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"Meaning of life" and the Hereafter

Those, whose meaning of life is confined to these worldly objectives, are satisfied with achieving those objectives. Just like a kid who becomes unutterably happy with small chocolates.

Explaining the situation of such people, the Holy Qur’an states:

“And they rejoice in the worldly life, while the worldly life is not, compared to the Hereafter, except [brief] enjoyment.”‌

There are also people who grasp “the true meaning of life”‌. We may consider different purposes for our life, but not necessarily all of them are satisfying.  In the realm of meaning, good selectors are those who are successful. And a good selection requires true knowledge. We must bear in mind that this world is created for human beings as well as a place for giving them services as an instrument for real life.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says: “Verily, this world is created for you and you for the Hereafter.”‌

Also in this regard, Imam Ali (AS) says: “Indeed the Almighty God has created this world for its aftermath and will test people to make it clear who has more virtuous deeds. We are not created for this world and merely gaining its advantages. Indeed, there are offerings for the world and the Hereafter. Be Hereafter’s offspring not that of the world.”‌

When God is in the center of the meaning of life, man lives for Him, makes effort for Him, and endures all difficulties to reach Him. When God is in the center of the meaning of life, man knows the reason for his living as well as his future life. Therefore, man will get out of wonder and wander, and will be proud of himself because he lives for the best and the only concept of life and finally will be satisfied with his life.

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