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Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell

Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell

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Now raise the Baconian veil from your eye and see two souls engaged in mutual conflict. One of these is enkindling the atomic pyre for the mankind. The other is endeavouring to put this fire out to save the mankind. Recognize them. The former is the soul of Democritus, the founder of the philosophy of ancient Greek atomism. The latter is the soul of Abraham who was during his life cast into the burning pyre by Nemrud and had emerged, without so much as a hair on his body singed.

Democritus-Abraham-Conflict might come as a revelation to you, but the struggle began at the very outset of this age of modern atomism. Francis Bacon (1561-1626) the founder of the Philosophy of modern atomism appeared in the West with his new Philosophy. Mujjaddid Aliph Thani (1564-1624) appeared in the East with his reformation. Spinoza (1632-77) gave his philosophy of Material Wahdatul Wajud (that is the Material Unity of Existence) to the West. Shah Walliullah Muhaddith of Delhi (1703-63) appeared in the EAST with his Spiritual Wahdatul-Wajud and reformation.

This is not the case of merely the coincidence of dates, but rather a close relation occurs in the subjects of these luminaries. The contest was there without their knowing each other. The providence had so arranged according to a deep-rooted and far-reaching scheme.

The year of 1905 was landmark in the History of Atomism. It was in this year that Einstein had by his Special Relativity disentangled the research of atomic energy from the disappointing eddy and put it on its course onward. It was in the same year, that Iqbal was sent to the West. Iqbal's eye was opened there to the reality of the Western Culture and was also opened on the Abrahamic Mission. Iqbal who if he had not gone to the West, might have died as a renowned poet of India or even perhaps no poet at all, returned from the West crying:-

"This age is in quest of its Abraham" And he had seen:-

" Fire, the posterity of Abraham and Nemrud".

And had suspected the possibility of a test of the Abrahamitese:-

" Is the test of any one by any one again purposed?" And he proclaimed his own role in the Abrahamic Mission saying:-

" I have been commended to cry the call for the prayers".

This last poem of Iqbal in toto is the manifest of the Abrahamic Mission. No doubt he only will understand Iqbal who will see him through the spectacle of Abrahamic Mission. Then only it will be known, what Iqbal has done as a crier to prayers in the Abrahamic Mission. Judge his conflict with the modern philosophy in favour of Islamic Philosophy, and you shall know his place as well as his work.

Then came the most critical year in the course of Atomism. The Great Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi, had in the year of 1942, ultimately and actually opened the gate of atomic fire on this world by his successful realization of Uranium Fission Chain Reaction in Chicago. In 1945 its first flame leapt on Hiroshima and consumed it.

The Democritus-Abraham-Conflict had entered in its final round. It was in this very same year of 1942, that in Mussayyib, a place near Baghdad, in my 25th year, Saint Al-Khedhr, the green turbaned recommended me to Abraham for Ibrahamic Mission in a dream, in which I saw also the interpretation of the first 18 verses of the 53rd Chapter (Alnjam) of the Quran in picture including the lots tree (Sidra-tul-Muntaha), which is in seventh heaven as the abode of angel Gabriel and is the repository of revealed scriptures. I at that time could read the Quran though, but without knowing its meanings.

Then ensued a most gruesome intellectual ordeal in most adverse circumstances, that resulted in the interpretation of the 36 word prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell, ranging over 3000 pages in 12 volumes in English languages, a work that according to my conceit, not all the leading philosophers and scientists of this modern age combined could have produced with ease, if at all they could have produced it, and all that knowledge I gained without a teacher, languages, literatures, histories, philosophies, sciences, scriptures, I studied to their classical bounds.

How I managed is a question far beyond the scope of Freudian Psychological analysis while to describe the excruciating circumstances in which I completed this pilgrimage is a topic not for a poor John Bunyan to treat. I was simply cast into the atomic hell in which I still find myself and there in the chafing flames I read and I observed and I recorded my observations.

I have had an experience unique in all the history of intellect, the case of the divine revelation to the prophets excepted. And remember that I clear myself of every pretext to divinity , or divine authority. Nay even I do not base my work on the divine authority of the Quran itself. It is on the science and the rational logic, the subjects of this age, that my work is based.

It was in 1964, that Late Bertrand Russel in reply to my letter sent his conclusive word on the destiny of mankind. It was a sad surmise. It was sheer disappointment : " Since Adam and Eve," said Russel "ate the apple man has never abstained from any folly of which he was capable of and the end...... is atomic annihilation". Now, unfortunately the surmise of Russel logically and scientifically was correct. But my discovery of the prophecy of the Quran about atomic hell, saved me from the same disappointment about this mankind later at my death bed. The prophecy breathed hope in that, that by removing the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell which it had given out, mankind may avert the atomic danger, and may yet live.

Alas, for Russel, He died without hearing about the prophecy. I was not ready during his lifetime. So also, unfortunately Einstein died without hearing of this miracle of the Quran in the field of nuclear science, his own subject.

This prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell is a miracle of miracles in the field of nuclear science and philosophy of atomism, so that it is not possible, neither for the scientist nor for the philosopher to deny its miraculous aspect. And this is the sole guidance, to lead this world out of the atomic doom.

It is first time in modern history that this prophecy has exposed the true reality of the Baconian Philosophy and its Baconian progress and its logical end. This prophecy is like Noah's Ark in this fiery deluge of atomism. No movement against the atomic danger could be effectively conducted, and no religion could be completely revived or effectively promulgated without adopting the guidelines given by this prophecy. This atomic hell of this world is the replica and representation of the eternal atomic hell that is the Hotama of the next world. The term Hotama has been used by the Quran in this prophecy. The prophecy provides irrefutable proof of the divine original of the Quran.

This prophecy has an unfailing efficacy. For instance, Miss Animary Shimmel, German Jewish Scholar of some considerable renown, in September 1963, in the Punjab University Lahore, fell on her chair indisposed and comfounded, when during her lecture against the divine original of the Quran, I proposed to her this prophecy of the Quran, as an undeniable proof of a divine original. She never returned to this country fourteen years thereafter. And when she came, her topic was not the origin of the Quran, but the works of Iqbal, Khusro, Bahu and Muslim calligraphy.

