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Modesty is a common attribute of believers, for God reveals that He disapproves of arrogant and vain people. Believers know that God gives them all they have and that He is the One and true owner of everything. Therefore they never surrender to vanity, because they know their helplessness in His presence and that reason, knowledge, beauty, wealth, status, and all other desirable commodities originate with Him, not within themselves. God reveals the believers' modesty, as follows:

The servants of the All-Merciful are those who walk lightly on Earth and, who, when the ignorant speak to them, say: "Peace." (Qur'an, 25:63) Another verse reveals that modest Muslims will be rewarded with Paradise:

Your God is One God, so submit to Him. Give good news to the humble-hearted. (Qur'an, 22:34)

The Bible reveals that modesty is important and that humble people are superior in His presence:

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. (Ephesians, 4:2) Likewise, the Torah states that one must refrain from arrogance and that God approves of humble people. Believers are required to be modest, and arrogant people will be humbled. For example: Hear and pay attention, do not be arrogant, for the LORD has spoken. (Jeremiah, 13:15) Seek the LORD, all you humble of the land, you who do what He commands. Seek righteousness, seek humility... (Zephaniah, 2:3) You save the humble, but your eyes are on the haughty to bring them low. (2 Samuel, 22:28)

Adapted from: "A Call for Unity" by: "Harun Yahya"

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