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Mother's Milk, God's Gift to the Baby

Despite great development in technology it can certainly be said that no milk can be produced like the breast milk-whatever formula is used.

Following completion of numerous researches, scientists have come to the conclusion that breast-milk is the best specific food for the baby; It's more digestible than other milks, helps the baby grow and prevents respiratory and aural infections, and diarrhea in children. It also contributes to the mother's bodies built. Besides it imposes much less expenses on the family.

There are several key notes to be considered in breast-feeding. Here, we refer to 10 items. The remaining will be pointed to the future issues.

1- Babies up to six months of age should exclusively be fed on breast milk. Mothers should avoid feeding babies with other foodstuff during this period of time including water, sugar of any kind, dried milk etc.

2-Timely breast-feeding (that is whenever the baby would like to suck milk) prevents any congestion and inflation of the breast.

3- Breast-feeding should be done clock-round, especially at night when the milk secretion is more.

4- Breast-feeder should wash her hands with water and soap. She should never use alcohol and soap for washing her hands.

5- Mothers should be helped to begin breast-feeding half an hour after delivery.

6- Botle-taps and pacifiers should never be used in the maternity hospital and maternity ward.

7- Watching the breast-fed and thinking about it and also using a warm wet towel on the breasts for 5 to 10 minutes and massaging the breasts contribute to milk secretion.

8- Breast-feeder's mental comfort and her adequate rest and also her husband's spiritual protection has a significant role in the milk secretion.

9- The mother had better feed the baby on one breast each meal and let the breast be emptied, because the milk component at the beginning and the end of breast-feeding is different and the baby needs both ingredients.

10- The feeder's body status should be chosen according to the baby's desire. The baby's shoulder and chest should face the mother's breast and its nose leveled to the nipple. Feeding should be started with colostrums (foremilk) - a yellowish nutrient fluid, containing tunic secure ingredients.

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