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Role of Ghadir Occasion in Perpetuation of the Line of Infallibles

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam, on his way back from his last pilgrimage to Mecca, received some commandments from God through Gabriel: “O Prophet! Declare what you were commanded to”‌; “Your Prophetic mission is not incomplete unless you declare the commandment of God”‌ and “God protects you from the malevolent”‌.


On the basis of the above commandments, the Prophet, after introducing his first successor, also introduced his last successor so the believers may not lose the path and all know that there will be twelve of his successors who are all his Caliphs. The last of them rises to expand justice and revive the religion of God all over the world.


Beware! The last Imam of ours is Mahdi


Beware! He is victorious over all religions


Beware! He takes revenge on the unjust


Beware! He opens the powerful castles of infidelity and corruption and destroys them


Beware! He destroys infidelity


Beware! He takes the revenge of friends of the Great and Dear God


Beware! He helps the religion of the Great and Dear God


Beware! He pleases the truth seekers


Beware! He knows the superiority of the scholars, and the negligence of the ignorant


Beware! He is divinely selected and the Imam selected by us


Beware! He inherits all knowledge and his knowledge is superior to all others


Beware! He introduces the Great Dear God and elaborates the rules of religion


Beware! He is brave and honest


Beware! He is in charge of the issues of the creatures


Beware! His coming was annunciated by previous prophets


Beware! He is the last sign of God and no other sign may come after him, there is no right in the world but it is on his side and there are no sciences except he posses them


Beware! He is the only help and no one may defeat him


Beware! He is the divine Valy on earth and the judge among people and trusted for the known and unknown secrets of the world.


Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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