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Permit of the Wilyat of Ali (a.s.) for Crossing the Sirat

One more station in the very first valley, which has been mentioned in many Sunni and Shia narrations, is the Wilayat of Ali (a.s.). In commentaries like that of Thalabi, the explanation of verse :

And stop them; (37:24)

Is shown as: Stop them! They will be asked also about the Wilayat of Ali, that is, whether or not they were friendly with Ali (a.s.)?

Hamuyuni and Tabari both are famous Sunni scholars. They have said that the Holy Prophet remarked, "0 Ali! The one who will possess the permit of your Wilayat (friendship) will cross the bridge."

There are many other narrations also which we omit for brevity sake.

Adapted from the book: "The Hereafter (Ma'aad)" by: "Ayatullah Dastghaib Shiraazi"

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