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Prophetic Sunnah between Realities and Fancies

Although Umar ibn al- Khattab, is considered by Ahl al-Sunnah as one of the inspired and of the knowldgeable Companions, if not the most kowledgeable one absolutely, according to the narration they brought out in their sihah, that the prophet gave him the remainder of his drink, being interpreted into knowledge (ilm), but he testifies against himself his being unaware of much of the Prophetic Sunnah and being occupied with with trading in markets.

Al- Bukhari narrates in his sahih in the chapter: the proof is upon whom said: "The prophet's rulings were apparent, and ome people have not missed seeing the prophet and Islam's affairs and says "Abu Musa asked permision to see Umar, but on finding him busy he retuned, then Umar said I think I heard the voice of Abd Allah ibn Qays, let him in and he was summoned to entre, whereat 'Umar asked him: What prompted you to do what you did?"

He replied: "We were ordered to do this" Umar said" Can you bring an evidence, or otherwise I shall do so and so with punish you)". So he went to the Helpers (Ansar) where they said:, only the juniors among us can give witness, so Abu Sa'id al- Khuduri stood up said: "We have been ordered to do so''. Then Umar said: I have not seen this from the prophet (S), doing transactions in markets kept attention away of this "14

14. Sahih al-Bukhari vol. viii, p. 15, kittab al-'itisam bi al-kitab wa al-sunnah'',. Sahih Muslim, vol vi . p .279. ''bab al-isti'dhan min kitab al-adab''.

Adapted from the book: "The Shi'ah; The Real Followers of the Sunnah" by: "Dr. Muhamad al-Tijahi al-Samawi"

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