And now poor Miss Schimel is left miles behind. Einstein and Russel are required to hear and judge. The Ulema present in the lecture, much pleased, asked about my identity. To which Late Allamah Allauddin Siddiqui, the President of the function, afterwards Vice Chancellor of the Punjab University replied," This man has been created in this nation by chance by the providence. If this nation failed to receive of him that particular light and understanding of the Quran which Allah has bestowed on his breast, Allah will never forgive this nation on the day of Judgement".

My difficulties are to be judged only by the particular nature of my themes. Just as universal, as complex and as intricate are my difficulties. The bitterness of my subject and its unpleasantness is besides. Just imagine a lonely powerless man standing against the relentless desires of a crowd of four thousand million people, that inhabit this earth, heading in a mad rush towards the atomic hell. As far as the bitterness or unpleasantness of my topic is concerned, I am not to be blamed. I would have offered my fellow humans roses, and that had pleased me but I have said that only which the Quran and the Gospel has said, and that which science has said. Mine office has only been of an interpreter.

The name of the Quran itself might create difficulties for me. They who believe in it are involved in their own material difficulties and misunderstandings about the view of the Quran regarding the Baconian Philosophy and Baconian progress. They who do not believe in it, might disregard the key of the future destiny of this mankind, that is in my hand, and all the heaps of acts and discoveries that lay about me like the heaps of diamonds and pearls, inspite of a reputation of the West for the love for research and frankness of heart in the matters of intellectual and philosophical pursuits, which they have. The complexity of my work in a world generally ignorant of nuclear science and Radio-biology form another difficulty.

In order to receive a review of my work I might be obliged to travel to the end of this world in quest of a competent judge conversant equally with the subjects of Nuclear Science, Radio-biology, Philosophy, Theology, Quran and the Gospel. If Christ, Moses, Krishan or Buddha had been today, they would have embraced this prophecy of the Quran doing their utmost best in propagating it throughout the world. But there is a race hypnotized by the Baconian magic to blindness and is doomed.

Let the Muslims know, that to fail in the publication, of this prophecy of the Quran, and to deprive this world of Allah of the conclusive argument and only light to escape the atomic doom means to close the mouth of a furious volcano, while the natural consequence is a share in the flames of atomic hell with other nations, and a question on the day of judgment before the throne of Allah regarding their failure in the propagation of the light of the Quran in the world.

Also that the causes of the appearance of this temporal atomic Hell and punishment in the eternal atomic hell that is Hotama of the next world given out by the Quran, being the same even if this temporal atomic hell is escaped, no possibility exists of escaping the eternal atomic hell that is the Hotama of the next world.

No nation alone can do anything in these circumstances, and the only best possibility is to expose the reality of the Baconian progress and its logical end : the atomic hell by publishing this prophecy of the Quran to the world, so that some collective step may be taken to avoid the grievous doom. No better gift from the Islamic World to this mankind may be expected than the publication of this Prophecy of the Quran in the 15th Century Hijra program to win Allah's pleasure and human gratitude with a possibility of man's escaping the painful punishment. Nor the Non-Muslims could be absolved from the duty of publishing this prophecy in their own interest and in this interest of mankind in general.

A miracle in the field of atomic science and atomism, a miracle undeniable, and the only irrefutable proof of Quran's divine original, and the only guidance to escape the atomic doom, indeed, Noah's Ark in this fiery deluge of atomism, and redeemer of mankind from this temporal atomic hell as well as its original prototype, the eternal atomic hell (Hotama) of the next world .... the causes of both these forms of atomic hell being identical, this 36 word prophecy of the Quran by the Grace of Merciful Allah is my own discovery with my three thousand page explanation of it. Read. The Quran says:

"Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will remain with him for ever. Nay, for, verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama.And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is the fire of Allah enkindled which leapeth up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns". (Quran -104- Al-Homaza). Observe now the description of this modern progress of Baconian atomism by the Quran. Quran says, "backbiter and defamer".

Atomism, both ancient and modern, is a doctrinal slander against divine religion. The spirit of critical rationalism, the distinguishing philosophical standard of this modern Baconian age against every premodern age, being perverted to critical slander, and permeating through every phase of human affair, has rendered this age as the age of calumny with its intellectualized slander named propaganda.

This age itself is the age of slander. See slander every where, slander, every-way slander. The Quran says " He amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it against the future". Observe this modern, continuous systematic, organized, ever-increasing, infinite and universal process, of wealth accumulation and increase, and its arrangement for future as distinct from the system of every premodern age.

The Quran says" He thinketh that his wealth will for ever remain with him". Observe man's faith in the eternity of this modern progress. The Quran says, "Nay,for verily he will be flung into Al-Hotama". Atomic hell as the logical and scientific consequence of this Baconian progress has now appeared. And now observe the distinguishing phenomenal characteristics of atomic phenomenon against every other phenomenon,chemical and electrical in this passage of the Quran.

The Quran says"Hotama". Hotama literally means a crusher, and so is the atomic phenomenon. It crushes basic atomic structure irreparably. It destroys atomic nucleus. In no other phenomenon atomic nucleus is so much as touched. The atomic energy is generated by merely breaking the binding of the atomic nucleus. No other kind of energy is generated in this manner. Atomic radiations follow the suit. They cause nuclear transmutations of atoms in inanimate matter while in living bodies they break cell nucleus chromosomes irreparably.

This atomic phenomenon is an absolute,universal crusher. Both the basic building block of the universe that is atom and the basic unit of life that is cell nucleus are absolutely irreparably crushed. All the three manifestations of atomic bomb that is Heat-flash, blast and radiations are crushers.Heat-flash crushes the hearts of exposed persons.

The blast crushes structures, while radiations crush atomic nuclei and cell nuclei. The appreciation of the Term BREMSTRAHLUNG by the Physicists as highly descriptive when first coined by the Germans for continuous spectrum of rays implied the realization of the crushing trait of atomic phenomenon by the physicists, for, the term literally meant breaking radiation. To this may be added Rutherford's surprise recorded in his diary after his famous experiment of bombarding the Gold Foil with Alpha Particles.

