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Mu'awiya and Yazid were the Founding Forefathers of Nasibi ideology

A peculiarity of the Nasibis is the immense love they hold for Mu'awiya, the enemy of Ali. The reason is due the fact that the Nasibis owe their religious ideology to him. In the same way a child seeks to cover up the sins of his father, the Nasibis try their utmost to conceal the actions of their father Mu'awiya in hope that the cat is not let out of the bag and their hypocrisy is not publicly unveiled. They will try to convince their faithful that Mu'awiya was a pious man who never hated Ali (as) who fought him for the pleasure of Allah (swt). Alas the Nasibis can continue to deceive their flock but the classical works of the Ahl'ul Sunnah do not tally up with their lies, and as we shall prove the origin of the Nasibi movement in fact lies at the door of their beloved Imam Mu'awiya. We have again relied on two recognised Sunni sources for this section.

In "Al Bidayah al Nihayah" Ibn Kathir records that:

"Sad bin Abi Waqqas said to Mu'awiya you have sat me next me next to you on your throne and begun to curse Hadhrath 'Ali".

"Al Bidayah al Nihayah" page 341 Volume 7 the Chapter "The virtues of 'Ali".

This demonstrates that Mu'awiya used to curse Hadhrath 'Ali (as).

In "Shazaaruth al Dhahab" we read:

"Imam of Ahl'ul Sunnah Imam Dhahabi commented that Mu'awiya's son Yazid's was an enemy of Hadhrath 'Ali, a Nasibi, a man of evil nature, and a drunkard".

"Shazaaruth al Dhahab" page 69, Volume 1, by Salah al Hanbali Mu'awiya and Yazid were hence both Nasibi and were the worst enemies of Hadhrath 'Ali (as) and their adherents follow the same principle; carrying this banner of hypocrisy everywhere they go. The contemporary Nasibis love these characters and praise the Banu Ummayya rule. Ansar.org;'s Abu Sulaiman is the perfect example, who has written an entire article extolling the merits of Nasibi Muiawiya and portraying Yazeed as a pious Muslim. We have refuted his defence in our article on Mu'awiya. This should not come as much of a surprise after all - this was an era when Imam Ali (as) was openly cursed on the Mosque pulpits - and yet you never hear self-declared defenders of the companions such as the Nasibi Bilal Philips ever mention this.

Philips will write emphatically that the Shi'a do not respect the first three khalifa's - and he seeks maximum publicity to exploit this in hope that people attack innocent Shi'as and call them kaffir. His hypocrisy is quite evident from the respect he gives to those who cursed Imam Ali (as). It was Mu'awiya that introduced the cursing of Imam Ali throughout his kingdom, a tradition that continued for 90 years of Banu Ummayya rule. Does Philips criticise / condemn / heap scorn on the perpetrator of such an action? Certainly not, how can a Nasibi criticise his father? Philips pen tactically gleans over this period he fails to pass any comment whatsoever - on the contrary Philips and his Nasibi contemporaries praise Mu'awiya calling him radiallahu 'anhu. This is clear evidence of his being a Nasibi disrespecting the three khalifa's is an outrage and makes you a kaffir, cursing Imam Ali (as) is okay and whoever did it - Allah is pleased with him. The Nasibis are the bitterest enemies of the family of the Prophet (s). Those who call Shia's Kaffirs are the illegitimate descendants of these Nasibis and to extinguish the flames of animosity they pass kufr fatwas on Shia's. We of course are aware that barking dogs have no bite.

Adapted from: "Devils Deception of the Nasibi Wahabis"

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