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Sources of wealth in the Bayt al-Māl

Adapted from: " Bayt al-Mal and the Distribution of Zakat" by: "Mahmood Namazi"

According to A. Ghazali, the wealth collected by Bayt al-Māl for the various expenses can be categorized into special wealth and general wealth.7

Special wealth includes all revenues that are determined by the Shari‘ah. This wealth cannot be spent on any other purposes except for those stated in the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah. The main item under this category is zakāt which, according to the Shi‘ite jurisprudence view includes nine assets. For example, according to Ayatollah Khomeini zakātable assets include wheat, barley, date, raisins, gold, silver, camel, cow and sheep.8 Each of these items after reaching certain amount become zakātable.

General wealth consists of all wealth collected by the Bayt al-Māl with the exception of Zakāt, such as dfferent types of taxes.9


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