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She Shines

‘Diamonds reflect more light than other materials, which accounts for its characteristic sparkle’ – The previous sentence was taken from a Physics lesson. It made me suddenly smile through the monotonous atmosphere the whole class could feel to the bone. But it made me think and smile. The diamond is known to be valuable, classy and beautiful. It shines and, if personified, it’s what we would want our personalities to be like. However it’s the fact that the diamond actually reflects more light than other materials – which makes it more valuable and shine more than other materials. It made me realize that it’s through our reflections of our characters on others, which defines our own sparkle.

The hijabi may not be perfect and she may make mistakes and have days she’d rather not repeat. She may keep making the same error, again and again. She may be hurt or suffer in her own silence. She isn’t perfect. But guess what? She shines. It’s with her love and devotion for her Creator which reflects the light of her inner beauty. She shines through her covering attire and acts of modesty. She proves that she values her beauty both inner and outer, thus she values herself.

She believes in her beauty. And you should too. You are beautiful. After all, she is, and you are, a symbol of the most beautiful way of life. As she drapes the scarf around her head and slips on her long, loose clothes, she shines. She smiles.

You can shine – let the diamond of your hijab reflect the light of your inner-beauty – and smile. (:

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