"It was the most incredible event thatever happened to me in my life. It was as incredible as if you fired a 15 inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit you",wrote Rutherford. Observe the words like "Bombarding, hitting, smashing, crushing, breaking". etc. in the standard text books of atomic physics, and mark the phrases like "Target Concept, direct action, indirect action, snapping the cable with a bullet, breaking the chromosomes", and sentences like "Radiations hit the cell like a sledge hammer and crush them", in the standard text books of Radio-biology. And in the end mark the phonetic as well as functional identity that exists between the atoma of the scientists and the Hotama of the Quran and wonder. The Quran says "Hotama is fire".

And so also is the atomic phenomenon exclusively a phenomenon of energy, and energy is fire. Atomic bomb also is fire. So also are radiations. Baquerrel, the discoverer of Radioactivity was the first to experience a burn on his skin next to the pocket in which he had carried a phial of Radium. The term cross-fire is used in Radiotherapy. The Quran says"Hotama is fire of Allah". The atomic hell has appeared as the result of the worldly ungodly philosophy of Baconian atomism and its Baconian progress as retribution. The Quran says, "Hotama is a fire which leaps up on to the hearts".

Atomic phenomenon actually is the nuclear phenomenon, for, the atomic nucleus is involved. This again is a distinguishing feature of the atomic phenomenon, for, no other phenomenon is nuclear. In no other phenomenon nucleus is even touched. Quran's description of atomic fire, that is a fire which leaps up on to the hearts or appears in the hearts is confirmed merely by uttering the word, nuclear, since the nucleus and heart are synonymous, and both the orthodox physicists and standard text books of atomic physics frequently use the word heart for nucleus. Two examples only will suffice:-

(1). "Each fast particle comes from the break up of the very Heart of a single atom the nucleus of the radioactive material". (Vide Physics -Physical Science Study Society Committee -second edition -D.C.Heath and Company Lexinction Massachusetts. uly 1965 page 130).

(2). " How many nuclearheart-beats are in the life-time of a radioactive nucleus which lasts onlybillionth of a second". (Ibid page 21, Short Problems).

Teller in 1939 spoke of taking energy from the heartof atom.The atomic radiations follow the suit and have their actions in thenuclei ofatoms and cells. The most spectacular spectacle of atomic fire'sleaping up over the hearts may be viewed in the thermonuclear device whereinthe fire is produced by the inner fission device is being directed onto thenuclei that is the hearts of the outer fusile material.

The thermonuclear isthe scientific version of the statement of the Quran,namely, a fire which leapsup on to the hearts. Radiations show a discernible preference for the heart andall that is related to the heart in a living body. They affect the coordinationof the function at the level where it isbeyond the control of the brain. Thebone-marrow and all the blood-forming organs are more sensitive to the effectof radiation than the brain,the nerves and the muscles.The blood relation ofbone-marrow and blood-forming organs with heart is known.

All the multi-cellularorganisms are more sensitive to the effect of radiation than all theunicellular organisms. That the former have a more elaborate circulatory andrespiratory system than the latter, is well Known also in the blood relation ofcirculatory and respiratory system with heart.The action of radiation isretarded in the absence of oxygen and the blood-relation of oxygen with heartis known.Lastly the heat-flash of the atomic bomb explosion kills its victimthrough shock to the heart.

The Quran says, "Hotama is a fire closed in onthem". The atomic phenomenon shows peculiar and distinctive characteristicof encompassing. The inverted cauldron like form of the atomic bomb explosion,the continuous series of enclosures of local and global type of radioactivefallout, the relentless tenacity of the bone-seeking radio-activematerials settled in the bones, the appearance of cancers six to thirty sixyears after the actual exposure to radiation, the appearance of the effects inanaphase inspite of the attack of radiation on the cell in the resting state ofthe cell,

the encompassment of the whole body by the radiation even if only oneorgan of the body is irradiated, the survival of the lethally irradiated frogsfrom many months instead of dying in the usual time interval that ofthree to six weeks if kept in a dormant state at a low temperature just abovefreezing point, and the appearance of radiation symptoms as soon as theseirradiated frogs are warmed up, and the occurrence of their death thereafter inthe usual time interval that of three to six weeks,

Alexander Haddow'ssuggestion that the cancer-producing action of the cancer producing substancesmight be the result of prolonged interference with normal growth, theencompassment by radiation of mankind to generation, even to their extinctionthrough long-term radio-genetic effects, and the encompassment of this earth byradiation in the age of full-fledged atomic-energy-for-peace are some of thefacts which indicate the distinct encompassing features of atomic phenomenon.The Quran says, "in outstretched columns". Besides the symbolicallydistinctive feature of the outstretched column associated with the atomic bombexplosion, the atomic phenomenon has yet another side of this aspect, namelythat the world of radioactivity may be regarded as a world of columns.

The 4 cmrise of the Alpha Particle would appear as a formidable column if the size ofthe particle is seen in comparison to the height it has assumed a footballrising in the same ratio to its size would appear in the skies. The cosmic rayspresent a spectacle of amazing columns in showers, having heights that maycause man's imagination to reel. The Quran says " What could teach theeWhat Al-Hotama is?". This mode of interrogation implies terribleness ofthe phenomenon according to the early commentators of the Quran. To this may beadded the extreme complexity of the subject of atomic science. The samequestion today, namely, "What could teach thee what atomic scienceis"? could be put to the leading atomists, and their reply wouldinvariably be, "Nothing".

The Quran has described the nuclear phenomenon, with such accuracy, and hasanalyzed its characteristics with such precision, and has discerned itsdistinctive features with so strange a peculiarity that might well come as asurprise to the modern reader, particularly the scientists,and we may welldescribe a truth without being supspected of resorting to ancient and outmodedstyle of rhetoric if we say, that the description of the characteristics of theenuclear phenomenon by the Quran,

would throw the scientist and the philosopherinto ecstatic moods, provided indeed, if the faculty of imagination of thesecelebrated geniuses have not been completely dulled and dried up, by science,by materialism and by necessity.They will observe with some interest, a factnamely, that,whereas even the fathers of atomic bomb had to depend on practicalexperimentation in order to gain the knowledge of the characteristics of theirinvention, the Quran has contained all that knowledge,and something more thanthat,during these past fourteen centuries since the time when men possessed aknowledge of thermodynamics no more than that which could be derived from alime kiln or a fire that glowed in their own hearts.

The true appreciation ofthis point could be expected from great atomists of the calibre of Einstein,Fermi, Oppenheimer, Steller andothers of note. The Quran contained all thismost accurate scientific data about the nuclear phenomenon long before thescientists even had heard the name of the Uranium Fission, nay even the veryname of Uranium itself.

