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Preparation for the Future

Preparation for the Future

By : Ayatullah Shaheed Sayyid Abdul Husain Dastghaib

The aim of this remembrance (admonition) is to create fear of Almighty God through these Holy verses and thereby to make ourselves ready for the events to come. So, make arrangements for protecting yourselves from the fears and frights about which you have read, for example, the three of four matters just mentioned.

Efforts For Betterment Of Future And Entanglement In Greed

All say that we should think and worry about the future and make preparation for it. It is true and wise. But what is regrettable is to such precaution in a worry way. They do not understand the reality. If we want to prepare for the future (Hereafter/life after death) what is the way to be safe there? Is it to deposit amounts in banks? Is the life span of fifty years (even less in some cases) so insignificant that man should spend this precious period and time of his life only for gathering wealth and then go away leaving it all here! This is sheer ignorance and non-sense. Is one to remain hungry materially after death so that he should collect more and more wealth and money)! How many people have you met who have died of hungry?

Yes, of course, if there is a famine, hunger may be one of the reasons for people's death which has been destined. But, in normal conditions, no one's future is in danger of starvation to death, however long his age.

It is so because, God Almighty has guaranteed sustenance for everyone: Wa Fis Samaa…La Haqq (Surah Zaariyaat: 51, V: 22-23)

Translation: And your sustenance and whatever is promised to you is in the heaven (sky). So, by the Lord of they sky and the earth, this is quite true.

He provides sustenance to every animate being and He will continue to do so.

Wa Maa Min ... Rizquhaa (S. Hood: 11, V: 6)

Translation: And there is none among those walking on earth whose sustenance is not for God to provide.
But, in the matter of Hereafter (after death) it is ordered, with emphasis and encouragement and warning also that every one must worry before reaching the dangerous place (Hereafter) and make advance arrangement for it. Man must try and make efforts so that he may not stand empty-handed in the grand gathering (for giving accounts) in Mahshar.

The True Savings Account is With God

All of us say that God is Kareem (Bountiful and Generous). Quite true. But if we really consider Him bountiful then why do we not regard Him so in the worldly (material) matters. (Why do we make so much strenuous efforts in the worldly affairs, especially in the matter of sustenance)? This shows that what we say is not based on a real conviction. We are not truly convinced (beyond any doubt) that God is Bountiful (Kareem).

If you, really and factually want to make arrangements for your future (after death) then you should open your 'Saving Accounts' with God. These prayers and expresses for the poor (sadaqaat/khairaat/charity) are your savings which are being credited to your account with God and the Generous God protects it in a better way and also gives its better reward on the Day of Resurrection and even in this world also.

Wa Maa ... Ajraa (Surah Muzzammil: 73, V: 20)

Translation: And whatever good deed you will present to God (for you) you will get its better reward with God.

The Lord of the Universe has, in the Holy Quran, told His Prophet (s.a.w.s.): Warn My servants about the events of future (Hereafter). Now all of us know very well that all of us have to face a Day which will be full of hardships and dangers and anxieties.

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