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Permission of the husband

70. The permission of the husband is not a condition [required] for the wife to go to the obligatory Hajj. If the wife became mostatee' she would be obliged to perform the Hajj, even if her husband does not give his consent, since the husband has no right to prevent her from Hajjat-al-Islam. However, in the case of the optional mostahab Hajj the permission of the husband is required, and he has the right to prevent her if it were to deny him the sexual rights, and if it were not, as a precaution, the same ruling applies.
71. If a woman was observing the divorce waiting period if she was divorced a raje (Return) divorce the rulings concerning her with respect to the obligatory and the mostahab Hajj are the same as those of a wife in relation to her husband, since the woman in question is still governed by the rulings of a wife.
72. The obligation of the Hajj upon a woman is not conditional on her being with a mahram a male from whom she does not wear Hijaab. Of course it is imperative that she travels with a trustworthy individual [group].


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