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What is Nifas?

From the time when the child birth takes place, the blood seen by the mother is Nifa-s, provided that it stops before or on completion of the tenth day. While in the condition of Nifa-s, a woman is called Nafsa.

1. The blood which a mother sees before the appearance of the first limb of the child is not Nifa-s. 237

2. It is possible that Nifa-s blood may be discharged for an instant only, but it never exceeds 10 days. 238

3. It is not necessary that the baby is fully grown. Even if a deficient baby is born, the blood seen by the mother for ten days will be Nifa-s. The term ‘child birth’ must be applicable to it. 239

4. If a woman doubts whether she has aborted something or not, or whether the thing aborted is a child or not, it is not necessary for her to investigate, and the blood which is discharged in this situation is not Nifa-s. 240

Things which are obligatory and forbidden for someone in the state of Nifa-s

On the basis of precaution, halting or pausing in a Masjid and other acts which are forbidden for a ha-idh (a woman in the condition of haydh) are also forbidden for a Nafsa and those acts which are obligatory for a ha-idh are also obligatory for a Nafsa. 241


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Adapted from the book: "From Marriage to Parenthood; The Heavenly Path" by: "Abbas and Shahin Merali"

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