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Nowruz in the Twelver Shi’a faith

Twelver Shi’a hold the day of Nowruz in high regard. The day upon which Nowruz falls has been recommended as a day of fasting for Twelver Shi’a Muslims by Shi’a scholars, including Imam Khomeini, Abul-Qassim al-Khoei, and Ali al-Sistani. The day also assumes special significance for Shias as it was on 21 March 656 AD when the first Imam Hazrat Ali (A.S) assumed the office of Caliphate.

Countries that have Nowruz as a Public Holiday

Iran (20 March to 23 March, total of 4 days in general + total of 13 days for schools and universities)

Afghanistan (20 March to 23 March)

Albania (20 March to 23 March, total of 4 days)

Azerbaijan (20 March to 26 March, total of 7 days)


(regional only in  Iraqi Kurdistan) (21 March)

Kazakhstan (21 March to 24 March, total of 4 days)

(regional only in  Kosovo) (21 March)

Kyrgyzstan (21 March)

Tajikistan (20 March to 23 March, total of 4 days)

Turkmenistan (20 March to 23 March, total of 4 days)

Uzbekistan (21 March)

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