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Some other Ailments and Music

Adopted from the Book : "Music and its Effects" by : "A. H. Sheriff"

It is an accepted fact that mental tension creates many ailments. Excitement and tension are like a fire which destroys the natural functions of human body.

And it has already been shown that music creates excitement and tension.

Not only madness and nervous breakdown, but even ulcers and heart diseases are caused by mental tension.

It has been mentioned earlier that music releases the harmone 'adernalin' in abnormal quantity. This harmone clots the bloodvessels, and finally leads to heart attack. This relation between excessive release of adernalin and heartattack was discovered in France in 1957. (Falsafa-e-Tahrim-e-Musiqui).

Professor Celie experimented by injecting adernalin into a monkey. Its skin became paralysed and the animal suffered a heartattack (Ibid).

Dale Carnegie quotes Dr. Joseph Montagu to have said that stomach ulcer is caused by mental tension and violent anger. (Ibid).

Many of the presentday common diseases are the legacy of our socalled civilization which creates tension and exhausts the tolerance of physical and mental faculbes. One of the main causes of this tension and exhaustion is music. The ailments, which are caused by such condition, are diabetes, rheumatism, and even the birth of deformed or disabled children. (Ibid).

Concentration on listening to musical concerts or Jazz bands at times causes such violent tension that mental stability is thrown out of window.

The daily 'Kayhan' (Tehran), in its issue No 6626, published a news of the Reuter Agency: About 50,000 youths had gathered in Melbourne (Australia) for a musical concert. The concert overwhelmed them so much that they started assaulting each other with fists and knives. Many were seriously injured; some girls were molested The police was called in and with much difficulty controlled the situation. The point to ponder is this: The youths were so much excited that they did not know what they were doing.

Now that we have come to Jazz, and important finding must be quoted here from The Reader's Digest (Vol. 49, No. 565, May, 1969):

"Otologists say that youngsters are going deaf by blasting their ears with electronic pop music.

"Experts know that prolonged exposure to a noise level above 85 decibels will eventually result in a reduction of hearing acuity in the frequency range most important for understanding human speech. Dr. Charles Lebo, of the Pacific Medical Centre took measuring instruments into two San Francis co dance halls where the cacophony from amplified instruments caused sound intensity from 100 to 119 decibels in the low frequency range.

"Lebo estimates that under such conditions 80 per cent have their hearing sensitivity temporarily reduced by 5 to 30 decibels; 10 per cent suffer a temporary 40 decibel impairment. Some might suffer permanent damage after a year of steady listening. (Time).

In short high bloodpresure, insomnia, emotional instability mania and madness, nervous break downs, ulcers, heart troubles, diabetes, rheumatisms temporary permanent deafness and birth of deformed or disabled babies are the effects of music.

No wonder, Islam, being a religion from Allah, has warmed us against this disabling habit.

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