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Second Wajib Act - TAHNIT or HUNUT (Applying Camphor Powder)

After first wajib act has been completed, the second wajib act is tahnit. This involves applying fresh fragrant camphor powder on seven part of the body which rest on the ground when prostrating doing Sajdah.

These are the forehead, the palms of hands, the knees, and the toes. It is wajib / preferable to start tahnit starting with the forehead and ending with the palms. Some camphor may also be applied on the tip of nose and the chest.

Keep the niyyat, "I am doing tahnit / hunut on the dead body Wajib Qurbatan IlaLlah" before commencing tahnit. The body should be laid on the Kafan pre arranged systematically to facilitate this process.

Adapted from: "Burial Rituals" by: "Muhammad hussien Kermali"

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