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Pregnancy Diet

When pregnant you need to eat well - both in nutrition and volume. As a basic guideline, the following extra nutrients are advised:

  • Extra Protein
    Lean meat, poultry, legumes, fish, low-fat dairy.
  • Extra vitamin B1
    Peanuts, whole grains, yeast extract, sunflower seeds.
  • Extra vitamin B2
    Yeast extract, some dairy.
  • Extra folic acid (or folate)
    Sweetcorn, broccoli, asparagus, yeast extract, legumes .
  • Extra vitamin C
    Fresh fruit - particularly citrus, kiwi, berries, capsicums.
  • Extra calcium
    Dairy, fish, leafy greens, soy products.
  • Extra iron (during last 6 months of pregnancy)
    Dark-green leafy vegetables, red and other meats, legumes, whole grains.

How Much is Too Much? - Pregnancy Weight Gain

There is plenty of advice telling you you need to eat more - but just how much more? This depends on your own starting weight, and is difficult to assess without getting a diet profile.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Support

The amount of weight gain during pregnancy depends on your starting weight. Ongoing fitness and exercise also to help keep you at a healthy weight for you and your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diet during pregnancy poses many questions. Here are a list of questions that are addressed by the BabyFit program.

  • What exercises can I do in the first trimester?
  • What should I ask my doctor?
  • What should I weigh?
  • Can I keep running?
  • Is a vegetarian diet OK?
  • What if I was on Atkins?
  • How much caffeine can I drink? Note: See the Energy Fiend site for a huge list of caffeine in drinks.
  • What are some cures for morning sickness?
  • Are deli meats OK?
  • Is my prenatal vitamin enough?
  • Can I drink herbal tea?
  • Am I getting enough folic acid?
  • Is a glass of wine OK?
  • What are good snack ideas?
  • Can I take aspirin?
  • Do I need a calcium supplement?
  • Are sit ups OK?
  • What's good for aching legs?
  • how can I deal with heartburn?
  • How can I strengthen my back?

Morning Sickness and Food Cravings

Low-fat food, that is bland in flavor can aid in alleviating sickness during early pregnancy:

  • Small slice of wholemeal bread.
  • Slice of fruit loaf.
  • Dark rye crispbreads with yeast extract.
  • Wheatmeal biscuit spread with jam.

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