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Place of Prayer

Despite of the importance of prayer, there are conditions on what place prayer can be performed in. It cannot be performed in every place.

1. The place where you ar e going to pray should not be usurped.

2. You should not pray in a place which is filled with danger such as a place whose roof is weak, a place filled with enemies, thieves, animals, etc.

3. It should not be place that is used as a walk through for the people.

4. Praying beside or in front of the grave of any Masoomeen (as) will make one s prayer invalid. Your prayer must be performed while standing behind the grave of Masoomeen (as).

5. If the place is wet with najisat (impure), it should not be so wet that its wetness can reach your body or dress.

6. If the place where you will put your forehead is najis (impure),even if it is dry, then your prayer will be invalid.

7. The height of the place you will perform sajda (prostration) should not be more than four fingers above your ankle.

8. There are eight places where prayer cannot be performed under any circumstances: 1. in the mud 2. in bathroom 3. graveyard 4. place covered by ants 5. place where animals live 6. place where water flows 7. mossy soil 8. a place covered in ice

9. If Quran is uncovered and facing towards the Kaaba, then you should not pray in this place. If the Quran is covered, then you can pray.

10. Any house where a dog is kept as a pet, then you cannot pray in that house. However if the dog is used in hunting and a curtain is between you and the dog, then you can perform your prayer under these circumstances.

Adopted from the book: "Kashaful Salat" by: "Seyyed Baqir Nisar Zaidi"

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