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Protein Diet for Women

by : women-workout-routines.com

Protein diet is probably the most powerful and effective diet that helps women to lose weight, especially if combined with exercises.

What is protein diet?

This is a diet during which you eat high protein food.

High protein food

  • Meat fillet (lean meat) – veal, chicken
  • Fish – white fish, tuna
  • Egg whites
  • Low fat milk
  • Low fat yoghurt (but the carbs are more than protein in low fat yoghurt)
  • Low fat feta cheese

There is no big variety of high protein food and at the same time low carb and low fat. Most of the foods in their natural/original mode have three of the main nutritional ingredients – protein, carbohydrates and fats.

The main principle in the protein diet for women is to limit the food that easily transforms in fat and eating mainly high protein food that feeds muscles.

Combining protein diet with exercises guarantees that you burn fat and you don’t burn muscles (they make you look fit, don’t be afraid to become bulky – women can’t get bulky).

I often speak about the importance to burn only fat and not to burn fat and muscles. There is very simple principle: Energy (food) deficiency urges you to find out new energy resources that happened to be body fat and muscles.

If you do exercises along with the protein diet, you body "thinks" that muscles are important to sustain life and you burn only fat.

Protein diet supports the above statement because protein feeds muscles.

Note: Protein (like carbs) can be transformed in fat too, but only if eaten in very big amounts which is the main difference between carbs and protein, because carbs can’t feed muscles.

Protein diet for women

It is considered that women need 1.2 grams protein per pound body weight (or 2.5 grams per kilo body weight). For example a 130 pound woman can eat 130*1.2=156 grams protein per day.

It is considered that for man daily protein intake is 1.5 grams per pound body weight.

What else you can eat on protein diet?

Mainly salads and fresh vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage – eat these as much as you like, especially tomatoes which contain Lycopene that increase the benefits of protein diet. (It is true that you need to eat lots of tomatoes to feel the benefits of Lycopene, because tomatoes are not supplements where the substances have concentrated content). Any way, even the small quantities matter.

Forbidden foods on protein diet

Sweets are absolutely prohibited, even the fruits are not allowed (although if you desperately need to eat something sweet, fruits are better choice). No cakes, puddings, candies – if something is sweet – don’t eat it.

Dough food – bread, pasta, pizza.

When you cook, don’t fry.

How to cook the allowed food on protein diet

Meat and fish – on BBQ, baked or boiled.

Salads – don’t add dressing or sauce. Only olive oil and vinegar are allowed. Don’t pour the olive oil, measure it with a spoon. Daily allowance is 3-4 spoons of olive oil.

Egg whites – baked or boiled, add only salt and seasonings. From time to time some white cheese (no more than 2 ounces).

Cottage cheese – add to salads or scrambled egg whites.

Eating schedule on protein diet

It is good to eat 7-8 times per day, but this is unrealistic for business people. That’s why I will explain the principles and you can adapt it to your lifestyle.

The idea is never feel hunger and you will be never satisfied too. If you allow yourself to feel hunger, the chance to spoil the diet is enormous. That’s why the eating schedule is every 2 hours ;-).

An example for a day on protein diet

7-8 am – low fat plain yoghurt (no more than a pound)

10 am – 150 grams cottage cheese with tomatoes.

12 am – 150 grams baked meat and salad.

2 pm – plain yoghurt

4 pm – egg whites and salad

6 pm – 150 grams baked meat (or fish) and salad

8 pm – soup

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