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Some other Questions about the Khums - Part 1

Khums on Appliances Bought for Future
Q: I am a student and want to get married. I intend to purchase domestic appliances for my future life. If I start now to purchase household appliances and a year passes on them without being used, should I pay their khums?
A: If buying domestic appliances for the future is considered in the common view as a part of your ma’ūnah, they are not liable to khums.
Khums on the Remaining Daily Consumable Goods
Q: What is the khums rule concerning pen, make-up, perfumes, etc. that were used partially and a year passed on them?
A: If they are bought from the income earned during the year and the remaining amount has a monetary value in the common view, their khums should be paid.
Khums on Tuition Fees at the End of Khums Year
Q: I made the 1st of October the date of my khums year. The problem is that I saved some money to pay the tuition fees which should be settled in the middle of October. Now, shall I pay its khums at the end of khums year? Knowing that paying its khums will make it less than the tuition fees to be paid.
A: In the given case, it is not subject to khums.
Khums on Land Bought for Housing Purposes
Q: If a mukallaf — using his yearly income — purchases a plot for housing purposes and after the khums year passes on it, he sells it to buy a residential house and other life requirements. Should he pay khums on the proceeds?
A: If he buys the plot with his yearly earnings for building a residential house on it but after the khums year passes he exchanges the very plot with a house or spends its proceeds on buying another house for living in, it is not subject to khums nor considered as new earnings. But, if its proceeds are spent on purchasing other life requirements, then it would be problematic to consider the said plot as ma’ūnah.
Khums on Goods Bought with Employees’ Token
Q: Is an employee’s token or the goods bought with it subject to khums?
A: A gift or a grant is not subject to khums.

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