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Sin is accidental

From another side, the Islamic ideology considers sin as an accidental matter to human being and not on original subjective matter. So when Man falls into the holes of sin he is not changed into a devil whose develish nature prevents from returning to the vastnesses of humanity, rather Man remains a sinful person who can strive to repent, correct his fault and can rise from his misstep.

This is the secret of the greatness of the Islamic view point to man as it doesn’t put him under the mercy of the feeling of an imposed original sin as Christianity does, rather it tries to save him from the mud of sin and make him know his ability to progress, remind him always of Allah’s pardon and His vast mercy and not to feel disappointed of it.

There is no “confessional chair” in Islam as it is there in Christianity, rather the leaders of religion and theologians attempt to veil the defects and sins of people as much as possible because Allah loves concealing sins.

It is related from Assbagh Ebin Nabaatah that he said: A person came to Ameeral Mu’amineen and said: O Ameeral Mu’amineen, I have committed adultery so purify me (i-e punish me), Ameeral Mu’amineen turned his face away from him then he said to him: “Sit down, then Ali “A.S.” turned to his people and said: Poes the one of you fail to conceal his sin when he commits it as Allah Has concealed his sin?!…” 5

Man is an honored creature:

From another side the Islamic ideology attempts to make Man feel-always- that he is an honored being who has his important position in this universe through the duty of “Caliphate which he should adopt and he has nothing to do but to carry out the duty of caliphate” (Allah’s representativeness on earth in the best way, to thank his Creator for his honor, enabling and guidance to the right religion.

A person asked Ameeral Mu’amineen (A.S.) about his love to meet Allah (be glorified), he said how do you love the meeting of Allah? He (Ali) said “When I found that He has chosen foe me the religion of His angles, apostles and prophets I knew that He has honored me with this does not forget me so I loved his meeting,” 6


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Adapted from: "The Role of Ideology in Constructing The Human Being" by: "Ar-Risaleh Center"

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