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No air conditioner? Don't sweat it

Keeping your home cool in the warm summer months is a challenge that many homeowners face.

A high-efficiency air conditioner provides the best method, but what if you don't have one? Try these effective ways to cool your home without the A/C unit.

Box fans

Box window fans can effectively enhance cool-air circulation throughout your home. They're an affordable option, and you can also position the fan suck out some of the warm air and blow it outside of your house.

Ceiling fans

If you don't have ceiling fans installed in your bedrooms, living room and other frequently occupied spaces, they make a wise investment. Ceiling fans help circulate the air in your home, making it more comfortable for you and your family in the warmer months. In addition, ceiling fans are inexpensive and easy to install, and will provide results year after year.

In the hot months, set your ceiling fan to push air down; in the winter, reverse direction to pull air up.

Natural light during the day

The more lamps and overhead lights you use in your home during the day in the summer months, the hotter your home will be. If possible, let some natural light in your home to conserve energy and help stabilize the temperature in your house.

Draw shades in sunny rooms

If you have a room in your house that is in direct sunlight, drawing the shades is a good idea. The direct sunlight will increase the temperature in your home.

Open the windows at night

At nighttime, open your windows and allow the breeze to flow through. Because temperatures decrease as the sun goes down, you can help keep your house cool by installing some screens on your bedroom windows and allowing the fresh air to blow through without letting pesky insects in.

Avoid heavy cooking

Few things can heat up a home faster than cooking in the oven. Stick to light, easy-to-make meals that don't require the use of your oven. Try stovetop meals or dishes that require little cooking like salads.

Shade trees

This is more of a suggestion for future summers, but strategically positioning trees in front of windows can certainly help keep your home cool. Fully blossomed trees can provide tremendous amounts of shade and in turn will block the hot sun from heating your house.


If you aren't lucky enough to have trees, a well-placed canopy could do the trick as well. A canopy placed in front of a window that is in direct sunlight will keep the hot glare of the sun from entering your home and will help keep your house cool.

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