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Method of Dialogue with Secularist Political Trends

The most prominent challenge facing the Muslims today is the wave of secularist political thought whose foundation is to discard all religious dictates in man's social interactions by regarding religion as a personal matter that has nothing to do with the social life of man, organising the society and nation or directing politics, economy and the way of living.

The origin of this trend of thought is no doubt the secularist states, governments, parties, organ-ization, foundations of culture and information disseminating universities. The contemporary war of ideology and political action is waged between the religious missionaries and the secularist currents and the powers protecting them. The suitable method for holding dialogue with these trends is:

1- To present statistical records and documentary evidences of the problems, evils and miseries both psychological and social, that mankind suffers under the guise of secularism in the spheres of human rights, politics, economy, psychological state of affairs, etc.

2- To present Islam as a complete civilizational project which is an alternative in directing human life and a guarantor in solving man's problems; and compare its solutions with those of secularism, and expose its scientific emptiness on one hand, and on the other, establish the scientific value of the Islamic methodology, by way of criticism and comparison.

3- To exhibit the Islamic approach as a strong social movement within the Muslim community which can convince others by integrating the Islamic values and having the zeal to make the Islamic experiment a success, the levels of statehood To reveal the distorted foundations of secular ideology and methodology reform movements and foundations, thereby giving the world a model embodiment of the reality of Islam.

4- To establish cultural foundations and misssionary centers whose responsibility is to convey the message so that it can discharge its duties and face the ideological and propaganda campaign inimical to Islam.

5- To define the most prominent problems faced by man and explain the Islamic view point concerning them.

6- To expand the diverse levels of human society, so that the Islamic view points concerning different classes of society, such as adolescents, youths, adults, women, intellectuals, and the masses, etc., will be well articulated.

Adapted from: "The Methods Of Propagation and Missionary Work" by: "Sayyid Bahashti"

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