Let some one approach any of the renowned men of therealm of science and ask him, how much did he know about the variouscharacteristics of the nuclear phenomenon e.g. its heat-flash, its enclosingfeatures, its column raising idiosyncrasy, its radiations and theirheart-reaching tendencies, and the global extent of the radiobiological hazardof the fallout before the actual experimentation, of the various processes. The Quran has enumerated and explainedall these characteristics of the nuclear phenomenon with such dexterity andclearness that could be the wonder and delight of an atomist. The characterization of the nuclear phenomenon by the Quran are :-

(1) It is a fire.
(2) It is fire of Allah,enkindled.
(3) It leaps up over the hearts.
(4) It is fire closed in on them.
(5) In outstretched columns (Quran 104, Al - Homaza).

Thata scripture fourteen centuries ago, should characterize the Baconian philosophyof a modern atomism and the modern Baconian progress, at a time when neither atrace of ancient Greek atomism was to be found in this world, nor were thereany signs of its future revival any where in any part of this world, and shouldat the same time characterize the modern atomic phenomenon, giving out suchcharacteristics of atomic phenomenon as distinctively distinguish the atomicphenomenon from every other phenomenon, chemical, electrical, portraying thephenomenon of atomic bomb explosion, and strangely and phonetically calling theatomic fire by the same name as the modern scientist has given, that is Hotamaor Otama would come not merely as a surprise,

or a wonder, but rather a miraclemanifest and at least as great as raising the dead, if not greater. Andthat the Quran infer the appearance of atomic bomb and atomic radiations fromthe characteristics of Baconian culture, giving out the atomic hell as theconsequence of the characteristics of Baconian progress is a priori for nohuman intellect, not even a Plato or an Aristotle.

Both these prominentintellects of all human history having been antagonistic toward theancient Greek atomism in their time had themselves exerted against atomism, yetif they ever would happen to read this inference of the Quran, they would fall ontheir faces before the Allah of the Quran and worship in wonder at suchunique marvel of intelligence. The most beneficial side of this miraculousprophecy of the Quran is the revelation of the causes of the appearance ofatomic hell which the Quran has enumerated, for, it is by removing them thatthe threat of atomic annihilation could be averted and it is only by theremoval of these causes that the danger of atomic ruin could be removed.

Andthere is no other way. The scientist and the politician is completely helplessin this matter. Followingis the translation of the full text of the prophecy of the Quran. Every one isrequested to read it carefully and then find out for himself, how much ofnuclear science could have been found in these few words of the Quran.

Now thatI have revealed this secret. To me the explanation of these 36 words has castthree thousand pages, about nine hundred thousand words in English, and decadesof toil and labour day in day out. It was my own discovery by the Grace ofAllah and I had no fore-runner in this field and no model. The Quran says:-

"Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amaseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-hotama (the crusher), and what could teach thee what al-Hotama (the crusher) is? It is fire of Allah enkindled, which leapeth up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns". (Quran- 104- Al-Homaza)

Andfollowing are my works in English with some urdu translations, all unpublishedand awaiting their publication, and are miracles of the Quran. Those bulkyamong these are divided into series of small independent volumes:-

1 A Dialogue between the Quran and the Scientist on the limitations of Science in religious philosophy. English pages 300 (Urdu pages 300).

2 Quran Quells atomism, both ancient and modern. English. Pages 600. ( Urdu pages 600)

3 Quran Predicts, characterizes and Averts the Atomic Hell. English. Pages 600. Urdu pages 600

4 Democritus enkindles, Abraham extinguishes atomic hell. English pages 200 . Urdu pages 200 Allthe work is based neither on my own divine authority nor of the Quran butscience and logic is the criterion throughout.

5 Islamic bomb. English. Pages 100. Urdu pages 100 My other works still unpublished are:-

1 Socioeconomic system of Islam in comparison to Capitalism. and Socialism. Urdu pages 900 2

Election in Zoo. Urdu pages 300 3

Poetical works, Urdu, Persian, Pages 300 4

Green Book. Urdu pages 300 5

Articles (100) published in Urdu dailies of Pakistan , three volumes pages 700 in all. Following are the prominent features of Quran's warning:-

(a) It is the only guidance for mankind to escape the atomic doom. Scientists and politicians are helpless.

(b) This is a miracle which neither the scientist nor the sceptic can find a reason to deny or refute, even though science has neither belief nor sight in the miraculous or supernatural.

(c) It is the first time in the history of this modern age, that the Quran has exposed the true reality of Baconain philosophy, and Baconian progress, and the logical and scientific hazards impending on them and it appears impossible to reach the heart of the ultimate reality without reading this analysis by the Quran. Russell himself appears to be approaching the reality but viewing the outward ripples of the inward trouble, and seeing the danger in war only. They who prescribe more production as the remedy of the Baconian ills appear only adding fuel to the kiln in order to extinguish the fire. The Quran has diagnosed the disease aright and has prescribed the correct remedy, namely, the complete eradication of this Baconian progress. No movement against the atomic threat could be successfully or effectively conducted except by adopting the guidelines given by the Quran in its warning.

(d) Endeavours to revive religion in this Baconially entangled culture and in the presence of this ever-increasing progress, will be of dubious and partial success. Religion will find difficulties presented by this Baconian system and will have to contend with the ever--increasing attention of its votaries fixed on the progress. And it will be observed, that religion was proving ineffective in this world's gradual drift toward the atomic hell. And when Atomic hell will come, it will neither leave the religion, nor its votaries. The revivers of religion, therefore must understand this warning of the Quran and work and their programme in the light of its guidelines.

(e) This warning of the Quran is the Noah's Ark in this fiery deluge of modern atomism, and is like the Rod of Moses for these inventions of science.

(f) This prophetic warning about the atomic hell has furnished, undeniable and irrefutable proof of the divine original of the Quran. None but Allah could know these facts fourteen centuries ago.

