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Recommendations for the Husayniyahs

1. To organise programs that emphasise the love and dedication of the Ahl-ul-Bayt alayhum-as-salam such that this love is out of awareness and understanding of the truth. The creation of love in the hearts is the responsibility of the Husayniyahs through the lectures and programs they organise which give vitality to the hearts and reduces one’s attention to this world and encourages the individual to ascend through an elevated soul and with the teachings and thoughts of the Ahl-ul-Bayt alayhum-as-salam.

2. To emphasise on the Noble Qur’an and to organise recitation sessions and classes for teaching the recitation of the Qur’an, especially for the children, since they are the strength of the future of Islam, and the same goes for the youth and women. It is imperative that everyone uses this unparalleled source of knowledge and to disseminate its teaching throughout society.

3. It is also important that programs are held to teach Islamic laws and acts of worship including all those matters that people come across in their daily lives, as well as Aqa’ed or Islamic beliefs, which are obligatory for everyone to know. Other issues should also be taught such the history of the Math-hab and the lives of the holy Imams and their struggles against the tyrants of their times.

4. Such gathering places as the Husayniyahs should be places for brotherhood, harmony, for remembering Allah Almighty, and honesty in all our dealings with everyone else ranging from friends and brothers, to family members and everyone else; the first and foremost being in our relation with Allah Almighty and the Ahl-ul-Bayt alayhum-as-salam.

Adopted from the book : "Husayn; the Sacrifice for Mankind" by : "Imam Muhammad Shirazi"

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