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Propogate The Remembernece of Yusuf-E-Zahra (A.T.F.S.)

The Divine Personality of the last nominee of the last Prophet of Islam (A.s.), will spread the teachings of Islam in the four corners of the world. He will change the strife-torn, miserable, unjust and tyrannical world into a garden of peace, justice and tranquility virtue and righteousness.

He will gather all the disintegrated true believers on the platform of purity and righteous persons, their due status & honour in the society, whilst the enemies, the unjust and evil persons will be degraded and dishonored.

He is the son of Ummul-Momineen Hazrat Khadija (S.A.), the Queen among the Arab ladies, He is the apple of the eyes of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.) the lady of the two worlds - This and the hereafter - and Ali (A.S.), the magnificent, leader of the Pious Believers. He is the chosen son of the Holy Prophet of Islam Mohammad-e-Mustafa (Pbuh) the last jewel in the crown of Prophethood. He is the one who is the responsible personality of Islam, the only divine representative on this earth. He is none other than Hazrat Hujjat Ibnil Hasan-Al-Askari, Mahdi, Aakhrezzaman.

Adapted from the book: "Waiting and Responsibility"

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