Read the following prophecy with care and try to find out for yourself any resemblance between the description of Al-Hotama as is given by the Quran and the characteristics of atomic fire.The Quran has said:-

"Woe unto every backbiter, defamer, who amaseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach you what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leaps up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns". (Quran- CIV- Al-Homaza)

This prophecy about Al-Hotama has existed in the Quran ever since its revelation. I found it to be applicable to the atomic hell of this world according to the characterization of the phenomenon, and according to the causes of the appearance of the phenomenon. This is my own discovery. None in the world knew it. And the entire work on it is exclusively my own.

The atomic energy is of recent origin against the chemical and electrical energy. Atomic energy has certain basic distinctive characteristics in comparison to other types of energy. These characteristics distinguish the atomic energy from other types of energy. The Quran has treated the subject of nuclear phenomenon and has described the basic distinctive characteristics of atomic energy, and has called it Al-Hotama, a hell of the next eternal world and therefore itself eternal. The atomic hell of this temporal world is the temporal representation of the Hotama of the next eternal world just as ordinary fire is the temporal representation of the hell of the next eternal world in general, and so also is garden the representation of the paradise of the next eternal world. The Quran has claimed to contain every example for mankind.

If then the example of the destruction of the Froward tribes of Sodom and Gomorrah have found a mention in the Quran, how it could be expected that the destruction by the atomic hell should be omitted therefrom. What was the destruction of those little tribes against this universal destruction by the atomic hell, and what was the torture of those condemned tribes against the torment and the torture and suffering caused by the atomic hell. Some may be cast into the atomic hell undeservedly along with those deserving ones, but then God has the power and the mercy to compensate this loss in the next world. According to the Quran, causes of the punishment in al-Hotama are slander, wealth accumulation and the belief in the eternity of the life of this world, that is a solicitude in the durability of the material works of this world as if one hoped to live here for ever.

Belief or disbelief is not the consideration in this particular matter. The stay of the believer, however, in the Hotama will be as long as Allah will wish, but the disbeliever shall have to remain therein forever eternally. Now not only the characteristics of Hotama are identical with those of the atomic fire, but also the causes which the Quran has given out as the causes of the punishment in Al-Hotama are identical with the causes of the appearance of atomic fire with all its brood of manifestations. And the Quran only is that which has pointed towards the right direction for the remedy, otherwise all the various stages of this age are giving out more production as the remedy as if the addition of fuel could be prescribed as the extinguishing agent in case of a raging fire.

This prophetic warning of the Quran has to be taken as the conclusive argument of the providence to mankind, and indeed as the last and the only ray of hope. No power on earth can save now this world from atomic destruction except by the removal of those causes which the Quran has given out as the causes of the punishment in Al-Hotama and subsequently of the appearance of the atomic hell namely the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations on this earth.

For me now is to prove that the basic characteristics of atomic fire are the basic characteristics of Al-Hotama and vice versa. And that he causes of the punishment in Al-Hotama are the causes of the appearance of atomic energy on earth. It is surprising to note that the characteristics of Al-hotama given by the Quran are those characteristics of atomic fire which distinguish it from other types of fire either in principle or in some cases in degree.

Again and surprising it is that a scripture should predict describe and warn against the atomic hell fourteen centuries ago in an age of no science. Though the professional appreciation of the prophecy is reserved for the scientists and the philosophers yet no little surprise is there for the layman. What would have been the state of the mind of an Einstein at the nuclear description of the atomic fire by the Quran, is not very difficult to guess.

He simply would not believe his eyes and his ears first and then he would be lost in reverie, for it was for a mind of the level of Einstein not only to understand the exact nature of the description of the characteristics, but also to have some view of the extent of the nuclear knowledge of that mind which had made the prediction. Indeed if the human knowledge of nuclear science today or ever after be regarded as a lamp, the knowledge of the Quran in this respect appears as a distinct luminous star which is visible in any part of the universe, to guide the sailor and the astronaut, or the solitary traveller lost in the desert.

Following is the description of the fire of Hotama given by the Quran:- A " It is Hotama".

B " It is fire of Allah enkindled, which leapeth upon the hearts. It is a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns" Following then are the characteristics:-

1 That it is Hotama. Hotama means a crusher. 2 That it is fire and is the fire of Allah. 3 That it leaps up unto the hearts.

4 That it shows encompassing characteristics and it raises columns We will now treat each point individually to show these characteristics as shown by the atomic fire;-


The atomic fire and nuclear phenomenon both are crushers. The Quran has used the word Hotama. Hotama is a qualitative noun formed from the root-verb Hatama which means to " break any thing to pieces". Hotama thus means "a crusher". The sound of the word Hotama recalls to our mind the word Atoma. Mark the phonetic resemblance between the two, though one is the pure Arabic and the other is an adoption from the Greek word Atomos which means uncutable. The word Atom thus has assumed the meaning opposed to the word Hotama which means " to break something to pieces".

Yet both basically are concerned with the same action, that of breaking. The scientist does not need to be reminded that the word atom is a misnomer, for atom has been cut and deserves no more to be called as atom. The scientist had after breaking the atom assembled and discussed the inconsistency, yet after some discussion they left the word atom as it were. This particular point that of the retention of the word atom may or may not be of any particular scientific interest to our theme, yet this phonetic resemblance of the two words, Hatam and atom adds some interest in a way. It may serve as the formula of open sesame to the gate of that great atomic mystery that lay concealed in the words of the prophecy. We will not show that the atomic energy from its beginning that is its generation to the last reactions of its radiation is a series of crushing (breakings):-

(1) The atomic energy is the binding energy of the atom: The binding of the atom which keeps the nucleons of the atomic nucleus packed close together is broken and energy is released. Thus the binding of the atomic nucleus is crushed and the energy is released. No match stick, no sparkling system, no fuel is required to produce atomic fire. This is the distinguishing feature of atomic fire to distinguish it from any other type of fire. No other type of fire is ignited in this manner.

(2) Atomic fire is an absolute crusher. It has to be observed that the crushing is done by the consumption of chemical fire too, but with the difference that whereas in the case of chemical fire the nuclei of the atoms remain untouched and intact so that there is the possibility of the reproduction of the substance so consumed by some synthetical method, there, in the case of the atomic disintegration the nuclei of the atoms are so disintegrated as there is no possibility hitherto of the nuclear rearrangement, for, the basic nuclear structure of atoms is crushed. Again we see that the atomic radiation attacks the nucleus of the cell, and there breaks the chromosomes. A work which could not be performed by the chemical fire. Thus because the atomic fire destroys the nuclear structure of atom which is called the basic building block of the universe, and it also destroys the nucleus of the cell which is called the basic unit of life, the atomic phenomenon could be termed as absolute fire.

