Rafed English

Middle Eastern Baked Kufta


Servings: 6-8

3 lbs ground beef or 3 lbs lamb or 3 lbs turkey
1 large onion
3/4-1 cup finely chopped fresh parsley
4 garlic cloves
seasoning salt or salt
black pepper
garlic powder


3 -4 Tomatoes (any size)
3 -4 potatoes


1 What you can do is start by chopping up your parsley in a food chopper until fine.

2 Do not use dried parsley.

3 Then put the parsley in a large mixing bowl.

4 Then cut onion up into pieces-- doesn't matter how small just so you can fit it into the chopper and combine the garlic and chop away until fine-- not pasty though.

5 Put the onion garlic mixture in the bowl with the parsley and add ground meat and spices.

6 Mix with hands until everything is well blended.

7 Pat the meat mixture down in the bottom of a 9x13 baking pan and broil in oven until top is browned, this will enhance the flavor, then take out of the oven.

8 Peel potatoes.

9 Slice tomatoes and potatoes into quarter of an inch in size and layer-- potatoes first and then tomatoes will be top layer.

10 Sprinkle with a little salt-- and bake in oven about 425°F covered with foil for approximately 45 minutes to and hour-- enjoy.

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