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Palestine Throbbing Heart of the World of Islam

Palestine Throbbing Heart of the World of Islam

A Historical Study of the Violent Nature of Zionist Regime


The divine religion of Islam is based on man’s primordial nature and its ultimate goal is protection of man’s dignity and facilitating the fulfillment of his humane demands, including justice, freedom, etc. Therefore Islam can be essentially considered as a cultural and human-based religion in the history of human civilization. In giving social laws, the Divine Lawgiver has laid so much emphasis on man’s freedom and his right to election that even has left the acceptance of religion to man’s discretion and ordained that imitation in regard of fundamental principles of Islam is unlawful.

The history of Islamic civilization demonstrates that the most genuine and effective way for the spread of Islam among human societies is to influence the hearts through cultural activities, which is designated as "call" or "guidance" in the Islamic terminology. In order to preserve man’s dignity, Islam tasks the Imams and leaders to guide and direct the society towards perfection and felicity " the divine mission of all of them " by preparing the necessary social grounds. Commenting on this issue, Imam Khomeini states:

"We should try to help nations everywhere to realize their duty. If… the scholars, … religious figures of all Islamic cities and the universities of all Islamic cities decide to solve the problems of Islam and Islamic countries, they should awaken the people." 1

Commenting on Imam Khomeini’s outstanding role in awakening the Muslim ummah and directing the society towards acceptance of Islamic values and its cultural principles, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei states:

"The great lesson of our honorable late Imam was return to self, return to Islam, self-realization, and realization of the worth of our countless spiritual values. By practicing this lesson, the Iranian nation stepped in the way of felicity… the way of other nations towards felicity is nothing except the same path. If this happens, the usurper Zionist regime will not be able to resist against the Islamic ummah and the United States will not dare anymore to play with the fate of the Palestinian nation and the Arab governments will not be forced to unrightfully neglect the rights of the Palestinian nation." 2

The Islamic school of thought is universal and has comprehensive individual and social principles. Hence, preparation of cultural grounds for the acceptance of social principles of Islam is a prelude to the creation of a greater social change, that is, the establishment of a religious government " the great objective all Muslim thinkers throughout the history of Islamic civilization have been pursuing.

In Islamic thought, the pillars of the religious government are based on the Muslim’s hearts. In other words, religious government, which is a manifestation of sovereignty and result of religious thought, besides its divine legitimacy, requires a social base for its materialization. This social base is prepared only through the creation of appropriate cultural grounds through profound elaboration of religious cultural fundamentals.

The Divine Lawgiver has defined certain principles entitled "governmental principles" for the establishment and perpetuation of religious government, preservation of values, social rules and regulations, maintenance of security and stability in the society and guidance of the government and society towards a specific direction. Among these principles one may mention "commandment of good and prohibition of evil," "councils," and "holy war".

Among the governmental principles, the principle of holy war enjoys a specific significance. The history of Islamic civilization demonstrates that the principle of holy war enjoys a specific status in the Islamic teachings " either due to its nature or with regard to its impact on the orientations and fate of the Islamic societies.

From one angle it may be said that no Islamic principle " individual or social " can as much cause the revival of religious values in the society as the holy war can. These values include self-sacrifice, materialization of Islamic unity, commitment to individual rites and rituals, commandment of good and prohibition of evil, etc. On the other hand, the principle of holy war and mobilization of the masses to carry it out requires suitable religious cultural grounds in the practical and theoretical arenas of the society.

A cursory look at the Book, the Sunnah and the viewpoints of the Muslims scholars throughout the history of Islam indicate that the example of the principle of holy war involves a number of intricate, delicate points. A number of factors are involved in it, including the power of faith of the masses, the degree of sincere acceptability of this decree, the percentage of its success and the amount of material and human costs it would impose on the society.

Therefore in many cases we come across the avoidance of the religious leaders of issuing a decree on the holy war in order to safeguard the exigency of the Islamic society. The most outstanding example of this case is Imam Ali’s silences and his decision to stay at home instead of struggling for power, the passive resistance of the infallible Imams and the Alavids because of the absence of proper social conditions. The Muslim thinkers " of any school of thought " unanimously emphasize on the necessity of safeguarding the dignity and honor of the Islamic countries and the Muslims against the transgression of the infidels and the infidels’ invasion aiming to occupy the Islamic territories.

In fact the Islamic world and the Muslim masses in the Islamic societies face numerous problems, some of which are: 1 " dictatorial ruling systems that are subservient to global arrogance and have distanced themselves from the spirit of Islam and religious values; 2 " lack of awareness of a great chunk of the Muslim masses of the roots and causes of the problems they are entangled with and lack of their awareness of the potential power of Islam in responding to the needs of the society and guiding them towards felicity and perfection.

Therefore giving awareness and transparent expression of the realities and finally preparing the grounds for cultural growth of the citizens of the Islamic societies is one of the most important duties of the Muslim thinker in all eras.

Hence, the Islamic system and the Iranian nation, that succeeded to establish the greatest popular revolutions in the political history of world based on the sublime religious values under the sagacious leadership of Imam Khomeini, in effect laid the foundations of the religious government in the contemporary world. Therefore, the system will not spare any efforts to perform its mission of giving awareness to the masses about the religious culture of the Islamic ummah. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, has said:

"The Iranian nation considers Hajj a lofty occasion for increasing the awareness of the Islamic ummah and their participation [in the Hajj ceremonies] is utilized in the interest of the entire Islamic world " not its own interest alone " for the Iranian nation can share a valuable experience with all other Islamic countries." 4

The victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran was just like a practical test for the oppressed peoples of the world, particularly for the disinherited masses of the world of Islam and could demonstrate unlimited capabilities of Islam in wakening the Muslims to move towards bringing about fundamental changes in social structures.

The victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the continuous efforts of the Islamic Republic to widen the insight of the Muslim ummah and its call for return to the "self" and religious-cultural principles, which is in direct contradiction with the interests of the global arrogance, led by the United States, is an evident proof to the permanent animosity of the camp of arrogance against the Islamic system of Iran. "Today, there are two sensitive points for the United States in the international arena: one, confrontation with Islam with special pressure on Islamic Iran; and second, the Palestinian issue. The American systems have focused their efforts on total elimination of the issue of Palestine from the agenda of the Islamic world and the Middle East so that no issue would remain in the name of Palestine and the ideal of the Palestinian movement. This is one of their main objectives." 5

One the outstanding example of social developments that demonstrates the astonishing effect of the Islamic Revolution on popular movements, particularly those of the Islamic world, is the Palestinian Intifada and the popular uprising of the Palestinian people against the Zionist occupiers and transformation of the nature of struggles, from reliance on nationalism and materialistic values to reliance on the Islamic teachings.

On the other hand, the most vivid picture one can depict of the Zionist regime is a combination of savageries, tragedies of political Zionism, apartheid racism, and unbridled aggressive policies under the pretext of legitimate defense and struggle for existence which has created a legitimate backing inside the society as well as in some Western societies by relying on pseudo-sacred presuppositions.

Invasion and occupation of an Islamic country and the savageries of the occupiers inside the occupied territories through employment of the most sophisticated weapons and by resort to widespread, clever, false, propaganda strategies to project themselves innocent and distort the facts, is one side of the story. The other side of the story is oppression of Muslims living in the occupied territories and their depravation of the most fundamental facilities of life and defense that has indeed injured the feelings of every Muslim, underlining the need for adoption of proper strategies to confront the enemy, which requires unity of Muslim ummah and Islamic governments. There are a number of issues involved in the problem of Palestine including the weakness and indecisiveness of the Islamic governments, diversion from the right path of struggle and attention to materialistic incentives, utilitarianism of some apparently Muslim governments and clandestine dealings over the issue of Palestine, lack of awareness and wakefulness of Muslim nations, etc. As the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, has said, the said issues has caused "the problem of Palestine to become the first Islamic international issue…What is our issue and problem today is that the issue of Palestine from the Islamic point of view is a fundamental issue and an obligation - for all the Muslims " for all of us. All the Shia and Sunni scholars, the predecessors as well, emphasize that if one part of the Islamic homeland is occupied by the enemy, it will be the duty of all to defend in order to be able to return the usurped territory. All are duty-bound vis-à-vis the issue of Palestine in accordance with their capabilities and abilities." 6

The first Zionist congress, deeply influenced by Theodor Herzl's theories and teachings " Herzl (1860-1904), was a Jewish journalist of Hungarian origin who founded the Zionist movement and has come to be known as the "father of Israel " " began its gathering in the Swiss city of Basel with the specific aim of "securing a homeland for [all] Jews in Palestine."

In fact, Herzl's first and most critical deed was to try to change the meaning of the word "Zion" (name of a mountain in the promised land) from its spiritual-religious, and perhaps disuniting meaning and roots, to something entirely different which meant various political, pseudo-religious-political ideas; and ultimately, founded the contemporary "political Zionism," whose pillars are shakily based on misuse and gross misinterpretation of true Judaism. And thus he forged and fed this "political Zionism" to many as a "religion" all unto itself.

"Political Zionism was the brainchild of Theodor Herzl, and he describes and elaborates on it, and its doctrine, in his book the 'Jewish Nation.' The fundamentals of his political ideology can be summarily summed up as:

1-All Jews, living anywhere in the world, regardless of the country they live in, collectively belong to a distinct "race."

2-Jews " at all times, and in every place in this world " have always been persecuted.

3-Jews are inherently incapable of being absorbed and assimilated into nations where they live and shall never be absorbed by such nations (a fact that serves as the certain starting point and cause of any kind of anti-Semitism and racism.) " 7 Rouger Garoudi

The political Zionist movement was led by Hertzl himself from Vienna until his death. Afterward, the movements' offices were moved first to Cologne, and then, to Berlin in 1911. Later, the Russian-born Chaim Weizmann " who was widely known as the leader of the British Zionists between 1916 and 1919, and was eventually selected as the first president of Israel " was very effective in obtaining British support for his Zionist movement. His efforts bore fruit in the infamous "Balfour Declaration," which if effect gave lands the British did not own to Jews, and gave them British guarantees to that effect as well!

Clearly, political Zionism is founded on, and rests on, purely racist thoughts and methods of thinking. It is in essence a dominant idea which in an intricately-planned, calculated conspiracy has tried to " with heavy and unrelenting reliance on false global propaganda " make all Jews alive today porgies of "one race who followed Abraham (PBUH), and obeying God's command, were led by Moses (PBUH) to the Promised Land, and through the Grace of God, after escaping wretched slavery, they evicted the land's native population, and founded an empire led by David (PBUH) [in Palestine."

Therefore, concepts such as "the promised gift of a divine right over Palestine," and the "superiority of the Jewish race," are the bedrocks of, and interwoven into, the Zionism ideology " under whose veneer they have shamelessly invoked this so-called "divine right" to usurp the rights of all native people there who have toiled and lived in Palestine for millennia. As the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution has put it in his clear and enlightening words:

"The essence of the Palestinian dispute can be summarized in the bare facts that a group of world's influential Jews began thinking of an independent country for Jews, and this prompted the British government to use their plans for its own neo-colonial policies and purposes in the Middle East." 8

"This land is the historical heart of Jews." This sentence was proclaimed at the Geneva Peace Conference in 1919. [It must be noted here however, that] beside what we read in the Torah, there is absolutely no evidence of the "Old Testament," in the ten centuries before the birth of Christ (PBUH) " we find nothing in any remaining Middle Eastern literature, nor has any evidence been found in many archeological excavations to justify such grand claims." 9

The Balfour Declaration itself was buried deep in the League of Nation's mandate granted to Britain in 1920, and slowly, but surely, ground was prepared for practical measures of moving large numbers of Jews to Palestine and soon, came the formation of a usurper, fabricated government called, Israel.