(3) All the three manifestations of the atomic bomb explosion, namely, initial heat-radiation, blast, and nuclear radiations are the crusher. The initial heat-radiation crushes the hearts of its victims at the time of explosion though it has not the time enough to burn them, and so it kills them through shock. The blast as the name implies is the blast and it crushes the strongest buildings to dust. The raditions do so as is their wont. They crush the atomic nuclei of the inanimate matter, thus producing changes in the order of the atomic nuclei to cause transmutations. In the living bodies, they crush the nucleons out of the atomic nuclei and in the cell nuclei they crush the chromosomes.

(4) The atomic raditions as the crusher:-

Radiations knock out electrons from the atoms, and they eject nucleons from the atomic nuclei and they cause transmutations of atoms by crushing and changing the order of the atomic nuclei, as has been mentioned above.

(5) The atomists mark the crushing trait of atomic energy. Mark the terms like bombarding, crushing, smashing, hitting, breaking etc. in the explanation of the actions in the atomic process. When Germans named the continuous spectrum of rays as "Bremsstrahlung" which literally means " breaking radiation", the term was regarded by the atomists as highly descriptive. The rushing attitude of Alpha Particles while bombarding the gold foil astonished Rutherford so much that he recorded it as the most incredible event that ever happened to him in his life:- " It was almost as incredible as if you fired a 15 inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit you". Wrote Rutherford in his diary.

(6) Radiological terms indicative of the crushing trait of radiations:-

The standard books of radio-biology may be found replete with phrases, similes and sentences like the following to indicate the crushing trait of the radiation: "the target concept, direct action, indirect action, snapping the cable with a bullet, breaking the chromosomes, radiations hit the cell like a sledge hammer and crush them etc.".


The atomic energy is fire too. Atomic energy from the beginning to the end is fire. In its generation stages it is heat. The initial heat radiation of the atomic bomb is fire. Radiations too are fire. Bequerrel, the discoverer of Radioactivity himself was the first to experience the burn on his skin, next to the pocket in which he had carried a phial of Radium. Edward Teller and Dr. Albert L . Latter wrote on page 156 of their book "Our Nuclear Future", a vicious dragon (Reactor) will spit radioactive fire". In X-ray therapy they use the term Cross fire of radiation. Chemical fire too is fire, but what is the chemical fire to the fire of atomic energy....which (latter) is of the order of millions of degrees and no container on earth could be found to contain it. Tremendous fires are started as a result of the tremendous heat spread in the atmosphere in the event of the explosion of the atomic bomb, yet such fires are not the part of the atomic explosion and are not to be treated as atomic, but are of chemical nature.


Atomic fire too is the fire of retribution. Atomic fire has been discovered in the course of the research of science whose object it has been to gain dominion over nature for material benefit. The atomic fire therefore has appeared as retribution. It is not energy. It is destruction. And it is curse. The atomic bomb is not a weapon of defence but mankind is blinded by the excessive desire of wealth and physical comforts, and the doom is grievous.


The atomic fire leaps up unto the nuclei:- (1) Nucleus and the Heart:-

Now the Quran has used the word "Hearts". while the scientist has coined the term " Nucleus". Identity therefore has to be found between the two words. These two words, the Nucleus and Heart are synonymous. The Arab Lexicographers have translated this modern word nucleus as heart and both show unmistakable characteristics and functional resemblance. Both are dedicate and sensitive. If they die, the body dies with them. We have to make no exertion in proving our point. The scientists themselves call the nucleus as heart and indeed orthodoxically, appropriately, and the practice is carried on in the standard textbooks of atomic physics. Edward teller in 1939 spoke of obtaining energy from the heart of atom in his lecture delivered on atomic energy (vide the Hydrogen bomb by James Sheply and Clay Blair Jr. Pages 18-49). And statements like the following could be found in the standard text books of atomic physics:-

" Each fast particle comes from the break up of very heart of a single atom----the Nucleus------ of the radioactive material". (Vide -Physics, Physical Science Study Committee second edition, D.C.Heath and Company Lexington, Massachusetts, July 1965 Page 360. And:-

" How many nuclear heart-beats are in the life-time of a radioactive nucleus which lasts only billionth of a second". (Ibid- Page 21, Short Problems).

Even the part of the reactor in which the process of atomic energy generation takes place is called as the heart of reactor (Vide Our Nuclear Future by Edward Teller and Dr. Albert L. Later. From the photograph of the Reactor). Thus the point of the Quran is proved by merely uttering the word Nuclear.

(2) Nuclei that is Hearts involved in Atomic energy generation process:-

The atomic energy generation, both in fission as well as fusion process, it is the nuclei of atoms that are involved. In Fission process the atomic particles leap up unto the nuclei that is the hearts of the atoms. While in the fusion process the nuclei that is hearts of atoms are crushed together, and energy is liberated. In fusion process the atomic fire obtained from the fission device is directed unto the nuclei of the fusile material. Thermonuclear process provides us with the clearest of the examples of the fire of atomic energy leaping up unto the nuclei that is the hearts. Inward fission device produces the necessary temperature and the heat is then directed unto the fusile material where it leaps up unto the nuclei of Hydrogen atoms and fuses them in groups of four. This is a distinguishing characteristic of the atomic phenomenon, for, in no other phenomenon the nucleus of the atom is involved. The scientists' term "thermo-nuclear" is the scientific version of Quran's expression, that is " a fire which leaps up unto the hearts".

(3) Atomic Radiations to leap up unto the nuclei that is hearts:-

(a) Effect of radiations in inanimate and living bodies:- The atomic radiations do characteristically attack the nuclei of the atoms of the material through which they pass. In inanimate matter they change the order of the nuclei of the atoms and thus cause transmutations. In living bodies they leap up unto the nuclei of the atoms and they eject nucleons therefrom. They attack the nucleus of the cell and break the chromosomes.

(b) The effect of radiation is beyond the control of the brain at the level of the heart of life itself:- Radiations affect the coordination of the function at the level where it is beyond the control of the brain in a living body. It may be assumed that they attack at the very heart of the life itself.

