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Quick and Dirty Calorie-Burners

I have quite a few clients squeezing in vacations before The End of the World (aka, The First Day of School) and most of them have begged me for vacation workouts so they can stay in shape. If I'm being completely honest, the word 'begged' might be a bit of an exaggeration.

Exercising on vacation isn't always easy and, really, you don't have to do long, structured workouts to avoid weight gain and maintain some level of fitness while you're out of town. Long walks, snorkeling, swimming or long bouts of paddle ball on the beach are all great ways to have fun and stay active.

Still, having a few quick and dirty workout ideas handy can fill in the gaps and give you some options if you need them.

Below is a 10-minute high intensity workout to try and I've also listed more timesaver workouts below.
Quick and Dirty 10-Minute Workout

- Jog in place (warm up)
- Front Kick with Planks
- Mountain Climbers
- Burpees
- Jog in place
- Plyo-jacks
- Moving Pushups
- Dips With Leg Extensions
- Planks with Knee Bends
- Bridge with Leg Drop

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