Zionists theoreticians were well aware that the essence of their continuation and persistence lied in trying to wipe clean the vast historical record left by the Palestinians in their homeland from world public opinion and consciousness. Also, they were fully cognizant of the fact that support for a nation is closely related to its existence, continuity, and the depth of its national, historical civilization.

Therefore, early on, they embarked on the sinister path of intentionally and gradually denying the original owners and inhabitants and even denied their historical rights; thus, trying to ensure themselves the continued occupation of Palestine.

"After transforming Palestine into an historical dessert (except for the brief period it was inhabited by the Hebrews)," Zionists began turning this land into a "geographical dessert," and shamelessly proclaimed Palestine "a land without a people, for a people without a land." 10

"Here the question arises: who were the original supporters and founders of the Zionist Regime? Facts point first to the British, and then to the American ruling establishment." 11

In its formation, we encounter a new process in the brief history of the Israeli governance " best described as a Zionist, militarist, and warmongering entity"which began in 1937 with the establishment of Ben Gurion's 12 occupation government, and after a hiatus, took only a new, more savage shape in 1967.

The political doctrine Zionists followed in this period comprised intentional militarism and barbarism, which are part and parcel of the entire Zionist movement whose leaders deeply believe in the efficacy of violence. This movement's basic ideas and goals since inception have been:

- Strangely, Israeli military doctrine does not limit itself to defending "Israel" " the only country in the world without a constitution or borders !! "but it aims at sewing instability and chaos among regional Arab governments, and is bent on ever increasing its "boundaries," using and justifying mass-murder, violence and state terror which are justified by some unclear part of a text in the Torah, such as that about "conquering the promised land from the Nile to the Euphrates." 13

"At this stage in the Zionist attempts at enlargement, it seems that unrealistic and confused dreams of some leaders of "religious parties" are common, as they are among Israelis. Some Zionist rabbies crave land and new conquests more than all others. They continuously justify on religious grounds the most barbaric Israeli military acts and adventurisms, such as the destruction of the port cities of Ture and Sidon, ransacking and looting of Beirut, and the massacres of Sabra and Shatila, Deir Yassin, and Kefer Ghasem just a few among them. These barbarisms were duly "blessed" by these high rabbies." 14

"The illegal domination of Palestine by the Zionists was chiefly based on three pillars:

A - Indiscriminate cruelty and violence against the Palestinian Arabs remaining in their homes in the Occupied Territories;

B - A non-stop campaign of constant and well-crafted lies to fool the world public opinion and portray Zionists as the aggrieved party;

C - Expedient negotiations with the powers to be in close contact with world's centers of power and wealth, and those who own and wield these."

Let us here consider various kinds of political ideas and ideologies which usually define a legal system which in turn help develop different types of power structures which are in accordance with, and fit within, the general cultural structure of a certain society, and indeed serve to maintain and preserve the ruling ideology.

By the same methodology, one can deduce that the limits and boundaries set for correct and incorrect behavior and also the types of crime prevention legislation in various societies differ and suit the dominant and ruling political ideology. Thus, if we skip some details, we observe rather similar overall power structures in societies, which are ruled by, for instance, socialist, or capitalist governments. But the political ideology of the Zionist regime's power structure is one based on and fire-breathing extremist, racist ideas. Therefore, if we base analysis of the power structure and various policy decisions of this regime "whether on local or international levels " on the fundamentals of this kind of dominant thinking, we can arrive at more illuminating, clear analyses.

Furthermore, this methodology can be used to correctly compare and contrast the behaviors, stances, and policies of the Zionist regime with similar governments ruled by the same [extremist] ideologies, and perhaps even use such studies to forecast future Israeli policy actions and reactions.

"Also, to call 'Jews' a 'race', who have lived separate from other 'nations', is nothing but a fable and a fiction. As a matter of fact, this very notion and fiction has paradoxically been used by both anti-Semitic Nazis, and Zionists themselves; both believe in a distinct racial identity, called Jewish, who is simply not given to assimilation with other nations. This could either emanate from his 'inherent superiority' " having been selected as such! " or, because the Jew has always been shunned and rejected.

"But the truth is that a 'Jewish race' has never existed outside of Hitler and Zionists' hallucinations. Throughout recorded history, 'Jews' have always been a part of large nations." 15

In his remarks on the subject, Imam Khomeini, in a brief, but poignant description of the birth of "Israel", says:

"Israel was born through the collusion and connivance of both the West and East's colonial governments and was intended to be used to suppress and colonize Muslim nations; and to this day, it has clearly been supported and secured by all neo-colonialist and expansionist powers.

"Among these, the United States and Britain have rather overexerted themselves in going to the extremes to militarily and politically support Israel, and through arming it with immense amounts of the latest and deadliest military hardware, they encourage and entice their creature into repeated aggression and barbarism against Arabs and Muslims -- as we witness in the continued occupation of Palestine, and continual grasps for other Muslim lands. The former Soviet Union also followed a deceptive policy of preventing Muslims from obtaining the necessary quantity and quality of arms to defend themselves, and thus, actively participated in maintaining and ensuring the security of Israel." 16

It seems, if we try to sum up the dominant political ideology of the usurper Zionist regime, we can chart its overall pre-dominant political outlook as follows. Main Foreign Policy Doctrine " it is based on aggression and militarism with the aim of gaining more land for even more immigration of Jews, so that they can superficially be glued together and called a race and nation. Main Domestic Policy Doctrine " it is one totally based on racism (the "inherent superiority of the Jewish race!").

