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One Must Believe that an Istikhara will Solve the Dilemma

Adapted from: "Istikhara: Seeking the Best from Allah (swt)" by: "Muhammad Baqir Haideri"

    قَالَ الإِمَامُ الصَّادِقُ عَليهِ السَّلامْ:

    مَنِ اسْتَخَارَ اللهَ راَضِياً بِمَا صَنَعَ اللهُ خَارَ اللهُ لَهُ حَتْماً.

al‑Imam al‑Sadiq (‘as), said: "Whosoever asks Allah for the best and is pleased with what Allah has decided for him, then without doubt, Allah will secure the best for him. " 2

According to the above‑mentioned hadith, the pleasure of the person will be in that which Allah decides after the person has asked Allah for what is the best. This is one of the etiquette and conditions before one performs the customary Istikhara.

Before one asks Allah for the best, it is imperative that attention is paid to the following point:

    مَا مِنْ مُؤْمِنِ يَدْعُو اللهَ إِلاَّ اسْتجَابَ لَهُ.

"There is no believer that calls upon Allah except that He answers the call. "3

That which a person supplicates to Allah for is either granted in this world ‑ sooner or later, or it will be given to him in the next world; or something bad that was going to happen to him which was impending to occur, will be averted 4


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