(c) Radiations' exceptional attraction toward all that is related to the heart in the body:- Bone-marrow, and all blood forming organs, are more sensitive to the effect of radiation than the brain, the nerves and the muscles. The blood relation of bone-marrow, and blood-forming organs is obvious. Multi-celllular organisms are more sensitive to radiation than the unicellular organisms. The former have more elaborate and more perfect circulatory and respiratory systems than the latter. The relation of the circulatory and respiratory systems to heart through blood is a fact. These points have occurred to me please. Oxygen is related to heart through blood and the action of radiation in the absence of oxygen is retarded.

(4) Heat-flash and Radiations of atomic bomb:-

The Heat-flash of the atomic bomb explosion strikes the body of the exposed persons and having not enough time to penetrate beneath the skin, kills the heart, however, by the shock. The radiations of the atomic bomb explosion leap up unto the nuclei of the atoms as usual. (5)

Nuclear and Thermonuclear Crusher:-

Atomic fire because it leaps up unto the nuclei and crushes them, may be called as the nuclear crusher. And because in the thermonuclear process its fire leaps up unto the nuclei of the atoms of the fusile material and crushes them, it may be called as the thermonuclear crusher. This term thermonuclear is the itnertranslation of the words of the Quran, namely that, " It is a fire which leaps up unto the hearts". Thermo means "heat", and "nuclear" means "that which is connected with the nuclei, that is hearts".

(6) A Distinctive Feature of the atomic Fire which distinguishes it from other types of fire:-

That the atomic fire springs from nucleus, and that the actions of the atomic fire take place in the nuclear zones, is a feature exclusively characteristic of atomic fire. Chemical fire never reaches the nuclear zones. Wordsworth says:-

" To let a creed built in the heart of things, Dissolve before a twinkling atomy". (Wordsworth- Excursions) The little couplet of Wordsworth represents our point in the best of manner. We could say it as follows:- "To let a universe built in the nuclear system, Dissolve before a tempting energy".

Atomic fire has encompassing feature too:-

(1) The atomic bomb explosion assumes the form of an inverted cauldron. Its fallout forms yet another enclosure around the first. The fallout of the Megaton thermonuclear bomb forms a global enclosure.

(2) The Bone-seeking radioactive substances cannot be expelled from the bones even after the death of the patient.

(3) Cancers have appeared from six to thirty years after the actual exposure to radiation. All this time the radiation has kept the victim encompassed.

(4) Cell is attacked by the radiation in the resting stage of the cell, but the effect of radiation appears only in the anaphase of the cell. Radiation thus keeps guard over the cell.

(5) If one organ of the body is irradiated, the whole of the body is encompassed by the radiation.

(6) Frogs if lethally irradiated and kept in a dormant state at a low temperature just above freezing point, they will instead of dying in the usual time interval of three to six weeks survive for many months. However, as soon as the irradiated animals are warmed up they begin to show radiation symptoms and will die in the same time interval as the animals which are not cooled after irradiation. Radiation has laid a siege to the irradiated animals that are cooled.

(7) That the radiobilogists have sensed this encompassing feature of radiation is proved from the fact that forty years ago, Alexander Haddow suggested that the cancer-producing action of the cancer-producing substances may be the result of prolonged interference with normal growth. Although it only is suggestion without the scientific proof yet it suggests the suspicion of the radiobiologist regarding the encompassing trait of radiation.

(8) Radiation encompasses mankind, even all species, nay even the plants to generations, to their extinction. Genes mutated by radiation move secretly from generation to generation till they manifest their existence in some generation in the form of abnormal birth. This abnormality being inheritable increases in kinds and numbers through marriage. This applies to every species of animals and plants to mean that radiation has kept its siege over them for generations, and there exists the possibility that radiation might continue its siege to the extinction of all life on earth. Nay, even thereafter, after the radiation has driven life to its grave, the huge grave of earth, it would keep on the encompassment of the grave that is this earth to million of years indeed according to the half-life of the radioactive substances.

(9) The scene of the Hellish encompassment of this earth by radiation in the age of full fledged atomic-energy-for-peace:-

Just imagine the scene of a world in some future age, when every power house, factory, ship, submarine, railway engine, aeroplane bus even every private car will have its own independent reactor. The leakage and the frequent explosions of old reactors all over the world will fill it with radiation and this earth will appear like a huge globe encompassed by the net of radiations that would continue even after life has been made extinct on earth by the effect of radiation. This world then for a period before the extinction of life will resemble so exactly the atomic hell that no keen-sightedness of a Socrates will be needed to see it so or call it so, nor is it impossible now even before the state has actually appeared, to imagine the actual state that will then be prevailing, naming that state as the atomic hell.


1. The outstretched column of the atomic bomb explosion:-

The column has become the symbolical representation of the atomic bomb explosion. It is by the outstretched column that the atomic bomb explosion is optically differentiated from the conventional bomb explosion. Everybody knows the fact and recognizes it.

2. Radio-active atomic particles raise columns too:-

It is not only the atomic bomb explosion that raises the columns. The radio-active atomic particles too raise columns by themselves. The world of Radioactivity is a world of columns. A single Uranium-235 fission liberates comparatively huge energy equal to 200 MeV and if a Copper atom has to traverse a height of one inch only, it has to move a distance equal to 100 million times its own diameter. We find that an Alpha particle which is much smaller than the Copper atom in size and whose radius is of the order of abut 10-13 cm can rise to the height of from 3 to 7 centimeters. Thus the particle has traversed a distance equal to millions of millions times its own diameter. A football rising into air in the same ratio to its size would move far out into the outer space. Gamma rays despite their extreme smallness traverse a distance of 200 yards in air. This ratio is further formidable, rather inexpressibly large.

Beta Rays move several yards in air. The Neutron in the process of fission chain reaction of U-235 has to move a distance more than ten thousand times its size while rising from one nucleus to another, yet the Neutron is checked by the absorbing Nucleus, otherwise it can traverse greater distance if left to move unchecked. It means that the feature of raising columns is inherent in the nature of the atomic phenomenon itself, and is not confined to the atomic bomb explosion only. Further we find the Cosmic rays falling in showers on earth from the outer space. What formidable heights these columns would have. This may also be remembered that so fast is the speed of the atomic particles (Gamma rays move with the speed of light), that a rising particle would appear like the flash of lightening, although rising like a column. The scientist has not viewed this point from this angle as yet. A point more important than the unification of natural forces perhaps due to its correct direction.


