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Sentence of That Who Lied Against the Prophet (S)

Al-Sam’ani is reported to have said: Whoever falsifies even one report (khabar), attributing it to the Messenger of Allah (upon whom be God’s peace and benediction), all the hadiths narrated by him should be rejected,93 and disregarded. It is reported that Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Abu Bakr al-Hamidi and Abu Bakr al-Sayrafi have said: The narration of that who falsified the traditions of the Messenger of Allah should be rejected even if he repenting after that.94 Ibn Hajar al-Asqallani is reported to have said: The ulama concur on considering fabrication of a lie against the Messenger of Allah (upon whom be God’s peace and benediction) as a rough thick act since it is among major sins. Al-Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Juwayni has even gone to extremes, and issued a verdict considering as a disbeliever whoever practises such a behaviour, the opinion which is shared by al-Qadi Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi. Whereas ignorant be those among the Karamites (dignity-seekers) and some of ascetics, who hold that: To fabricate a lie against the Prophet is permissible when it is intended to consolidate the religion and conduct (tariqah) of Ahl al-Sunnah, and temptation and intimidation, making excuses by claiming that menacing was revealed in regard of that against whom a lie was fabricated, not regarding that on whose behalf it was lied. This argument is invalid outright, as threatening with torment concerns that whose hadith was falsified whether on his behalf or against him. And religion, thanks to God, is perfect needing not to be strengthened by falsity.95


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Adapted from: "Lights on the Muhammadan Sunnah" by: "Mahmud Ali Riyyah"

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