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Rules of Purity

Tahirat (purity) is the process of cleaning to remove those filths as determined by Islamic laws. It is necessary to know what those impurities and filths are.

Filth is such a thing which is impure itself and makes whatever it touches also becomes impure.

It can never become pure. Some things are pure by their own nature, but after touching some filth, they become impure themselves. These things can become pure again.

These things are filths:

1. Nasibi (one who hates the lovers of Ahlul Bayt as)
2. Mushrik (polytheist)
3. Kafir (disbeliever)
4. Urine
5. Feces
6. Semen
7. Deceased
8. Blood which squirts from the animal
9. Dogs
10. Pigs
11. Alcohol and all intoxicants
12. Perspiration of that animal which eats filth

In or der to make those things pure again which have become impure from touching these filths, one must follow one of sever al methods, but these methods cannot be explained here. It is the duty of the parents to inform their children regarding matters of tahirat (purity). If they need any help in explaining, they should read our book "Kashaful Ahkam".

Adopted from the book: "Kashaful Salat" by: "Seyyed Baqir Nisar Zaidi"

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