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Relationship between peace and saying prayers

People find peace when they are related to God and they can get rid of their anxieties. People experience this reality in different ways. Qur’an says that real peace comes from the relationship with God only and without the presence of God people’s life is more difficult and stressful. Human beings were created in a way that they find calm and peace only in relation with God.

People need to have peace in adolescents more than in any other stage of life. Therefore, religious education is very important for young adults. Unfortunately, some families do not know how important and helpful religious education could be for young adults and how it could decrease the problems of this stage.

Saying prayers has an important role in this regard too. By saying prayers, people establish a relationship with God in heart. Those who say their prayers actually have access to a precious spiritual source. Adolescents need this source more than anyone else. Even if young adults make mistakes, they could make their wrongs right more easily by saying their prayers. Therefore, we need to take care of our children’s religious practitioners too.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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