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Political Power and Authority

Adopted from the book : "A Glance at the World of Youth" by : "Al-Balagh Foundation"

With the advancement of social living and civilization and its complications, the role of government and its importance in the life of an individual and community becomes high, and the interference of government in vital and necessary issues, becomes apparent, as well as, in social, intellectual, educational, economical, cultural and informative matters.

In addition, it is upon the government to undertake the responsibility of education and its organization, supervise the ministry of information and direct other ministries according to its general politics and aims, and enact rules and regulations governing its citizens, therefore, the goverment plays a vital role in the formation of individual conduct and culture, positively or negatively.

Thus, the Islamic message considers the formation of an Islamic government as an obligatory matter, and defines Islamic government as: "A government established on the basis of Islam and its principles", and tries to make the government an instrument of execution, indvidual and community building and governing the community on the basis of Islamic Shari'a. In view of this, the Islamic scholars term the existence of an Imam (a leader) as a mercy, i.e., he can encourage people toward obedience and submission (to Allah's Commands) and discourages them from sin and disobediences, because he is the one who coordinates life's construction and leads it on the basis of Islamic values and principles through his government.

The government contributes in the formation of an individual's conduct, and the political powers and parties also contribute in the formation of an individual's conduct, especially the youths, because they are more emotional and easy to be affiliated with a particular political group or movement and accept its thoughts and manifestations, whether it carries luminous ideas based on Islamic principles and its original values or being deviated parties, ideas and thoughts. Thus, it is the parents' duty to direct their children toward the right direction, and guard them against affiliating with deviated parties or groups.

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