"They have somehow gathered various peoples and populations from all over the world [by telling] them that they are all from one race, the Israeli race " this truly means a very racist move and movement indeed." 17

Therefore, it is not surprising that ultimately a trend and political conspiracy based on "state terror" is formed which uses a twisted, deranged understanding of Jewish religious texts " which prescribes the physical elimination of opponents as one of the first options " to murder its opponents with total impunity in a policy that both serves Zionists' inherently aggressive aims and satisfies the barbaric spirit of the occupying regime. "The Zionist regime has been intentionally founded on terror, bullying, violence, and cruelty, and has never changed itself or its chief policy since. Without using such shameful tactics it would not have succeeded, and likewise, will not achieve anything without such inhuman tactics ... [for] Israel's aim has always been expansion, and the Zionist regime has not hid the fact that it is not satisfied with Palestine alone. The fundamental Zionist aim is to create a 'greater Israel.' " 18

In a review of the history of our world's political philosophy, specially that of the Western contemporary era, one can clearly observe that in all administrative systems which have been born into the cultural land of political modernism, the principle of "nationalism" " widely recognized as a valued and fundamental principle " has itself caused some extent of collective "racism" among a populace, or a nation, and this phenomenon is in turn used to justify another still worse phenomenon, that is, colonization and exploitation of other nations.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we can vividly observe the colonizing characteristic of the Zionist regime both in policies and deeds.

"Political Zionism, once bereft of its mythical and false historical veneer, is nothing but the same old colonialism. Its only difference with classical colonialism is that Zionists do not just exploit the native population as a cheap labor force nor do they try to maintain a market for their products. They are thoroughly prepared to extend their 'colonization' to violently expelling the original inhabitants and intend to follow these plans and programs till the total extinction or eviction of all Palestinians in the occupied territories." 19

It seems fitting to remind all once again that one of the primary reasons for the formation of Zionist regime and continued occupation of Palestinian lands by Zionists has been the boundless financial, political, and military support of the arrogant powers of this world, led by the Unites States. This is a topic also covered on many occasions by the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei:

"First, with British help, thereafter, through American help and assistance of a large number of countries, and using the worst forms of treachery and mass terrorism, the Zionists succeeded in establishing their current occupation government inside the Occupied Territories for the past half-a-century or so." 20

And on another occasion Ayatollah Khamenei remonstrates that:

"One has to wonder at the expense and extremes the American ruling establishment has gone to in the last 50 years -- specially during more recent decades -- to ensure the stability of the usurper Zionist regime in the Occupied Palestine; truly immense amounts of 'capital investment', in terms of financial, political, and U.S. credibility that has been spent on Israel thus far!" 21

"If the oppressor and arrogant powers of the world, led by the U.S, had not provided such boundless, limitless support to the occupier Zionists " who have also proven themselves chief international terrorists, led by the current forged and fabricated leadership of Israel " they would not have lasted a day. This still holds true today." 22

"In the fifty-odd years of the life of the Zionist regime, every single one of 29 security council resolutions against Israel has been vetoed by the United States! And it seems that for the last decade the US has adopted a policy of not even allowing an anti-Israeli resolution to be presented, let alone debated." 23

Also, our late Imam was fully attentive to this unconditional US support and succor:

"It is the United States itself that is the chief supporter of Israel and its backer, and again, it is the US leadership which gives Israel the authority and power to turn Muslim Arabs into refugees." 24

1- Palestine and Islamic Unity

"The mere existence of such an enemy [Israel] in the heart of the Islamic World should bring together Muslims, and cause them to establish a united front and a united command. " 25

Without doubt, one of the chief reasons, and perhaps the most fundamental reason for the formation and growth of social reform movements (religious revival movements) which were founded by thinkers who were born and bred into the indigenous and Islamic cultures, has been the shameless onslaught of oppressive world powers to colonize, exploit, and rob Muslims of the their resources and lands.

The most clear and barbaric aggression against innocent Muslims " and the longest example of occupation and denial of all rights of a people " is the brutal Zionist occupation of Palestine which has been accompanied with endless murders and expulsions of Muslims from their ancestral, historical lands.

This brutal aggression on Muslim lands and its extremely tragic consequences left a deep scar in collective Muslims psyche and in turn caused basic religious values, such as "Islamic unity", "the necessity of safeguarding Islamic boundaries," and "the need for reviving Islamic glory and greatness by returning to people-based structures and religious tenets," to be earnestly discussed in various circles and gatherings of Muslim thinkers and their followers in the masses. A good example of such movements is the Ikhwan ul-Muslimeen (the Muslim Brotherhood), which was formed to revive pure Islamic thought and culture throughout the Islamic World.

"The Muslim Brotherhood was initially founded with a special stress in its ideology on the comprehensiveness and multi-dimensional nature of the Islamic religion, and also emphasized the urgent necessity of returning to the early, true Islam and Islamic teachings; the Brotherhood ideology also included a deep belief in the practicality of true Islamic rule at all times, and throughout the Islamic world." 26

"In the first decade, the Muslim Brotherhood concentrated on cultural, social and reformist activities. But when the issue of Palestine became more serious and the threat of Zionism intensified, the group openly entered political activities and … this was a turning point in the history of its activities." 27

Early on in this sad saga, the late Imam spoke of the issue and the effect of the Palestinian tragedy on Muslim nations, and in giving an impetus to the revival of the Islamic ideology, especially among the Muslims of the occupied Palestine:

"Now that revolutionary and valorous Palestinian Muslims, who upon hearing the Divine call in the land of the Ascension of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), have risen up en masse, and have urged other Muslims to also rise up and get united... how can anyone stand before the Almighty God, and how can any awake human conscience, offer a viable excuse for being indifferent on such an issue of importance to [the world of] Islam?" 28

