It is that the sources of sustenance are at the hands of Allah, and He has guaranteed it for His servants so there is no justification for these fears. He who reads the Qur’an finds so many verses urging to eradicate the reasons of the fear of poverty which motivated the Man before Islam to kill his children Allah (be exalted) says: “surely Allah is the bestower of sustenance the Lord of Power, the strong” 165. He also said “ And do not kill your children for fear of poverty we give them sustenance and yourselves too” 166

The “hadeeths” of the prophet (S.W.A.) and the purified Imams lead to the same course, the prophet (S.W.A.) says: “the doors of paradise are opened to the poor and the wretched, Allah’s mercy descends to the merciful people, Allah is pleased with the generous people” 167

His executor Imam Ali (A.S.) says: “…The creatures are His family, He has guaranteed their sustenance determined their foodstuff…” 168

From another side they corrected peoples’ concept about sustenance. Truly Allah has guaranteed his servants’ sustenance but this does not mean that He urges them to be lazy and inactive or to sit at home idle, but He connected obtaining sustenance with one’s striving and seeking it. Imam Ali (A.S.) says: “ search for sustenance as it is guaranteed to its seeker” 169

Ameeral Mu’amineen was working in an agricultural field with his spade, he released the slaves from the revenue of his hand’s toil” 170

He (A.S.) was irrigating date palms of some Jews of Medeena till his hands fatigued, he gave his wages to the poor as alms and put a stone and tight it on his stomach” 171

Imam has not been striving to collect the funds for himself out of this wearisome work as Imam Ali (A.S.) is not cheated by a white or yellow coin rather he was trying to obtain the “halaal” sustenance from its source and spend it in its proper place.

As spirits are infatuated with properties, fond of collecting and treasuring it, it is appropriate for the enlightened aware believer not to be cheated by its brightness, lured by its attractions, and he has to take lesson from those attracted and cheated by it while they are deprived of the reward of the next life, they are bankrupt in every additional property more than their necessary needs as they are trusty treasurers who strive and suffer in saving it, then they leave it behind like a sweet food for inheritors, so they are hold responsible for it in the hereafter while their sons spend it and enjoy it as they like” 172

In this way the Islamic ideology uproots the sources of fear from poverty from spirits and makes man work to ensure the necessities of his honorable living.


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