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Physical Activity

Physical activity, along with a healthy diet, is one of the most important things you can do to achieve a healthy lifestyle and good overall health. An active lifestyle should consist of at least 30 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week. For some inactive people 30 minutes may be too much activity at once. Accumulating activity is also a great way to get your 30 minutes of activity in each day. Try taking three 10 minute brisk walks throughout the day. The best way of accumulating activity is doing it in a way that you will enjoy and be able to maintain over time.

Get Started Today

Many people may find that making time for physical activity is the biggest challenge. Others may find that they are already doing several activities throughout the day such as housework or playing with kids. Maybe you would like to make time in your schedule for physical activity as a way to relax and have time for yourself.

Start by looking at your current daily routine. Do you already have physical activity in your day? How can you make improvements? Start taking the active option rather than the inactive option. Don't take the escalator or the elevator, use the stairs. Try parking further from your destination and use the extra distance to fit in a walk. If you take public transportation try getting off the bus or metro a stop or two early to get in a brisk walk. Small changes such as these can make a difference in your lifestyle.

If you are having a hard time fitting in a larger session of activity try looking at your schedule and make priorities. Are you spending more time on something that is not a priority? Make a list of how you spend your time and compare it to how you would like to spend your time. See if you can find a happy a medium and cut out or cut down those things that take more time out of your day.

Physical Activities and Socializing

Don't forget that exercise can be a social event as well. Invite some friends to join you for a hike or a long walk; they may even thank you for getting them active. Sometimes having a workout buddy is a great way to encourage one another and accomplish your fitness goals.

Physical activities can also be a great way to spend time with your family. A day at the park offers endless possibilities for physical activities and fun with your kids. Take the whole family out for a bike ride or a game of soccer. During the warm months swimming can be a great exercise that children and adults can enjoy together. Start your kids in a dance program or community classes that offer a space for kids to socialize and be active. The benefits of physical activities can go far beyond fitness.

Vary Your Activities

Some people love a solid routine, while others may become bored with the same workout or activity everyday. If you become bored by your physical routine try reaching out and trying new activities. Taking a yoga class once a week might make a great addition to your running or walking schedule. Get that bike out of the garage and go for a bike ride once a week. There is no end to the possibilities that you have to keep physical activities fun and varied.

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