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Singing and Adultery

Adopted from the Book : "Music and its Effects" by : "A. H. Sheriff"

Singing and Adultery

Singing becomes the cause of Adultery as the below mentioned tradition states:

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w) said," Singing is a ladder to Adultery."

Singing gives rise to the lust in man which ultimately gives out bad consequences. Not only he who sings but also the one who listens attentively to it becomes negligent towards Allah and is ready for immoral deeds.

Imam Jafar Sadqiue (a.s) said," All those past times and amusement are major sins, which makes a person negligent in remembering Allah. Example people indulging in singing, music and musical gadgets.

Yes, indeed its a fact that music not only makes shame and modesty disappear, but also destroys love, brotherhood and generousness. In short, it makes the whole environment a specimen of Hell.


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