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Psychological Warfare

The psychological war is considered, one of the most dangerous weapons used by the enemy against his opponent. The `Jahiliyya' often have taken recourse to psychological warfare, in its different forms against the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.), the message and its bearers, throughout the ages, past and present. They spread rumours and slanders against the personality of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.), they mock his companions, disparage them and belittle their social standing.

They spread fear and terror among the ranks of the Islamic group, the callers to Allah, the Glorious, so as to weaken the morale and shake the Islamic personality from within. Their aim is to create psych-ological defeat which will strip the followers of the Divine Message of their self-confidence and instill uneasiness and tension in their lives. As the organization crumbles and fear and terror rules the individual and the believing group, its struggle and resistance fizzles out.

The Qur'an speaks about the psychological war launched by the opponent against the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.), the Message and those who call toward it, in order to place before them the reality of the war in all its dimensions, thereby establishing its stand thereof and provide the followers with psychological immun-ity. It says:

"And all that We relate unto you of the accounts of the apostles is to confirm with it you heart…" Holy Qur'an (Hud 11: 120)

The Glorious Qur'an mentions the conditions of psychological warfare employed by those hostile to the divine call throughout the ages: "And certainly you shall hear from those who have been given the Book before you and those who join other gods with Allah, much annoy-ance…" Holy Qur'an (Al-e-Imran 3: 186)

"…Is this he whom Allah has raised to be an aposlte." Holy Qur'an (Furqan 25: 41)

"…And we see not any have followed you but those who are the meanest of us,…" Holy Qur'an (Hud 11: 27)

"…And said: `(He is) tutored (by others), a mad man." Holy Qur'an (Dukhan 44: 14)

"Verily he is not but a man maniac so bear with him for some time." Holy Qur'an (Mu'minun 24: 25)

"…and said the disbelievers: `This is a sorcerer, a great liar.'" Holy Qur'an (Sad 38: 4)

"…`Hearken you not unto this Qur'an, make noise in it,…" Holy Qur'an (Fussilat 41: 26)

"And say they: `Why was not this Qur'an sent down unto a man in the two cities, (who is) great?'" Holy Qur'an (Zukhruf 43: 31)

"The life of this world has been made alluring to those who disbelieve and tthey scoff at those who believe…" Holy Qur'an (Baqara 2: 212)

"And indeed were (also) ridiculed (some) of the apostle before you, but surrounded those who ridiculed that (very torment) which they had been ridiculing." Holy Qur'an (Anbiya' 21: 41)

"… and say I not about those whom your eyes hold in contempt (that) Allah will never bestow on them (any) good…" Holy Qur'an (Hud 11: 31)

"If he hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease and the agitators in the city desist not, We shall certainly rouse youup against them, they shall not be allowed to be your neighbour in it, but a little while." Holy Qur'an (Ahzab (33: 60)

Apart from revealing the methods employed in psychological warfare and defining most of its issues, the Qur'an also enjoins the Messenger (s.a.w.) and the believers to be steadfast and raise themselves high above what their detractors try to instill in their minds of the weakness of their camp, their social position and their inability to empower the Jahiliyya movement and its fortress. The Qur'an addresses the believers in a general way, stressing these commands: "And be patient against whatever they say and avoid them with a decorous avoidance." Holy Qur'an (Muzammil 73: 10)

"And lose not heart and grieve not, for you shall gain the upper land, if you (only) be (true) believers." Holy Qur'an (Al-e-Imran 3: 139)

"Indeed, successful are the believers. Those who in their prayers are humble. And those who, from what is vain, keep (themselves) aloof." Holy Qur'an (Mu'minun 23: 1-3)

The instrument of threat, spreading fear and terror in the midst of the believer's ranks represents an important part of the activities of arrogant `Jahili' forces carried out to hem in the bright oasis of Islam and prevent its light from spreading to the darkness of unbelief.

The Holy Qur'an registers these hostile stands taken and the psychological warfare launched by the haughty powers over the ages, saying:

"And sit not in every path, threatening and hindering from the path of Allah, him who believes in Him, and seeking to make it crooked…" Holy Qur'an ((A`raf 7: 86)

Adapted from: "The Methods Of Propagation and Missionary Work" by: "Sayyid Bahashti"

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