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Rules of Large Cities

Q 703: What is your opinion concerning large cities with respect to the conditions of the intention of making them a watan or of staying there for ten days?
A: There is no difference between a large city and an ordinary one in respect of the traveler’s rules and the intention to make a watan or to stay for ten days. On making the intention to take a large city as one’s watan and staying in that city for a period without specifying any particular area, the watan’s rule will apply to the whole city. Similarly, if one makes the intention to stay in such a city for ten days without specifying any particular area of it, his prayer will be full and his fasting will be valid.

Q 704: Until the Revolution a person had no knowledge of Imam Khomeini’s (q.) verdict considering Tehran as a large city. What rule will apply to the prayers and fasts that he had performed in the usual way?
A: If he continues to do taqlīd of the late Imam (q.) concerning this issue, it will be obligatory for him to repeat the past acts which did not conform to his verdict, by making the qaḍā’, in shortened form, of the prayers performed in full while his duty was to shorten them, and making the qaḍā’ of the fasts kept while he was a traveler.

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