These words clearly demonstrate the effect the Palestinian uprising has had on sensitive souls and on waking up Muslim nations. On another occasion, the late Imam adds these words on the matter:

"Not only our nation, but all Islamic nations and the oppressed of this planet are proud that their enemies " who are also the enemies of the Almighty God, the Holy Quran, and all that our dear Islam stands for " are predators who do not stop at any crime or treachery in order to achieve their sinister, criminal goals ... and are led by the inherently terrorist Unites States leaders, who have joined hands with the International Zionism." 29

And the Leader of Islamic Revolution, speaking on the subject says:

"Fortunately, now that the heroic Palestinian nation has risen, it has lightened and brightened the future horizons to a large extent ... and whether the forces of oppression and arrogance agree or not, and whether the Unites States and world Zionism find it to their liking or not, Islam has now re-awakened." 30

The Leader has also addressed other aspects of this issue, i.e., the effects of the Palestinian resistance on strengthening, growing, and blossoming of the culture of religion, and a better comprehension of its fundamental values such as "sacrifice" and "martyrdom":

"The Palestinian nation ... and the Palestinian resistance organizations ... have all reached one result " they have found the path of sacrifice, and have realized that the path to salvation and freedom for Palestine passes through the realm of readiness to sacrifice all that they hold dear. They have also experienced martyrdom and realized that the enemy is powerless when faced with the power and culture of martyrdom." 31
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"The issue of Palestine is one which concerns the entire world of Islam, and in addition to the political, security, and economic aspects of the matter, Muslims here are facing not only a divine and Islamic duty to help, because above all, it is a Divine issue." 32

Also let us proceed here armed with the fact that when we search and peruse Islamic sources " chief among them the Holy Quran, and the Traditions, which have recorded important deeds and words of the holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam, and high Islamic scholars " we gather conclusively that the religion of Islam, being a divine, monotheistic religion which contains social aspects that call for administering Muslim societies based on a special governing structure (a religious government), and in which, much care is taken to precisely, clearly, and severely enforce religious law within Islamic guidelines, and also sets out with clarity where moderation and forgiveness are called for or are all possible.

Therefore, the Great Almighty, as the ultimate Lawmaker and Law-giver, in order for an Islamic system of governance to appear and prosper in Muslim societies, has also provided the necessary philosophical tools and mechanisms for a supreme leader or imam to correctly and wisely lead the society toward ultimate spiritual and material prosperity.

Among these tools and mechanisms and duties are those, for instance, which call for severe punishment of depraved, incorrigible individuals, partly to serve as a warning to others as well; and also various ways of safeguarding and ensuring security and the rule of law in the society, and ultimately, safeguarding and securing all Islamic lands against foreign aggression.

Therefore, safeguarding the boundaries of Muslim lands, and stubborn and unrelenting resistance in case of aggression or occupation is directly related to the dignity, power, and greatness Muslims enjoy in the global community at any time, and is considered a prime duty of the imam (leader of an Islamic society) in any Islamic society.

Since in the immense human tragedy and continued occupation of Palestine we have the clearest of cases of naked aggression and occupation by alien pagans and unbelievers " a case also full of limitless injustice and barbarism, together with total denial of the most basic of human and religious rights to the Palestinian Muslims, behavior which can only arise from sick and depraved souls of the Zionist occupiers " therefore, we also have a hard test for all Muslims and governments in Islamic lands to do their religious duty and help in carrying out timeless and unchangeable Divine Laws and Commandments. Our late Imam was a pioneer in drawing Muslims' attention to the immense injustice and danger inherent in the Palestinian occupation and went as far as to "declare a state of war between Muslims and the Zionist regime, and in his religious ruling forbade any political, economic, or military ties with Israel, calling it illegitimate, usurper, and an enemy of all Muslims." 33

In fulfilling the heavy burden and mission of the leadership of Muslim societies and in defense of the independence and territorial integrity of Islamic countries, the late Imam Khomeini tried from the very beginning to enlighten and warn Muslims about the great danger Israel presents and reminded all of us of our Islamic duty with respect to this clear case of aggression.

"Muslims should know that Israelis will not ever forego or forget their sinister aim of ruling Muslim lands from the Nile to the Euphrates ... and those who support Israel should understand that they are feeding and helping grow stronger every day a viper waiting for a chance to bite ... This dangerous viper must not be given more time." 34

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, has also stated on many occasions and for the same reasons, that the long, ruthless occupation of Palestine must " precisely because it is such a vital issue " stay at the top of Muslims' international agenda until it is ended. He has also repeatedly warned and has spoken to Muslims about, "a most intricate conspiracy and campaign by the enemies of Islam so that the issue of Palestine is somehow forgotten by the public opinion, and in this shameful campaign, mass propaganda, unabashed lies, deception, disinformation, and misinformation are all used as tools.

"The Islamic Republic considers the continued occupation of Palestine as the most import of all issues facing the Islamic world, and contrary to the United States and Israel's wish and will that this vital issue is somehow forgotten, our government's policy is to bring it up at every opportunity and every place possible." 35

The Leader says somewhere else:

"What is our stance and problem today is that the Palestinian issue from the Islamic point of view is a fundamental issue and a religious obligation for all the Muslims " including us." 36

A cursory look at the political history of the Zionist regime since its formation shows clearly that the dominant political thinking of this regime " as is the case with all schools of thought rooted in the "Modern and post-modern political cultures," is based on and motivated by personal profit and worldly gains, wants, and perceived needs.

In fact, all socio-political policies adopted and pursued by the Zionist regime are intentionally based on clearly ugly racist ideas which are used to justify every kind of aggression and occupation, colonization, and exploitation of innocent human beings who are deprived of the most rudimentary and basic of human rights; or subjected to the worst forms of torture and long prison terms if they resist the occupation.