The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said:-

" Allah will send angels equipped with covers of fire, and nails of fire, and columns of fire. They will cover the doomed with covers of fire, and will transfix them with nails of fire, and will stretch the columns of fire upward over them. The entire phenomenon will be made so over airtight that not a trace of delight shall enter from without, nor a trace of Agony will escape from within. Allah will forget them on His throne, and will cut them off from His mercy. The inmates of paradise will begin to enjoy the boons of Allah. The inmates of hell will cease to cry for help, and speech will come to an end. Their speech will then be (as the sound of) inhaling and exhaling". (Quoted from Al-Jallalain).

It is hardly possible to find yet another description of the atomic bomb explosion phenomenon as realistic and exact. The atomic bomb explosion is like a cover of fire, the radiation rays are like the nails of fire which transfix the unfortunate inmates of the atomic hell. The columns of fire stretched upward are the columns of the atomic bomb explosions.


The early commentators of the Quran have said, the interrogative mode of the Quran in this question implies terribleness of the phenomenon of Al-Hotama. The terribleness of the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations is no secret, but to this may be added the unusual complexity of the subject of nuclear science. Today every atomist and every radiobilogist may be put the question, " What could teach thee what nuclear science is ?". Indeed, the complexity of the nuclear science is so baffling, and may remain for ever baffling, and the knowledge of nuclear science is so very scanty that the answer would invariably be as " Nothing".


The Quran says "Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-hotama.". These are the causes given out by the Quran for the punishment of Al-Hotama. The atomic fire is the production of a science whose very object has been the accumulation of wealth and a struggle for remaining for ever rich, increasing the riches in a systematic, continuous, infinite and eternal manner with all the interest in this world only. Backbiting and defaming is inherent in the very nature of the philosophy of atomism which is the philosophy of this age. Mark the perversion of the critical attitude of the modern rationalism which could be seen to border on calumny. And that the struggle for the dominion over nature with a view to obtaining material benefits as the object of man's life it is that has ultimately resulted in the appearance of the atomic fire. And dreadful enough, the identity between the causes of this transient atomic hell and the eternal Hotama of the next eternal world implies inescapable and eternal punishment in Hotama for those who deserved punishment in this transient atomic hell, even if they escaped it for any reason.


The Quran says " He will verily be cast into Al-Hotama". Just as the three ingredients of gunpowder produce the gun powder, the three causes of the atomic fire produce atomic fire. The causes as given by the Quran are, "slander, wealth accumulation and perpetual struggle in increasing the riches", and a "belief in eternity of this process of wealth accumulation".


The atomist could be sued in the Court of Science for his gross violation of the dictates of science in recommending the adoption of atomic energy. No force of nature is to be subjected to man's service without first achieving control over that force and producing for the protection against the pernicious effects. The atomic energy has special place in this respect. It has its special insidious hazards that amount to the total extinction of life on earth, and untold miseries and unheard of afflictions. The nuclear scientist at present has very meager knowledge of the subject of nuclear science and has little control over it, while the hazards incident on the atomic energy are unique in nature, and judging from the nature of the subject it appears that there is little hope for attaining to the required knowledge of the subject, and obtaining the required control over it.

The question of knowledge may be judged from the fact that there is no certainty even in the permissible dose of radiation and it may prove erroneous in future with ruinous results. Radiation is harmful in any amount and the only possible method of protection against it is by completely materially covering the source of radiation. The atomic reactors have the tendency to explode and to inundate the neighboring districts with the flood of radiation, while the people there are left at the mercy of elements. No sure cure for radiation sickness is discovered and none is in sight.

The genetic effects of radiation are irreparable and irreversible, and nothing therefore could be done in that most important of the factors. Mutated genes could not be detected and nothing could be done after the mutated genes have manifested their existence with disastrous effects, that may end in the extinction of all life on earth. These and many more facts are all known to the scientist. But he appears to treat the adoption of atomic energy as an experiment of research-cum-material benefit.

That is, at the same time to conduct the nuclearexperiment on human guinea pigs and to avail the material advantage of theatomic energy. This is the suicidal attitude in the special case of atomicenergy. No but the experiment has to be completed first in the Laboratory andthen the adoption of the atomic energy has to be thought of. This is theverdict of science itself. The experiment of atomic energy means theinvolvement of the entire world in the destruction.

Alas, the scientist likeevery other individual of this age of atomistic materialism has been blinded bythe influence of the three causes of the appearance of the atomic hell,otherwise the problem is not so very difficult to understand. If,however, the atomic-energy-for-peace or for war will be adopted withoutfirst fulfilling, the requisite conditions stated above then no Prophetis required to predict the disastrous ruin of this world, whether it camethrough atomic bombs or whether through the long term effects of the radiationsof atomic-energy-fore-peace in a slow decaying manner.


Thiswarning of the Quran is a miracle undeniable by the scientist or thephilosopher. It is the light, the only light to guide the world out of theatomic pit. It is Noah's ark in the fiery deluge of atomism. Neglect it, andthen, from this transient replica of Hotama (the eternal Hotamic hell of thenext world) you go right into the eternal Hotama of the next world, the causesof both are the same. The loss of this transient world is like this world itselftransient. But dread the eternal punishment in the next eternal world. I wish you could judge.

In this brief, very brief chapter I will not be able toshow more than a mere glimpse of all that which I have to show to this world, aworld which according to a factual, scientific analysis is surely doomed to aruin, a universal ruin in the flames of the atomic hell, naturally , justly,deservedly. This world inspite of all the wishful thinking, optimism andostriching must either vanish suddenly under the hails of atomic weapons,deservedly, or perish slowly, lingeringly, miserably under the swarms of theatomic radiations, also, deservedly. No protection from either the atomic bombsor the atomic radiations is a possibility.

No peace treaties will be ofever-lasting avail in an atmosphere of ever-increasing and never abating anduniversal anarchy till the scientific process of this modern Baconian atomismworking in accordance with unfailing and inexorable natural lawshas reached its final stage and burst into the flames,all-consuming flames of all atomic hell, atomism via atom to atomic hell. Sucha surmise, if it appears so terrible, so pe

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