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PART 2 - The Types of Hajj

114. There are three categories of Hajj:
1. The Tamattu Hajj,
2. The Qiraan Hajj,
3. The Ifraad Hajj.
115. The Tamattu Hajj is obligatory upon any able - mostatee' - adult whose hometown is at a distance of 16 Farsakh (88 km) or more from the Holy City of Makkah, from any direction. (Each Farsakh is about 5.5 km.)
116. The Qiraan and Ifraad Hajj are obligatory upon any able adult who lives at less than that distance (i.e. 88 km) from the Holy City of Makkah.
117. If one has not discharged his/her obligatory duty of the Tamattu Hajj - also known as Hajjat-al-Islam, i.e. the first obligatory Hajj for those who live outside that distance, it is not sufficient for them to perform the Qiraan or the Ifraad Hajj.
118. An adult individual has the choice of performing any of these three types of Hajj, if the Hajj is a mostahab one, or if it is performed as a nadhr or vow without the type being specified, or if he has been entrusted to perform it, without specification as to which type to perform. However, the preferred choice in these cases is the Tamattu Hajj.
119. If the adult individual was considered to have two hometowns, [i.e. permanently lived in two hometowns], one being outside the limit [of 88 km] and the other inside, he is obliged to perform [the Hajj] according to [where s/he spends] more time. So if he spent most of his time outside the limit, then he is obliged to perform the Tamattu Hajj, otherwise the Qiraan or the Ifraad Hajj. In the case of him spending equal time between the two locations, he has the choice [of which Hajj to perform] even if he was mostatee' to perform one rather than the other, and the preferred choice is to perform the Tamattu Hajj.

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