It is in the light of such grim facts that most Muslims consider the Zionist regime the very embodiment and the front guard of the forces of oppression and arrogance against the Islamic world. Alas, in view of such serious threats, we are also still faced with the fact that in many Islamic countries the governing structures are based on despotism and self-centered decision-makings. Such governments not only lack any popular basis, but their interests are only sustainable through the use of force, suffocating internal atmospheres, and unquestioned power and authority.

"The truth is that despotism and despotic governments have become so widespread, and even growing in the Islamic world, that this phenomenon has gone further than just the political arena and has affected the very fabric, foundation and social values these societies have and hold dear " these effects range from these nation's economic affairs, all the way to their intellects, their intellectuals, and their thought processes." 37

In other words, in despotic regimes, where the rule of law is sorely lacking or laws are simply not enforced, the "subjects" of these regimes inevitably must turn into ignorant, terrified, and spiritually-broken human beings who are conditioned to only respond to terror and threat of force; while in healthy systems of governance people live in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust between the government and the governed. 38

"Despotic and dictatorial regimes are increasingly relying on brute, violent force to maintain themselves, and this leads to an ever-shrinking role and arena for people's participation in their own socio-economic affairs, which in turn leads to the growing estrangement of the populace and the ruling establishment." 39

"The indifference shown towards [Israeli] barbarism by most leaders of Islamic countries can be attributed to sheer self-preservation. Were it not for self-preservation and the love of power and false glory, they would not just sit and be passive spectators of the immense human and Muslim tragedy in Palestine. They are worried that this illusionary power " which is totally worthless, I must say " may be taken from them." 40

Therefore, today we are faced with the sad fact of ever-increasing ambitions and aggressions by the Zionist regime, coupled with total, multi-dimensional support of forces of global oppression led by the United States. As was just discussed, this tragic fact is coupled with the weakness and increasing degradation of many Islamic countries ruled by despotic regimes, which lack popular bases. Since this state of affairs and the seeming Islamic powerlessness in the face of increasing Zionists' aggression is well understood by the leaders of the enemy camp, what the Zionists want, will, and order, seems to be the order of the day these days.

The comprehension and pure observation of the current state of affairs leads every Muslim to lament at this moving, live picture of a step-by-step retreat by and distancing of these so-called Islamic governments from the legitimate rights and aspirations of the Palestinian nation. This too, has only served to make the Zionists both more barbaric and greedier in their actions and policies against the innocent Palestinian nation. In the midst of this great tragedy, however, there are also genuine, caring, thinkers of Islamic societies whose souls and minds have been immersed in the fresh spring of divine wisdom and knowledge, and have been schooled in the great school of Islamic teachings and thought, have long understood in the depth of their souls the true, ugly, unchangeable nature of the Zionist regime and have tried to warn and enlighten Muslims about the destructive dangers inherent in any "peace and compromise," with the beastly Zionist regime. They have been warning us all that such so-called peace plans are all nothing but yet another ruse and conspiracy by forces of oppression and arrogance to deceive public opinion once again. "The latest deception of Zionists and their backers " the United States being the most important of them " is to use the beauty and grace inherent in the word of peace ... these people even are trying to use and misuse peace as a prelude to war and their next aggression." 41

We are also left with the great legacy and wisdom of our late Imam who as a Muslim social reformer and in discharging of his heavy responsibility and calling of defending the legitimate rights of all oppressed and deprived of our world, never " even in the most difficult of circumstances " gave up his defense of the heroic and innocent people of Palestine and their Islamic identity and aspirations. In fact, never in his life did he ever retreat even a small step from his fundamental stands on the basic rights of Palestinians. He also never ceased and desisted from admonishing and advising Islamic governments on the importance of unity and the avoidance of infighting and conflict among Muslims. The late Imam instead emphasized relying on the people and winning their hearts and minds by ruling by example in piousness and not in love and quest for power:

"Why are the Islamic governments so oblivious of the power of Islam? Why should they be so dominated by foreign powers? [Because] unfortunately they suffer from so many internal differences and conflicts. Here lies the root cause of Muslims' problem." 42

Or elsewhere he remarks:

"For almost twenty years we have discussed these issues [of the Islamic world], and on many occasions offered Arab governments and Muslims our views and advice ... Alas, if only Arab governments who rule over large populations...were united this great tragedy which has befallen Palestine and Beit-ul-Muqaddas would have been avoided." 43

These incisive and decisive stands by the late Imam and Ayatollah Khamenei with respect to the issue of Palestine leave no room for retreat and so-called compromises in the face of ceaseless Israeli aggressions, and both have called such retreats and efforts "treachery and treason" to the world of Islam and high religious values. An example of these constant, strong stances is the order issued by our late Imam immediately following the "Camp David Accord," cutting off ties with Egypt and terming Anwar al-Sadat a "traitor." 44

"Considering the content of the treacherous Egyptian-Israeli treaty, which entails unconditional subservience of the government of Egypt to the United States and [the forces] of Zionism, the Transitional Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran must sever diplomatic ties with the Egyptian government forthwith ... [and] I hope that the great Egyptian nation cut off the reins of power from the hands of this traitor, and thus, wipe away the shame of subservience to the US and Israel from the nation's record." 45

Our current Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, also has a long record of concurring with the late Imam that, any giving in to the Zionist regime " at any time and even in the slightest degree " is a great betrayal of the entire world of Islam and Muslims, and has also always stood steadfast in his total and unshakable support of the country and innocent, heroic people of Palestine. Our esteemed Leader in his enlightening words goes so far as to call Palestine an [inseparable] part of the [soul] and body of the Islamic world, as though it was its beating heart. On many, many occasions Ayatollah Khamenei has put in clear words his solid beliefs and stands on this critical issue of the world of Islam:

