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Society, Lust and Sexual Deviation

Perhaps, among the most prominent motives of those who demand the freedom of woman or sexual dessolateness is the motive of lust or sexual deviation. The Holy Qur'an talks about these motives and their danger and denotes their destructive effects. Allah, the Most High, says:

"But followed after them a succession who neglected prayers and they followed lust, so they shall soon meet perdition,." Holy Qur'an (Maryam, 19:59)

He said: "(It has been) made to seem attractively fair unto men, the love of the lust for women and sons and the hoarded treasures of gold and silver..."

Holy Qur'an (Aali-Imran 3: 13)

He said: "...but desire those who follow their own lusts that you should deviate a great deviation."

Holy Qur'an (Nisa'4: 27)

In these verses, the Holy Qur'an explains the danger of lust and that it represents ghay', which means (the ignorance that arises from a corrupt belief) and mayl', which means (turning away from righteousness and moderation), which has been mentioned in another verse:

"Those who hinder (others) from the path of Allah and seek to make it crooked; and they in the hereafter, they are the disbelievers." Holy Qur'an (Hud 11:19)

There is a practical proof in the reports and figures which we have mentioned about sexual deviation. The Qur'an has explained it to people and warned them against it.

Adopted from the book : "Woman and Society" by : "Al-Balagh Foundation"

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