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Seven Great Fruits for Different Parts of Body (part2)

Those who have bleeding gums or those who love to eat grilled or charred foods: Kiwi fruit

The health of gums is closely related to vitamin C. The gums will bleed easily or swelling more often due to the insufficient supply of vitamin C. This condition will later lead the gums to become loose, vulnerable and sensitive when touching with the cold and hot foods we eat. As kiwi fruit contains the highest vitamin C, it may help to strengthen our gums as well as maintain the oral health. One kiwi fruit feeds two times of vitamin C that human body needs daily.

If you cannot bear on eating grilled or charred foods, then go for it. But, do not forget to have one kiwi fruit after eating those foods. After the nitration reaction, those foods will turn into cancerous substances in our body. By eating kiwi fruit which is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant helps to inhibit the nitration reaction in our body.

According to Chinese practitioners, kiwi fruit is cold in nature. Person with weak and cold-nature stomach should eat less kiwi fruit. Also, kiwi fruit cannot be eaten together with milk or dairy products. Otherwise, it may affect the absorption of protein in our body. Pregnant mother is also advised not to eat.

For Those Who Have Wrinkled Skin: Mango

The loss of collagen causes the inelasticity of our skins. An inelasticity of the skin is the main reason for the occurrences of wrinkles all over our body. Mango is regarded as a good fruit therapy for preventing the formation of wrinkles. Mango contains lots of beta-carotene and enzyme which can nourish our skins, promote the excretion of toxins and maintain the firm, elastic layer of collagen that delays the occurrences of skin’s wrinkle. The mangoglucoside is found to be good to protect our nerves and neutrons besides promoting good cerebrum function by delaying the aging process.

Like grape, mango is not suitable for diabetes patients due to its high content of glucose. Apart from that, mango has less protein among the fruits and large consumption of mangoes may lead us to feel full.

For Those Who Suffer Cardiovascular Disease: Grapefruit or Pomelo

Hypertension patients always rely on the medication to get rid of excessive sodium in their bodies. In fact, grapefruit or pomelo is an ideal way to flush out the sodium. It furnishes the hypertension patients’ bodies with essential nutrients and minerals particularly the potassium element. It contains no sodium at all and thus it is also a food therapy for the patients who suffer from coronary heart, cardiovascular and kidney diseases. The natural pectin found in it helps to decrease the level of cholesterol in the blood besides maintaining the health of the heart and the brain.

An American research discovered that a cup of grapefruit or pomelo juice daily keep us away from any respiratory related diseases.

According to Chinese practitioners, grapefruit or pomelo is cold in nature. Those with cold-nature bodies are not suitable to eat.

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