"These acts of softness, these policies, and these exceptionally abject surrenders by some leaders of Arab countries under US and Zionist pressures, will not solve even a single problem Palestinians grapple with every day." 46

"These negotiations to give in [and give up everything] which are occurring between some Arab and Israeli leaders are among the ugliest of all deceptive acts ... the treason of these people who are speaking in the name of Palestinians in these processes, is much worse, dreadful, and formidable than all treacherous deeds ever committed against Palestine." 47

" a dangerous, cancerous tumor in the body of Islamic world

"The sad saga of Palestine is one of the most shameful deeds of the [Twentieth] century...one of the ugliest; and perhaps the long and recurring betrayal of Palestinians is the ugliest story of the century." 48

In deciding stance and steps to take with respect to the decades-old, and ongoing, human and Muslim catastrophe in Palestine we are well advised to turn to the Holy Quran and the words and deeds of our Prophet (PBUH) and our infallible Imams (PBUT). In these religious sources we see a record of, and a huge tendency " in all divine and divinely-inspired words Muslims have been blessed with, which is also clearly reflected in Islamic laws and teachings " towards indulgence and forgiveness with respect to Muslims' tasks and duties. But in situations and instances when the faith and soul of the [Islamic] society is at risk of corruptions and ruin, or when there is a clear and present danger to the well-being and good of all, then the Divine Lawmaker has passed down rather severe laws. In other words, when it comes to personal ethics and religious duties, laws in Islam are intentionally easy on the average individual. Yet, in societal matters concerning the faith, well-being, social health, or honor of an entire Muslim society, then we find our religious texts full of laws which go easy on no one, [and indulge no traitors, for instance.]

In the lives of our Prophet (PBUH) and infallible Imams we see records of many occasions they meticulously acted to safeguard divine laws and meted out appropriate punishments " specially with transgressions concerning an entire society. We also come across many verses in the Holy Quran addressing such matters, as in the following verse from the Anfal (Spoils of War) Chapter:

"Hence, make ready against them whatever force and war mounts you are able to muster [an overall maintenance of military preparedness], so that you might deter thereby the enemies of God, who are your enemies as well, and others besides them of whom you may be unaware, [but] of whom God is aware ..." 49

Therefore, based on Islam's most sacred text and teachings, the late Imam Khomeini, our Leader and Imam ayatollah Khamenei, and virtually all genuine, true Islamic thinkers and leaders have stressed the necessity of an unrelenting, multi-dimensional, and comprehensive campaign to destroy the barbaric government of Israel and everything it stands for. The late Imam made sure that his words are quite clear to all, therefore, in a speech he calls Israel the, "very embodiment and source of corruption and evil," and calls on all Muslims do their duty in fighting this [artificial] entity:

"Israel, this very embodiment and source of corruption and evil has been a US base since its inception. Over some twenty-odd year, I have warned of the danger Israel represents. Let us all stand up and destroy the government of Israel and replace it with Muslim Palestinian nation." 50

On yet another occasion, in quite strong language, he states his belief that the Zionists regime simply lacks any claim to legitimacy:

"They [Arab countries] must not allow Israel to deepen its roots more than it already has. As for us, we will cut all ties with Israel, for, we do not believe Israel has any right, or legitimacy to exist." 51

And the Islamic Republic's current Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, is also on record with similar views:

"[The Islamic Republic] will never recognize the Zionist enemy and the usurper, occupier regime it has set up in the Muslim lands of Palestine. Nor will we ever hide our [deep] belief in its destruction and dissolution and its replacement with a popularly-elected Palestinian government." 52

On yet another occasion our Leader Ayatollah Khamenei underlines his belief in the necessity for the destruction of Israel:

"The Middle-East problem has only one solution, that is, the dissolution and downfall of the Zionist regime." 53

As a rule, all Islamic laws are based on inherent human nature and characteristics, and Islam can truly be called a "human-based," or rather, the most human-based religion in all human civilizations and history of religions. In paying due attention to various spiritual, cognitive, and physical human needs, Islam wonderfully goes so far as to consider the most elemental of human characteristics in its comprehensive laws. For instance, Muslims are forbidden to willfully damage their mental or physical health; or that, even a human being's body parts have sanctity of their own " In Islamic law they must be given a proper burial in case of dismemberment, and thus returned to the earth.

However, high Islamic thought and laws go also heavens' high, and since they all spring from the clear, sparkling, and ever-refreshing spring of Divine inspiration and revelation, they are made to aim also for higher goals and aims for human beings and humanity. Islam begins with and is in many ways based on an eternal human quest for closeness to God and all Godly attributes. The religion of Islam includes, in one of its important characteristics, a clear path and a detailed road-map for humans to achieve all high religious and human values on a life-long road of perpetual spiritual growth.

This path and perpetual spiritual and religious growth and understanding is doubtless a clear one, yet one which is accompanied with many up and downs. There is that never-ending fight between evil and all physical and spiritual manifestations of one side, and the forces of goodness, kindness, and love. Having been born free, a Muslim accorded will and choice is truly free to choose one. A great Divine test, of course, it is.

And closeness to the Almighty, which is the ultimate goal of every "Muslim human being, "is so highly regarded in the divine religion of Islam that the Holy Lawmaker " in spite of the extremely high regard and importance God attaches to human life " in certain situations (and only when clearly approved by an imam) jihad, or a holy war, for God and Godly causes and giving up one's [earthly] life, is deemed necessary in order to reach "proximity and closeness with Him."

