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Muslims Roots in the West Society

There are many causal factors leading to the growth of extensive Muslim communities in Europe but, in many cases, Muslims were encouraged to immigrate to various European destinations which sought cheap labour from the Muslim workforce, and from working wanderers from different Muslim lands. The result instigated a great migratory Muslim movement into the European heartland, including its Scandinavian periphery.

Muslims ought to play a positive role, precisely taking into consideration their magnificent religion and ancient civilizations and heritage. They have to come to Europe with their contribution to the European societies, and this is not because they are impelled to say something, but rather because they, in fact, have something to say and contribute.

Muslims who are living in the West are either being collectively or individually promoted or motivated to preach with their Divine teachings in an effort to convince others that their faith ought to be followed. They are ordered by the Holy Qur’an not to remain silent in the face of corruption or if they witness any form of transgression. We read a statement of the Qur’an as follows: “Thus did we try them because they transgressed. And when a party of them said: Why do you admonish a people whom Allah would destroy or whom he would chastise with a severe chastisement? They said:- to be free from blame before the Lord, and that haply they may guard (against Evil). So when they neglected what they had been reminded of, we delivered those who forbade evil and we overtook those who were unjust with an evil chastisement because they transgressed”.

In a narration we read that Sharif b. Sabiq al-Tafalisi narrated on the author of Hammad al-Samdari: ‘I said to Abu ‘Abidillah, Ja’afar b. Muhammad [al-Sadiq] (as): ‘I often go to the land of idolaters, and people say that if I die there, I will be resurrected with them’. He said to me: ‘O Hammad! When you are there do you mention our cause and call people to it?’ I said, ‘yes.’ ‘And when you are in these cities –the cities of Islam- do you mention our cause and call people to it?’ I said, ‘Yes’. He said: ‘if you die over there, you will be resurrected as a whole community in yourself, and your light will run before you.’

This narration clearly made it investable for all Muslims to call to their faith, in order to attain the peak of salvation and to be resurrected as a whole ‘Ummah. Indeed, calling to the Right Path is the antithesis of causing division amongst others, as it is not meant as an insidious act or a discordant performance. Islam is a call for harmony and a reminder for peace as every believer ought to be in entire peace with himself, nature and his environmental surroundings. The Shi’ah Imams have promoted positive thoughts and goodness; we read from Imam Ali (as): ‘Thinking instigates goodness and action upon it.’

From this narration, from the abovementioned points and the ensuing discussion related to the Islamic role of mass media, one should be able to discern answers to the first and second questions posed in the beginning of the second subtitle.

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