And thus, in the early years of Islam, the culture of martyrdom is born from the womb of the rich and deep culture of Islam. And its longings and laws are set by the Almighty God in various verses in the Holy Quran; for instance:

"And fight in God's cause against those who wage war against you, but do not commit aggression " for verily, God does not love aggressors." 54

We are also left with some precious words from Imam Ali (PBUH) who reminds us of the necessity of holy war (jihad) as an important factor in the respect and honor Muslims enjoy at any given time:

"Verily, the best of all things " which those who quest closeness to the Almighty God all rely on " are faith in God and his Messenger, and the holy struggle for God and his religion, which come together to give glory, and meaning to your religion and word of Islam; in addition to a solid belief in monotheism, which is most compatible with inherent human nature." 55

Ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and the foundation of the first [modern] theocratic form of a government aiming at high values and enlightenment of the souls " and the inherent contradictions between high religious teachings and ethics and the interests pursued by the forces of global oppression [and neo-imperialism] " we sadly, but not unexpectedly, see almost daily plans, policies, and operations against the Islamic Republic emanating from the kin and camp of world oppressors.

These plans and policies range from economic sanctions to the outright arming and support of terrorist groups with barbaric records, and even manipulating, encouraging, and equipping Saddam Hussein to wage a destructive eight-year war on Iran " a classic example of a US war by proxy.

Therefore, in the foregoing we have ample evidence and instances of ill will " to say the least " which each perhaps would mandate a jihad to right a huge wrong. Yet, our late Imam would not let the increasingly difficult problems of the Iranian society cloud his mind or his judgment, and acting as the leader of the greater Islamic nation, he kept a sharp eye out for problems on Islamic countries, but, at the same time managed to keep a steady gaze at the all-important issue of Palestine.

"It has always been our nature and policy to stand side by side with our Palestinian brothers, and watching them fight for their rights we can not stand aside; they will become our brothers and comrades-in-arms. Beit-ul-Moqaddas shall be returned to the Islamic world ... And as for the governments, they must [also] pay due attention to important Islamic matters of concern, and God Willing, this cancerous tumor will be removed from their lands." 56

Our current Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, also said on many occasions that problems and tragedies facing the entire Islamic world are always on his mind and is trying to chart the best course and find the most effective way out of Muslims' problems, and then remedy the situation by trying to revive Muslim power and glory by returning to perusing our immensely rich Islamic cultural sources. In yet another occasion in approving of the heroic fight the Palestinian resistance has put up, Ayatollah Khamenei addresses them:

"I would like to say to my Palestinian brothers and sisters to never give up and continue with your jihad and your resistance. Rest assured that history records no nation, which regained its honor, identity, and independence, except through standing up and fighting for them. No nation was ever given anything worthwhile with requests and pleadings from its enemy." 57

And the Leader of Islamic Revolution saves these words for the victorious

Hizbullah resistance forces, overcoming the Zionist army and watching it flee the occupied South Lebanon with a speed seldom seen. On that occasion, he elaborated on the religious status and foundation of high values such as jihad, sacrifice, and martyrdom in socio-political Islamic thought, and the special role they played in the growth of Islam. He also said a few words on reviving true Islamic power and glory to those who had just liberated South Lebanon from the Israelis:

"And now, we are all spectators of a truly great event; the total and sudden collapse of all political and material equations and plans " they have all been roundly defeated through the sacrifice of faithful, devoted youth who thought nothing of various ruses and deceptive Zionist army moves " they also disregarded early judgments of that army as 'undefeatable'. They correctly tapped into, and greatly valued the vast reservoir of courage and sacrifice which the teachings of Islam and the verses of the Holy Quran had created in their minds and hearts. And they became sure of God's promises, and thus, offered their pure souls to their common cause.

"With the unprecedented Hizbullah’s victory over the Zionist occupation forces suddenly everyone came to realize that the clear judgment and rationale of those who thought that the best weapon against Israeli barbarism and occupation is the unsurpassable logic of resistance, jihad, and sacrifice is accurate. Without any doubt, this great experience of valorous Palestinian youth and other pure and devoted young Arabs will make them ever more determined in their fight against the usurping and barbarian enemy." 58
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In all contemporary political history of Islam, we see that Muslim thinkers and reformers have always grappled with best ways and methods not only to remedy the ills of the Muslim world, but at the same time they have tried to wisely lead it toward spiritual and material prosperity, and ultimately, perfection.

The founders and followers of religious revivalist movement, in order to effectively convey their message and reach their holy religious aims, would always address two major groups in Islamic societies throughout the planet:

A - Governments of Islamic lands

B - The Muslim Ummah [the collective nation of Muslims]

There is not doubt, however, that in its long and tumultuous history, and in any epoch and particular place in the vast Islamic lands, various and specific problems always stood out. And our times are not an exception to this rule, and if we take a comprehensive look at the major problems in the Islamic world we see that virtually all great Muslim thinkers and intellectuals agree on one major ill. This very painful ill is the increasing distancing of Muslim governments from the model and structure of truly "religious government," and the "increasing gap between the needed requirements and abilities of an "Islamic ruler." These two major ills in turn sicken the society's very foundation and the Muslim ummah slides into a dark world bereft of logic, the right path, and reliable information.

And here we have one of the most tragic and stark cases of naked aggression, not to mention over half-a-century of brutal occupation, especially for the Islamic world [to witness in shame. Islamic governments and nations do indeed have specific religious duties and obligations. The founder of the Islamic Republic, our late Imam Khomeini, as well as Ayatollah Khamenei, have both touched this great issue in a solid and enlightening manner. The twin shaky pillars of self-interest, and over-ambition and greed, on which most Islamic governments have built their rule on, coupled with seemingly eternal conflicts within Arab governments " which are only aggravated and blown out of proportion by the Zionist regime " are the two major ills and the foundation of most governments’ shortcomings in Islamic countries. Some are simply lost, or compromised, or kept busy with trivia to comprehend the true needs and real problems of the world of Islam to

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